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BTL - Volume VII - Teaching 178

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207   Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 7   Teaching 178 1. People: Every time a new year begins, I hear questions of this kind from you: "Lord, will this year also bring trials for us? To this I answer you that life is a constant test, but that you need not be fearful. For if you know how to watch and pray, you will be able to advance in your reparation until you reach the goal of your destiny. 2. Those trials that people experience are the fruit that they reap are the result of their own sowing ─ a harvest that is sometimes the consequence of the seed they sowed the year before, and in other cases the fruit of what they sowed in years further back or in other incarnations. 3. A new year begins? ─ Then do what the good sowers do, who first cleanse their seed, in anticipation of the right time to place it in fertile soil. In the same way, you too should first cleanse your h

Horror at the platform and who is ALLAH

An African (40) pushes a woman (40) and her son (8) at Frankfurt Central Station in front of an entering ICE. The boy dies. The second case of railroad shunting in just ten days. Is it safe to travel by train?   And on occasion: WHO IS ALLAH? Allah is an idol, the god of Ishmael Allah is the God of Cain who has murdered his brother Abel (Gen. 4: 1-24) and Ishmael are his descendants (Cain is the progenitor of Islam - still fleeing from Heavenly Father for his fratricide) Following those who offer a sacrifice pleasing to God. Yeshua has already said twice today: "Gulf of Oman; Ismael; Strait of Hormuz" The oil sheiks are also Muslims (Islam) who have signed with the pope this document for the one world religion. (CHR - ISLAM ) Der Horror am Bahnsteig (Horror at the platform) Nach den Gleiskillern von Voerde und Frankfurt diskutiert ganz Deutschland - Wie sicher ist das Bahnreisen noch

BTL - Volume VII - Teaching 177

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207   Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 7 Teaching 177 1. Humanity, which you are represented at this moment by this church, which kneels down repentantly and fearfully before the presence of its Lord: with what can you pay your debt of love and be truly pleasing to your Father? 2. I will tell you the way to do this: by struggling for your peace and spiritual upliftment. Thus shall you wash away your guilt and lift up your souls. 3. I grant you a certain time to satisfy in it the desire of your soul. The new age rises before your eyes like a radiant day full of promises and revelations. With its light it wants to tell you: Fight! And in this word is contained the Father's commission. Fight for peace, for renewal, for the victory of spiritualization. 4. I imprint these words in your conscience so that it may repeat them to you at every turn. 5. Be aware that my love is a