To the guardian of all truth


TTT 51 : 15 But although I am Lord and owner of all created things, I am not able to kill my creatures, to hurt anyone, or to cause him pain. Why then have those who are not the owners of life seized what does not belong to them in order to dispose of it?

REPORT: Assange's final court hearing

February 22, 2024

In this video, we summarize the key points made by Assange's defense made at what could be the final appeal hearing in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The outcome of this case will determine whether Assange will be able to appeal again to a British court or whether he will be subject to  undergo extradition proceedings. The defense argued several grounds of appeal before two High Court judges.  This was the first time that the defense team had the opportunity to present its arguments opposing some aspects of the District Judge's first decision.

Stella Assange, the wife and lawyer of Julian Assange, summarizes the hearing (with German subtitles) She predicts the consequences of a victory or a defeat and emphasizes that public  support is the essential prerequisite for her husband's freedom.

Heavenly Father, guardian of all truth ... we give you Julian, a free journalist, 
who is persecuted for the truth. Hear us, O Lord. 

Das hat nun ein Ende ! 


A.M. prayed to the Father for Julian Assenge and last night she heard his words: 
"Important man of democracy." 
"Gives no questions..." 
"It would be a secret organization." 

Why don't the judges ask questions? Why is no country willing to vouch for Julian Assenge? Who has an interest in silencing Julian Assenge? 
Julian Assenge, as a freelance journalist, has made it his mission to inform people who are kept in ignorance about the crimes being committed against them in secret. All those who have no interest in humanity finding out about these crimes are certainly involved in the crimes and do not want them to come to light in order to escape punishment themselves. 
There is only one judge who sees everything and no one will escape his punishment for the crimes they have committed. But it is not God who judges the crimes, but those who have committed them will judge themselves when they recognize themselves in the light of divine truth and justice.
Instead of confessing their crimes, they imprison, torture or liquidate those who ensure that these crimes come to light so that the people against whom they are directed will know about them. 

DDT 30 : 83 And the child asks: "If, before I was sent to earth, I was Your much loved creature - why did I not remain steadfast in virtue and had to fall, suffer and struggle to come back to You?"

25.2.2024 at 6:45 a.m.

DDT 36 : 6 Faith is like a lighthouse that illuminates your path through life until you arrive in the safe harbor of eternity.

A.M. asks his father: How are things with Julian Assenge?
After a little while, these words come to her:

"It shall be the defendants* of all plaintiff parties *to investigate again...hearing." 

Yes, father. Your word goes forth and it is done. We thank you.

There are now many new opportunities for Julian Assenge. He could be extradited to Australia so that the judges don't get their hands dirty. How can an Australian citizen and journalist like Julian Assenge be extradited from England to the USA?

TTT 17 : 62 Seek Me, speak to Me, do not mind that your thoughts are too clumsy to express your request; I will know how to understand it. Speak to Me with the confidence with which one speaks to his father. Confide your complaints to Me as you would to your best friend. Ask Me what you do not know, everything that is unknown to you, and I will speak to you with the words of the Master. But pray so that in that blessed moment when your spirit rises to Me, you may receive the light, the strength, the blessing and the peace that your Father grants you.

2/24/2024 A.M. prayed to the Father of Heaven for Julian Assenge and last night she heard his words: "Important man of democracy." "Gives no questions..." "It would be a secret organization." ..........
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