Who knows the Son, knows the Father

If you love, practice charity, forgive,
then introduce Jesus to you.
Feel him, allow him to live in your heart.
So you are the "next" to the Father in love and spiritual,
where you have no form, because you are light.

He sees you tired and exhausted because of the failures
and in search of the healing balm for the body and the soul.
But you have to start a fight with yourself,
explore your inner self and get to know you in the light of your conscience.
This is how you experience the cause of your suffering.
Break the germ of evil in your heart and you will be healthy.

The divine word enlightens your soul and
will stop the advance of evil
and transform your heart into fertile land.
In these fields, the Lord will sow the seed,
until it bears abundant fruit.
He is the doctor who visit the sick, come to him.
Connect with him, he will give you comfort,
will not judge your past,
but guide you step by step to goodwill.

Praise to yourself to improve, do not swear before Him,
the flesh is weak and can fall in your back.
In adverse times do not despair and blaspheme.
Hold the storm, take the exam
and your soul will purify and perfect itself.
He will end people's desire for power,
set a limit to the destruction and after the day
where he prostrates the human pride,
He will grant peace to every one according to his merit.
Who will dare to destroy what He has created in you?
Inviolable is the soul whose essence is immortal.
Although they can kill your body, the soul remains.
The Spirit will continue to direct her steps until she returns to the Father.

Bow to His judgment, then you will find
the direction to perfection.
The destiny of each soul was recorded by Him,
their beginning and their end are in Him.
On your way, great blessings await you,
battle after battle you will beat
you will always find Him and His love will make you strong.
The father will not part with the child,
until it returns to His lap.
Then there will be a feast in heaven and joy on earth,
Masters and disciples can meet each other.

Even in the hereafter, the souls receive His teachings,
hear the same word that you hear.
Even masters of exaltation and knowledge come near,
to hear the word of the Divine Master.
As there are different degrees of maturity on earth,
so in the spiritual world are many levels on the ladder of perfection.
Just as people ask him how they should fulfill their mission,
so do the light beings, to serve their father always better.
You are united by the divine bond of love.

In the spiritual valley one does not distance oneself, no one is excluded.
Great attraction and great compassion exists between all.
This is to do the spiritualistic community of nations,
until she reaches brotherhood among all people.
Beings who live on other worlds,
Serve Him and receive His commands,
come as helpers and companions and reveal us
their power, their light through the gift of prophecy.

Your future generations will be in the mind
to receive the light of great spirits.
Realize, not everything that happens on your world
is the work of the people.
Understand the influence of the spiritual world
to discover your life.

A.M. Hosta
Source: The Book of True Life - Volume VII - Instruction 192 - verses 20-32

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