DNA lockdown and resurrection of the soul

A. M. Hosta20. Blessed be my beloved creatures, in which I see zealous effort and pain at the same time, a deep pain, because you know that this time will soon come to an end and it is very little that you have used from my instruction. But truly, I tell you, the time of grace does not end. I will be around you and watch over your steps. The eyes of the prophets will see Me walking in front of the chosen people.Source: The Book of True Life - Volume IX - Instruction 247: 20  -  Download Link: lockdown only means that the human soul has fallen so deeply into sin that it (or man) has lost connection to the divine and can no longer rise to the divine on its own.Christ said to me as I thought about the consecration of the German nation:"Rethink ... Christ explains how to do it. "He explains it with infinite wisdom and patience in the 366 teachings of the Book of True Life, Volumes I …

The end of denial and the beginning of peace - PDF Download

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June 20, 2020
Anna Maria wonders what title the next volume, volume 5 of the POETRYS should have and has no idea. So she asks Heavenly Father about it the night before going to sleep. She wakes up at night and the father names her the following title:
"The End of Denial and the Beginning of Peace"
Heavenly Father then also says:
".. and eyes straight on the target!"
The poems in this volume was taken from the Source: The Book of True Life,
the teachings of the Divine Master, which is the basis for:
The Third Testament. The poems were created from verses of the teachings in the Book of True Life, the Word of God. It is a universal science that has no limits: It is about Spiritualism –
The teaching of the Holy Spirit or the science of the perfection of the soul.
Spiritualism is the teaching of the preparation of the human heart for the spiritual encounter and the eternal companionship with God, which in the image equates to a marriage. Spiritualism and the ret…

The mission of the spiritual ISRAEL and the seventh seal

26. The times are over when you listened to Me without feeling any responsibility, when you ate the fruit and bread at my table without making any commitments, and you drank as much wine as you wanted until you spilled it and you were happy to find the balm for your diseases.27. Now you come with an awakened soul, now you feel your responsibility. You take care of people, suffer because of your sick and stand up for my cause. And knowing that you are currently attending my last announcements, you hurry to hear me and to keep my messages in your spirit. You are well advisedto prepare to receive judgment on the last day of this announcement.28. The world will see "Israel" rise from its ashes. But not the greedy and carnal Jews, but Israel in the spirit that, when it appears among men, will bear witness to the reincarnation of the soul, the laws of love and justice, which will shakefoundations, conceptions and beliefs. First, you will cause struggles and wars of worldviews. But…


Byron Searle- July 01, 2020Received 06/30/2020Isaiah 29:6Thou shalt be visited of the Lord of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake, and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire.VISION:While I was praying tonight, the Lord Jesus spoke the word TEMPEST to me.He said this several times, and then He showed me a vision.In the vision, I was brought up high above North America.I could clearly see the United States, Canada, and Mexico.As I looked on, I saw a storm appear suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, in the middle part of America.It looked like a small hurricane, swirling around over a few central states with a very small center eye.As I continued to watch, the storm quickly grew into a monstrous swirling mass, spreading out bigger and bigger until it covered the entire nation all the way to the borders.As this storm grew in size, it also grew in strength and intensity.The center eye became smaller and tighter, drawing everything into it like a vortex or w…

The Renewal (PDF Download)

Volume 4
A. M. Hosta
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The Teaching of the Holy Spirit
The Science of the perfection of the soul
Excerpts from the Book of True Life
with the
Divine Instructions for the Third Time
Spiritualism is the teaching of the preparation of the human heart for the spiritual encounter and the eternal companionship with God, which in the image equates to a marriage. Spiritualism and the return of Christ in this Third Age is spiritual and it has no form, no image, no object of worship; it is purely spiritual and so is the teaching of the Holy Spirit - purely spiritual. When God says he will come on the clouds, it means that he will come spiritually – Invisible to the material eyes and inaudible to the material ears of man. He can only be heard in the silence and in the core, in the innermost being, in the heart of man, where he knocks, until man opens to him and is then heard and felt forever. Heaven is not a place out there, it is the soul's perfection of the hear…

The Light Torches of the Third Time

68. You have longed for my word because you know the voice of the Divine Shepherd, in whose footsteps you have been coming for a long time.69. It was not a compulsion that drove you to follow Me in this way, nor was it fear, but the desire to be useful to your neighbors in order to please the Lord.70. This is how the new disciples prepare themselves to be the torches that light up the world. Blessed are those who understand me and believe in my word, because they will feel neither hunger nor thirst in their soul.71. I do not want your heart to be filled with vanity and self-magnificence tomorrow when it witnesses the miracles that have become reality through your gifts. But I also don't want to see you timidly, because then you would not inspire trust in your fellow human beings. Be convinced of what you speak and do.72. You must intensify your preparation and perfect your procedure so that you will be recognized after my departure.73. I have entrusted to all of you the gift of he…