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  Anna Maria Hosta 14.10.2021   Proverbs 12:2 A good man wins the favor of the LORD, but the wicked intriguer HE calls evil.   The Testament is a will The Third Testament is the Will of God for His Children The word in the Third Testament is the new ark of the covenant - it is the will of the heavenly Father for His heirs - for the grandchildren of the third age - it tells them: - Who they are - How they must behave and - Which is their inheritance   DAS DRITTE TESTAMENT – THE THIRD TESTAMENT - LE TROISIÈME TESTAMENT and the book series of the BOOK OF TRUE LIFE available in bookstores as a book at     This morning I had a Deam: I was sitting there looking at a screen in front of me - there were pictures, texts and movies and then there was a disturbance. In the upper left corner of the screen there was an Ü in big letters and then the Ü turned into an interrupted half U. The screen collapsed and th

A Stream in Israel

Anna Maria Hosta 10/12/2021 Isaiah 57:18-19 I have seen his ways, but I heal and guide him, and I restore comfort to him and to his sufferers, making peace the fruit of his lips, peace for those who are far away and for those who are near, said the Lord, and I will heal them. This morning I fell asleep during meditation and had a Dream: I was in a work team and a nurse told me to put nursing supplies in the cabinet. I inspected the cabinet and found that in it were sterilium bottles (disinfectant for hands) - bandages - bottles of artificial food (two of them were already prepared for giving to patients). On the floor were the boxes of nursing supplies that I was supposed to put into the cabinet. The head of the ward joined us and we got into conversation and I realized that he and I have the same vibration spiritually and therefore I felt safe and a flow of conversation occurred. Then all the staff sat around a table, the leader, the team and me. It was a meeting whe

Report on what's Inside the "Vaccinations"

  OCTOBER 4, 2021 12:09 PM SHARLENE REIMER THEPROPHETICBRIDE.WORDPRESS.COM/ Oct 4/21 Mon am   Hi Readers, I was sent a Stew Peters of report/video of American Dr Carrie Madej, who examined the vials of different brands of the “vaccine” under a microscope. It was very creepy. I asked Jesus about it and He told me to go back to look at the info I collected last November of 2020. Jesus encouraged me to warn the people again. My understanding is that those who submit to the injections, their bodies are being preconditioned with biometric technology; nano particles- that with each consecutive injection, will assemble and grow as it attaches to cells in the body. This prepares the groundwork for the future “vaccinations,” for the onslaught of more biometric building blocks where eventually the body is being transformed into an artificial intelligence creation. People will be like a type of computer. I believe that when God said not to take the future “vaccination

... so that we do not suffer shipwreck

  A.M. Hosta 10/1/2021 The federal election is now behind us and we look with trepidation to the coming new Government, when the new government is in place and I hear this word from our Lord: "You may soon be judged again...if you do not do what I say, it will soon become much darker.Pray!" I am struggling with my Lord and telling Him that I lack silence around me and can't hear Him as well as I used to. My husband and I have a wedding anniversary today and he got out the papers and pictures and wedding cards for it so we can delve into it and I reminisce fondly while blocking out my Lord. He complains and I think of the sweet time of him with Clare. Then in a vision he shows me a bouquet of white roses that he wants to give me. I tell him that I do not know what to give him, because everything already belongs to him.   10/2/2021 When I wake up, the Lord says: "Reading service." "Experience collector." Good. I can give you t