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The Rainbow Bridge

or: The Descent of the Aesir  A.M.Hosta  2.4.2023  Yesterday when I had this dream I called the Great Shake**1), I decided to draw a rune card for April and it was As, the fourth rune, which symbolizes the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard, the abode of the Aesir. The angular rainbow signals the partriarchal power of the Aesir, a masculine, dominating force that has overpowered the elder deities of the Vanes. The latter may be symbolized by the round rainbow. In the Haindl Tarot, the rune As corresponds with the trump, No. IV of the Great Arcana "The Ruler".  What we see at the moment can also be called the descent of the Aces. As I mentioned elsewhere, the Fallen Angels also call their leader God and Father. The Aesir are a warlike people who overpowered and subjugated the peace-loving people of the Vans. The wealth of the Vans was measured by their stock of cattle and land, and they practiced agriculture and animal husbandry. They cherished the land so that it prospered and grew. Th