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Jesus teaches in the Palm Garden

The gospel of perfect life Chapter 64 - Jesus teaches in the Palm Garden 1. Jesus came to a well near Bethany, where twelve palm trees stood and where he often went with his disciples to teach them the secrets of the kingdom of God. There he sat under the shade of the trees, and his disciples with him. 2. And one of them said, "Lord, from ancient times is written, the Elohim made man in their own image and created man and woman. Then how did you say that God is one? "And Jesus said to them," Verily, I say to you, in God is neither man nor woman, and yet both are one, God is both in one. He is you and she is He. Elohim - our god - is perfect, infinite and one. 3. So in the man is the father incarnate and the mother hidden; Thus in the woman the mother is incarnated and the father hidden. Therefore, the name of the father and the mother should equally be sanctified; for they are the great powers of God, and one is not without the other in the One God. 4.

The last anointing by Mary Magdalene

Gospel of perfect life   Chapter 65 - The Last Anointing by Mary Magdalene   1. And on the evening of the Sabbath before Passover, when Jesus was in Bethany, he went to the house of Simon, the leper, where they served him a supper. And Martha served, while Lazarus was one of those who sat with him at table.   2. And Mary came, called Magdalene, having an alabaster casket containing an extremely precious and precious anointing oil, and she opened the casket and poured the anointing oil of Jesus on the head and anointed his feet and dried them with the hair of her head.   3. Then one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, said, "Who serves this waste? This anointing oil might have been sold dear and the coins given to the poor. "But he said this not out of concern for the poor, but because he was filled with jealousy and greed, and he carried the sack and what was given in it. And they grumbled about Magdalena.    4. Jesus said, "Leave them alone! What d

Trinity - Jesus teaches his disciples

The gospel of perfect life Chapter 66 - Jesus teaches his disciples And again Jesus taught them, saying, "God has awakened witnesses to the truth in all peoples and of all ages, that all should hear the will of the Eternal, and fulfill it as ruler and collaborator of the Eternal. 2. God is power, love, and wisdom, and these three are one. God is truth, goodness, and beauty, and these three are one. 3. God is justice, knowledge and purity, and these three are one. God is glory, compassion and holiness, and these three are one. 4. And these four Trinity are one in the hidden deity, the perfect, the eternal, the only. 5. Similarly, in every man who has become perfect, there are three persons, the son, the husband, and the father, and these three are one. 6. Similarly, in every woman who has become perfect, these three persons, the daughter, the bride, and the mother, as well as God, are one. 7. So it is also with God the Father-Mother, in whom not man or woman and in

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle

Oct. 24th., 2018 - Are you ready and  - The last Straw Oct. 26th, 2018 Shake the nations Oct. 27th, 2018 - The Tool Oct. 29th., 2018  -  The Sign Oct. 30th., 2018 - Pangs and Sorrows   Nov., 1st, 2018 - Cut it out Übersetzungen von Anna Maria Hosta sind hier zu finden: (Translations to German you can find here:)

Reign over the Peoples

The third time has dawned and the reign of Jesus over the peoples and nations is about to happen. Jesus reveals Himself as the only Lord and King over all nations and peoples and as their only Savior. He shows himself to be a wise and just world leader who executes his judgment on the nations, while protecting and governing those who obey his laws, love him and open their hearts to him. They are those whom he has purchased with his precious blood as a ransom for their sins, and who listen to his voice and follow him as the shepherd of their soul and spirit. Blessed are those who listen to him, for he shows them the way to eternal life. But woe to those who despise his ways, forsaken him and run into their ruin, they have themselves pronounced their judgment. For those who accepted Jesus. In them he wants to live with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever, in intimate communion and joy without end. But woe to those who reject Jesus as Lord, because they will burn with thirst and be

Solar winds and geomagnetic solar storms

Minor G1 Geomagnetic Storm Watch for 19 October Most likely aerea of Aurora Extent: the vicinity of the grren line (Kp 5) NOAA forecasters say there is a 60 % chance of G1 Class Geomagnetic storm on October 19th. G1 conditions are likely due to anticipated responses associated with the arrival of a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) followed by a coronal hole high speed stream CIR’s are transition zones between fast- and slow-moving solar wind streams. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, producing density gradients and shock waves that do a good job of sparking auroras. The high speed stream is flowing from a northern hole in the sun’s atmosphere shown here in extreme ultraviolet wavelength from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras before the weekend. What is Space weather? Space weather refers to changes in the space environment ….   Particularly the region between the earth and sun. The ‘solar wind’ from  


Anna Maria had a dream   She is new to a community. When hey sang, she mocked. When they sang again, she got involved and tried to integrate. Someone asked: 'And you already sang?' Then she was allowed to sing along.     Jesus: "Bäbäbäbäbäää"   He reflects Anna Maria because she vigorously defended herself on the criticism of the patient's wife. The wife of the patient had looked at a thriller. Then she came into the patients room and claimed that Anna Maria had not besieged him for 3 hours. That was a false statement and Anna Maria struggled. It was almost an insinuation or a lie, as she had twotimes besieged the patient in the meantime within 3 hours. The wife, however, was suspicious and stuck to her claim.   Anna Maria asked Jesus: How would you have done that?   "Silence"   Anna Maria felt hurt and wanted to dissolve that.   Now after the dream she is desperate. She cries. She asks Jesus: Where have you been when they approached on me? My h

What threatens us from the Astenosphere

10/16/2018 When I came into my heart this morning, I heard Jesus in an urgently speaking voice saying   that suggests that great disaster is coming: "California Ohio - Torpedo Insulas - Astenosphere - Bomb You are informed. " Yes. More pictures to Asthenosphere here: Astenosphere pictures As for California, it is feared that Andreasfault's seismic activity will cause rip and   large parts of the country will sink into the sea.  On August 17, 2018 (see quote below from 'Regency' - Volume 1), Jesus said that Ohio may well be related to the cooking of the magma chamber of the Yellowstone Super Volcano. With the Insulas Jesus means the Fiji Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Japan. North Korea (??) has thrown a bomb on the volcano deep in the sea below the continental plates under Fiji Islands and that damaged the plates, a hole has opened   in the plates when they shot   an intercontinental rocket on the volcano. This re