Smashing of the new Stalinist system

The peasants were obliged to pay high taxes


TTT 56 : 5 After the purification that must take place on earth, people sent by Me will appear, virtuous spirit beings with great missions to create the obedient human family.


Last night A.M. woke up around 5:00 a.m. when the Lord began to speak to her as follows:

"The Coalitioners..."

A.M. sees Christian Lindner in a brief vision, shaking himself to shake off his opponents.

"He doesn't want to listen, otherwise he'll be out of a job."

"May yet, then comes the AfD and Wagenknecht."

And then?

"They'll carry on!"

"They're protecting our democratic country. They've stayed on the ball."

"The coalition partners are those ... Stalinists ... who are driving us into poverty and into dispossession and even death."

"They are intransigent, Stalinist and will be crushed."

The whole world today is a Stalinist system under the dictates of those who meet annually in Davos to decide the fate of all humanity.

But this time it's the right people and not you for all or the republic.

Because Germany would actually be a republic if it wasn't being bled dry, suppressed and bent and covered up by lies so that the people wouldn't notice.

"The infrastructure is in turmoil like never before."

"Something bad has happened when there are only two people living in the middle."

(AfD, Wagenknecht)

Yes, all over the world. Disastrous conditions. The vaccine victims are not recognized and they die like slaves under Stalin.

 "Think of the country that has been created, the logistics."

Yes, it gives us what comes from you, we can eat it, it doesn't harm us, but the logistics are also bled dry so that it's no longer worth it with the high expenses they have to pay.


Gulag: The Soviet 'main administration of the camps

Soviet prison camps were a widespread and long-lasting criminal system of oppression. The first camps were established in 1918 and their numbers peaked in the 1950s. In more than 40 years, 20 million people were sent to almost 500 camps. Innocent people were made guilty. Every sixth adult citizen was forced into a camp or expelled. The writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn called this system the Gulag Archipelago. It stretched thousands of kilometers from the White Sea to the Black Sea, from Moscow to Vladivostok and from the Arctic Circle to Central Asia. It was hidden and its existence was denied for decades. Prison camps were difficult to see and understand. They are still not well known today.... Further in the description under the video .......  


"The Satelites."

Can't they be used for something positive?

"Human race is on its last legs. I have redeemed them with my blood. Before they were arrogant, they could not turn to me, but now that they are on their last legs, they come to me."

It is known to you and since you are Lord over all, those who fear and honor you may rejoice, for you are with them. You send out your angels and come to their aid and support. You come to free the oppressed and the captives and to establish your kingdom of peace on earth. After the purification! We thank you, our Lord and God.


Peasants' War 1524-1526

They fought for a fairer world and failed miserably: from 1524 to 1526, the peasants went to war against the nobility. They demanded more rights and the abolition of serfdom. The attempt was to end in a bloody fiasco.

By Horst Basting   


Excerpt from the speech by Hamburg's then First Mayor Olaf Scholz at the Senate reception on May 2. 2017:

"I am particularly pleased that my friend John Podesta is with us today"

The video is on Telegram but without a link.  

A note on this from Pizzagate / Wikipedia:  

and from it a reference to John Podesta

Is Mr. Scholz a member of the secret Moloch circle?

Podesta was a friend of Jeffrey Eppstein. 

Todays news:


TTT 57 : 67 It will be those people who bring this world up, who remove the cup of suffering from human life, who rebuild everything that past generations have destroyed in their blind striving for power, in their materialization and recklessness.

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