You don't have a civil war

Sun down Gelendzhik 2015 Black Sea                     

TTT 31 : 94 I will not allow a single one of my children to go astray or even get lost. I will transform the parasitic plants into fruitful ones, for all creatures were called into existence to achieve a goal of perfection.

Now Joe Biden also has A.M. on his radar!

According to Olaf Scholz in America, A.M. is also visited by Joe Biden in the cloud last night. She wakes up and hears Joe Biden say in a huff:

"You're in bed!"

He's saying that he's watching me and has me on his radar. Then comes:


There's a bounty on A.M.'s head. A.M. starts and prays, calling on the name of Jesus Christ, then comes more conciliatory after a while:

"You don't have a civil war!"


He means my simultaneous reporting on the Internet.

"Good job!" and thinks about hiring me for the secret service.

It doesn't work out - I work for Jesus Christ, not for the state.

She also notices Putin in her cloud. He's annoyed and shakes it all off, thinking:

"I'm minding my own business, not yours."

A.M. then falls asleep again. When she wakes up in the morning, she is in the cloud and talking to Jesus Christ and he says to her:

"... also beware of a candy round .... Don't be so open to the innovations of this world, rather stay in the pandemic for a while longer."

Yes, at the moment you don't know what you'll be drawn into when you go out there, e.g. the self-replicating spike proteins, so it's better to act with restraint and modesty. The father goes on to say:

"Sitting around doing nothing leads to arguments."

A.M. knows this, but the gardening season is just around the corner and she is still so tired and wants to take it easy for a while.

"What Tucker has done is very dangerous. He knows he's putting his life at risk."

Interview Tucker Carlson with Putin full length on Twitter:

Thank you, Your Majesty, I have understood you. Things like that quickly lead to vice or sin or putting yourself in danger. But it was also courageous of Mr Tucker Carlson, because we finally need a dialogue between these two forces and Mr Putin has suggested this many times, but has been ignored. I listened to the interview in English and I am impressed. Mr Carlson could mediate here, I am sure of that.


Universal love is the key  

Consciousnesses are created by God


(Verse 1)

When in this world we learn

to think love universally

everyone will strive according to perfection

To do more justice and service to others



Fear of punishment is superfluous

Obey laws out of love not fear

It is time to spiritualize ourselves

and develop higher intelligence



Love the key that unites us

in this world so far and wide

People will mature

Spirit and intelligence blossom.


(Verse 2)

Let us act let us dream

Of a world where we are reconciled

Walk this path together

into a future that uplifts hearts



Fear of punishment superfluous.....



Love the key that unites us......



Fear fades the darkness goes

our hearts matured for love

in this world we live in

universal love will lift us up.



Love the key that unites us.......



When people think, love and act together

the world will shine in splendour

Together we can make it happen in this world


TTT 57: 12 When people come to think universally in love, everyone will strive to perfect themselves, to do better justice to others and to serve them. All fear of punishment will be superfluous; people will obey the laws not out of fear but out of conviction. Only then will mankind have developed spiritually and intelligently.

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