Which battle is fought on earth ?


TTT 30 : 93 When the last day came, he felt death in his flesh and felt no pain. He departed silently and devoutly. He saw himself in spirit, and as if he had a mirror before him, he saw himself beautiful and radiant with light. Then the voice spoke to him and said: "Son, where are you going?" And he, who knew who He was, approached the Father, let His light flow into his being and thus said: "O Creator, O all-embracing Love, I come to You to rest and to give You fulfillment".

A.M. asks the father:

Father, why do you always criticize me so often now?

He replies:

"Your head is on the line"

"They want to take the DeepL away."


Yes, it's foolish of me to always show myself so openly. I understand, you want to protect me, my life, which is at stake.

In Davos, where the damned meet

it's our heads and necks on the line ... 

Lucifer was a son of God and fathered sons and daughters like God, the Father and Creator.

But then Lucifer demanded the children of whom he was the father as his property.

The Father gave them all free will. Everyone was to decide for themselves who they wanted to belong to.

And Lucifer succeeded in getting a large proportion of the spirits on his side and they followed him. A battle took place between those who wanted to stay with the father and those who wanted to follow Lucifer.

Lucifer, henceforth called Satan, was hurled to earth by the obedient angels under Michael who were devoted to the Father and was now damned. He was deprived of the ability to replicate himself among his own kind - he could no longer reproduce, he was only matter without the spirit.

Therefore, the damned are dependent on the blood and bodies of the children of God to keep themselves alive. In this light we understand the struggle on earth - all the murders, wars, rapes, pedophilia, child sacrifice and adrenochrome and the bloodshed of innocents - the damned need it to replicate and keep themselves alive.

This is what the battle of Lucifer aka Satan against God and the sons and daughters of God is all about. The earth is the place where this battle is fought. Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he can devour.

But those who remain faithful to the Father, the Creator, to God, and persevere to the end, will see his light, his love and his salvation. And for this he has brought us "The Word" to guide us. It is the divine law of love and the signpost back home to the Father.

TTT 17 : 121 Das Gebet ist das eurem Geiste offenbarte Mittel, um mit euren Fragen, euren Sorgen und eurem Verlangen nach Licht zu Mir zu gelangen. Durch diese Zwiesprache könnt ihr eure Zweifel zerstreuen und den Schleier zerreißen, der irgendein Geheimnis verbirgt.  

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