BTL - Volume VII - Teaching 176

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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1. Resist the temptations of the world and of the material body.
When you are suffering through an ordeal, remember my teachings
from the Second Era and follow my example.
2. You ask me, how was it possible for Jesus to resist the
temptations of the world? To which I say to you that the heart of the
Divine Master was never touched by temptation.
3. The body that I had on earth was human and sensitive. It was
the instrument utilized by my spirit to bring my teachings to
humanity. My body was aware of the ordeals that were to come, for
they were revealed to it by my Spirit. Thus, my physical body
suffered because of the pain that it was to endure.
4. I wanted to demonstrate that my body was truly human and
prove that my suffering was real and my sacrifice was true.
5. Otherwise, my sacrifice on earth would have had no merit
according to mankind. That is why three times Jesus invoked the
strength of my Spirit which inspired him to overcome harsh trials.
First, He asked for strength when he was in the desert, second, in the
garden of olives, and finally when he hung on the cross.
6. It was necessary for me to become man, and to offer you my
body and my blood, so that the pain inflicted on my body by
mankind would leave a visible mark. If I would have come in Spirit,
what sacrifice could I have made for you? What would I have
renounced, and what pain could you have made me feel?
7. The Divine Spirit is immortal, and pain does not reach it, but
the flesh is sensitive to pain, is limited in its potentials, and is mortal
by nature. That is why I chose to manifest myself in human form to
the world and to offer mankind my true sacrifice, thus teaching man
the path of salvation.
8. While you continue to sin, remember that I shed my blood on
the cross for you. Repent of your sins, purify yourself, and try to
imitate the example of infinite love that I gave to you.
9. Remember that as I hung on the cross I forgave, blessed, and
healed those who had crucified me. I want you to imitate me along
your difficult journey on earth. You need to bless, forgive, and help
those who offend and hurt you. Whoever does that will become my
disciple. Truly, I tell you that your suffering will be brief, because
you will feel my strength during the moments of your ordeals.
10. Very few are those who are willing to teach their brethren
using the examples given by the Divine Master. Those of you who
are witnessing this manifestation, as well as people in most
religions, fail to confirm what they preach with deeds of love. Thus,
their words lack strength.
11. Today you have the opportunity to listen to an explanation
of my doctrine. This will help to purify your heart and prepare you
to fulfill the mission that I have assigned to your spirit.
12. Do not be afraid to follow my footsteps because I will not
require anyone to repeat my sacrifice. I say to you that only Jesus
was able to endure the difficult mission that was given to him by my
Spirit. No one else could have endured it, but Jesus had nourished
himself in the virtue and strengthened himself in the purity of the
One who had offered her womb to conceive him, Mary.
13. Meditate, my people, and take advantage of this divine
silence as you listen to my teachings. Truly I tell you that during
these moments of meditation and spirituality my seed will grow in your heart.
14. This multitude who listens to me has attained spiritual peace
and unity on this day. It is as one being who has come to witness my
manifestation through the human spokesmen. I welcome your
spirits. I truly accept the simple yet pure prayers and deeds that you
offer to the Divine Father.
15. The most important prayer one can make is for world peace
and for man to live as did the patriarchs. I say to you that peace will
return to earth when you, my new disciples, have laid the foundation
for a new world. I am now preparing you to carry out that mission.
16. When you treat each human being as your brother, and love
me by loving them, you will witness the beginning of a new era.
Man will then live in peace and joy, and I will be acknowledged and
loved as the Divine Father.
17. My word in this era is the same one that spoke through
Jesus. It is the same pure water that bathed your spirit when you
followed me through the lands of Palestine. You recognize its
essence, and should no longer confuse my word with that spoken by
others, since you carry the divine word in your spirit. Today, as I
manifest myself through human spokesmen, you recognize the voice
of your Father. But you question the way my message was given to
humanity during this period.
18. You say to me that no one among this multitude is pure,
virtuous, and thus capable of serving me. Although Moses, Peter,
John, and the prophets from the First Era are not among you during
this era, truly I say to you that I have sent virtuous spirits to earth
during all eras. Among them are these human spokesmen who have
humbly served me. Love them, and help them, because they have a
great mission. I have kept their minds and their hearts pure,
frequently becoming purified through their own suffering. Their life
is similar to that of other messengers whom I have sent in the past. I
bless the human spokesmen. Blessed are all those who have thus
followed me and who have recognized the importance of the
mission that I have assigned to them.
19. My beloved people, I invite you to come into my kingdom. I
am calling to all the nations on the earth, without any distinction,
but I know that everyone will not hear me. Humanity has turned off
its lamp and walks in darkness. However, amidst the confusion in
which man lives, my enlightened messengers will arise to illuminate
their brethren. Those spiritual guardians are awaiting my signal in
order to awaken and communicate with their brothers. Allow the
love of those messengers to become a seed in your heart that
produces fruit. Do not reject them if they present themselves before
you materially poor. Listen to them, because they will be coming in
my name to offer you an unknown power. They will teach you the
perfect prayer and will free you from your materialism which will
allow you spiritual freedom and the power to elevate yourself to me.
20. Those of you who listen to me are anxiously awaiting the
fulfillment of my words. You yearn to see humanity converted into
my disciples. Also, you are requesting to be among those whom I
will send to other lands to fulfill difficult missions. Truly I tell you
that you will need to prepare yourself beforehand, because the
struggle that awaits you is great. However, not all of my messengers
are presently among the multitude who listens to me nor will all of
them have witnessed my manifestation through human spokesmen.
Many of them will speak intuitively, because I will have prepared
them spiritually. I have wisely placed my messengers in different
nations so that all of your brethren will receive my spiritual
21. How could you believe that I would manifest myself only to
this multitude, neglecting other nations, when every individual on
earth is my child? Do you truly believe that someone could be apart
from me if my Spirit is universal and comprehends all things
throughout creation? Everything lives and nourishes itself from me.
I have manifested myself on earth and throughout the universe to
save all of my children.
22. I do not want you to waste this period nor to journey through
earth without having helped your brethren. I want you to be true
sowers of the seed that I have entrusted to you. Thus when you leave
the earth you will continue to work until the seed that you have
sown in your brethren starts to produce fruit.
23. I only inspire you to fulfill my mandates but never force you
to do so. I want you to follow my laws through your own free will
and spiritual preparation. Be free within my laws, but practice
obedience. Fulfill the two laws that govern mankind, which in
essence forms only one, since both originate from me.
24. Pray for harmony among mankind and for all beings to
comprehend God. Allow your prayer to elevate as a song that will
help spirits to arise, signaling the path of their destiny.
25. My doctrine helps man to evolve completely. It will help his
heart to become sensitive and virtuous. It will awaken his mind,
enabling him to understand things more clearly, thus perfecting and
elevating his spirit.
26. Study my doctrine carefully. This will enable you to
comprehend the correct way to practice my teachings so there will
be harmony in your physical and spiritual development. Do not
strive to develop only your mind, also strive to achieve spiritual ideals.
27. The spiritual gifts and abilities that you possess will evolve
and perfect themselves as you study and practice my new teachings.
28. I have given you sufficient time to study and to comprehend
my teachings. Thus, many who arrived before me as children are
now in their youth, and others who arrived in their youth are now
aged. Some who were born in this path have now become my
workers, whereas others have departed to the spiritual valley.
29. I have granted this multitude sufficient time to develop
strong faith and to achieve a true understanding of my doctrine. I am
preparing you for the time when you will no longer be able to listen
to this manifestation. You will only need to concentrate deep within
your heart to be able to feel my presence and to receive my inspiration.
30. My teaching is written in your conscience which is the true
ark that will guard my law. Thus, as time goes by and these
moments of spiritual joy you experience with the Divine Master
remain behind, the essence of love, wisdom, and life found in my
word, will remain forever in your spirit.
31. In my teachings you will find that I am always telling you to
become spiritualized, because that is how you will distinguish
yourself on earth. Without spirituality, you will be unable to offer
your brethren the testimony that you need to give.
32. Do not be afraid of the day when I will no longer manifest
myself through human spokesmen. My work will not disappear, nor
will your spirit fall into a state of despair. There are enlightened
beings in the spiritual valley who are ready to incarnate on earth to
become your guides and prophets. Those enlightened beings will
help you progress along your spiritual path.
33. I say to you that just as you need those enlightened beings to
help you along your journey, there are also beings in other spiritual
mansions who need your assistance. Thus, some of you will need to
take these teachings to other mansions. Some who now listen to me
will soon depart to fulfill that spiritual mission. That is why so many
beings are being purified on earth, and why your spirit feels more
enlightened by my doctrine each passing day.
34.1 want you to unite with my spiritual followers. Then,
together and united in love you can work for the salvation of all your
brethren who have separated from the path of life and truth.
35. Guard these teachings in your spirit. They will prepare you
for your departure to the spiritual valley.
36. My beloved people, be aware that this era has been a period
of beautiful revelations! It has been a period of enlightenment,
helping spirits to elevate! Blessed are those who prepare themselves,
because I will spiritually enlighten them!
37. But remember that you are only at the beginning of a new
era. Man has not yet received all of the revelations that he will
receive nor has he understood fully all those that he has received.
38. Humanity will witness and receive many marvelous spiritual
revelations for centuries to come.
39. The time for those revelations is approaching. Therefore,
you need to prepare the path for those who are to come after you.
You need to bless that path with your good deeds. Thus, you will
begin to construct the true temple, a temple that others will later
finish constructing.
40. I have seen you struggle against your material body to
overcome its stubbornness. You have endured great battles, teaching
your material body to be obedient and submissive. The material
body will usually not want to listen to what the conscience requests.
However, if you are alert and continue to pray, the material body
will help you to fulfill your spiritual mission. That struggle between
your material body and spirit forms a part of your restitution in this era.
41. You were endowed with spiritual gifts from the moment of
your creation. I endowed your spirit with the gifts of intelligence,
sensitivity, and reason so that it will triumph in its final battle. Once
you have triumphed over evil, and your spirit is guiding your
material body, then you will be ready to seek your brethren and to
offer them a clear example of how to evolve spiritually. Without
boasting of your strength and powers, you will perform deeds that
will reveal obedience and respect to my law.
42. Once my manifestation comes to an end, and you become
anxious to practice what I have taught you in this time, then each
one of my disciples should take his assigned group as his own
family to teach and to guide. Practice charity, and when you
discipline others, do it with love and wisdom. Create a peaceful
atmosphere, similar to the one that you have created today, and my
Spirit will be there to bless and to inspire everyone.
43. Do not ask anyone where he has come from nor why he is
seeking me. Elijah has spiritually guided him and has brought him,
and thus it is time for him to become familiar with this teaching.
Presently, I am preparing those who will arrive. Blessed are those
who believe in this teaching.
44. I am teaching you so that you will set examples of charity,
love, and kindness for others to follow. You will bring joy to the life
of mankind with the good news that the Divine Master has returned.
In this era of suffering, he has brought his teachings to nourish
mankind and to offer it eternal life.
45. Those who are listening to me will not be fully responsible
for the complete change of humanity. Maintain your enthusiasm
when you take this teaching to your brethren, and my word will
perform miracles. What comfort they will receive in their days of
trials if they listen and comprehend my teachings! Those who
witnessed this manifestation will yearn for the moments when they
felt me and were able to nourish themselves with the divine essence,
feeling as a child who has received the divine love and tenderness of the Father!
46. Humanity is as a fertile field waiting to be sowed. The fields
are many and the laborers few. How can you convert humanity to
my teachings if you do not work? There is much work that needs to
be done, and time is limited!
Now is the appropriate time to work! Reconstruct the temples
that have collapsed within the hearts of men! You need to rebuilt
homes, and preach about spirituality along your path with your
thoughts, words, and deeds!
47. Work hard to help man regain his virtue so that families will
become strongly united. Help the youth, the new generations of
tomorrow, to develop a strong spiritual foundation. Pray for the
husband and the wife, both an image and a creation of God. Thus,
everyone will become united with their guardian angels and will be
in perfect harmony with God.
48. Your petitions reach me, and I am enlightening you. You
know your deeds and are able to judge their merits. The suffering
that exists now will pass and peace will shine in the universe.
49. Pray for those nations that are struggling in wars. Share your
bread and clothing with those in need, and offer them food to eat.
Practice brotherhood with everyone during this period of suffering
in the world. Be charitable with those who are ill, and spiritually
prepare those who are ready to depart to the spiritual valley.
Strengthen the faith of those who are depressed, and offer my peace
to all of your brethren. Pray for humanity, and I will perform
miracles among your brethren.
50. The world is full of people who are slaves to worldly things,
and that is why everyone yearns to be free. But you should not
blame the divine laws nor the human laws for that slavery. You
should blame yourselves. The true law, whether it be divine or
human, is designed to guide, teach, and protect man, but never to enslave.
51. Be aware that you lack spiritual freedom because you have
separated yourself from the divine essence, from the law of love,
which is to love God above all creation and to love your fellowman
as brothers in the Creator. You are a slave to idolatry, to religious
fanaticism, and to superstition.
52. Also, you lack freedom within the laws created by man.
Those laws, which are meant to establish justice among humanity,
have become corrupt due to man's selfishness, injustice, and
53. Those who govern mankind, and those who are responsible
for guiding humanity spiritually, are all my children. Their laws
should be related, but they are following different paths and
separating themselves from one another.
54. When will humanity give to God that which belongs to God
and to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar?
55. Some believe that they should only fulfill the laws of earth
and disregard all the divine laws. Others, seek to become spiritually
elevated through different religious paths and become rebellious in
their hearts, disregarding the laws of the earth.
56. Truly I tell you that neither individual is fulfilling his
57. Have you not seen how the sun rises daily in the east to offer
its light and warmth to all beings equally?
58. Such is the love of the Father for each one of his children.
Man should practice that same love and justice with one another on
earth, because my laws are applied upon humanity in this form.
59. Have you not observed the perfect harmony that exists
between the divine and all the things created by your Father? Then
why is it that human beings do not live in perfect harmony if they
are the children of God?
60. Blessed is the one who listens to me, recognizing the era of
light in which he lives, for he will continue to progress along his
path of spiritual evolution.
61. These are the final years in which you will listen to my
word, offering you my wisdom and knowledge.
62. These teachings will become printed in books, and when the
hour of my departure arrives, my teachings, and those disciples who
have developed strong faith in their hearts, will be the living
testimony that I leave to those who did not hear me in this Third Era.
63. Blessed are those who do not lose their faith in spite of their
ordeals, because they will attain wisdom and peace.
64. In order for each one to be able to fulfill the mission that he
has received, all have to unite and to learn my spiritual teachings.
You should no longer focus only on those things that pertain to your
material life but should now focus on your spiritual needs.
65. I am the Eternal Life. You need to fulfill my law, if you want
to attain eternal life.
66. You are in a state of deep contemplation as you listen to my
word in this house of prayer. You should continue to practice that
because it will help you to achieve humility, order, respect, and
discipline in your life.
67. I am illuminating your spirit, your mind, and your heart, and
I am guiding your life.
68. I want you to keep my teaching in your heart so that you
will not forget it, for you will truly need it in the future during times
of conflict. Also, you do not know how much longer you will remain
on earth. Therefore, practice deeds of love and charity so that you
will be spiritually prepared when the Father summons you to the
spiritual valley.
69f Truly I tell you that this teaching will restore morality on
earth, because it teaches spirituality and brotherhood.
70. In this time, mankind does not truly comprehend the Divine
Father. Although some individuals are sincere in their worship of
God, due to their ignorance, their worship is filled with fanaticism.
Still others believe that they are knowledgeable and powerful and in
need of no one.
71. There are very few who truly follow me!
72. My beloved people: Allow my word to continue to prepare
you.73. I offer my peace to your heart and to your home, and
freedom to your spirit when your material body is asleep.
74. Do not lose this grace that I offer you. Accept my blessing.
My Peace be with you!