State of the heart

TTT 8 : 16 I have given the office of "foundation stone" to those who are to be examples of firmness, stability and strength among the people. Their word, counsel and example among the people shall be unchanging, as the rock is.

Restlessness is in the heart
if it does not find rest in God
is the worst enemy within
he himself is in this place

Where a heart fights against God
for its own damnation
but does not see it so blinded
Until it recognizes the reality

Even in the attempt to kill God
it will not win itself
it will not find peace
will be eternally bound to the wrong one

"The one who serves and goes out of himself will attain liberation.

The one who does not seek anything in return will attain salvation.

He who gives himself wholeheartedly for others will attain transcendence.

He who does not complain and only gives thanks will be transfigured.

He who obeys the law and honors it will consecrate himself.

The one who seeks God as the only way will not suffer.

The one who is available in every condition will be a true servant.

Try each day to transform yourself a little more into the virtues of those who have clarity about what it means to serve Christ. Decide to be a seed of the New Humanity."
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