The Rainbow Bridge

or: The Descent of the Aesir 

Yesterday when I had this dream I called the Great Shake**1), I decided to draw a rune card for April and it was As, the fourth rune, which symbolizes the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard, the abode of the Aesir. The angular rainbow signals the partriarchal power of the Aesir, a masculine, dominating force that has overpowered the elder deities of the Vanes. The latter may be symbolized by the round rainbow. In the Haindl Tarot, the rune As corresponds with the trump, No. IV of the Great Arcana "The Ruler". 
What we see at the moment can also be called the descent of the Aces. As I mentioned elsewhere, the Fallen Angels also call their leader God and Father. The Aesir are a warlike people who overpowered and subjugated the peace-loving people of the Vans. The wealth of the Vans was measured by their stock of cattle and land, and they practiced agriculture and animal husbandry. They cherished the land so that it prospered and grew. The subjugation by the Aesir was done by taking away their land and livelihood and forcing them into services.  We see the same thing today when we observe what they are doing to our farmers, to the land and to the food.  They are poisoning the soil and therefore us, in order to wipe us out even before they descend. 

I already mentioned that Anastasia, daughter of the Russian taiga and second last descendant of a nearly one million old race that could never be subjugated by other peoples and still lives its god-like status on earth unbroken, told that the guardians, who lived secluded from everyone in secret as priests, controlled and manipulated people and one day decided: Give them money to take care of themselves, but only so much that it is just enough to survive. With it they have enslaved humans so much that these could survive only with difficulty, without the possibility to use their creative forces to create. 
Again, through DNA modification, they are in the process of depriving humans of this ability to care for themselves as well. The gene-altering medicines and foods make the people ill and kill them and it is also taken away from them everything what they have worked for. They say about the people: they will have nothing and be happy. 

As is also a rune of sound, intelligent communication. The card As was changed into Os and this part of its meaning was split off from As and attributed to Os (the AI). About Os, Old English runic poetry says: "The mouth is the origin of all speech, supporter of wisdom and comfort de advisor and a blessing and confidence to everyone." 

As is a rune de unbinding, as it says in the fourth stanza of Havamal: "I know the Fourth: It can deliver me swiftly when foes bind me with strong chains; a call that makes bands leap from feet us fetters from my hands."  As is the figurative rune of liberation of thought through the possession of knowledge and the wisdom to use it properly. 
Through spiritual practices, the power of inspiration can be attained through As. 
As rules sacred songs and magical chants as sung by the shamans. 

Drawn upright, As indicates honesty and straightforwardness. If the inquirer asks for it, he will receive unbiased, fair advice or he will be able to get the necessary help from a teacher, superior or from a spiritual master. This will advance him through the attainment of intellectual order and he will be able to pass the tests. As can also indicate favorable results related to communication. It can also have to do with inheritance in a positive sense. In general, As refers to spiritual gifts and the power to work on one's own perfection. 

In the negative case, As can imply false advice, people who give the appearance of advisors who may be pursuing only their own goals and not those of the seekers. So caution is needed here in dealing with others, even close allies. This unreliability of allies may manifest itself, for example, in unreliable work for which excessive pay is then demanded. It may be dishonest advice, trickery, falsehood and deceitful machinations, interference in the affairs of the person concerned by those who are biased against him. Here, a situation should not be hastily judged as it appears at first glance, and it is advisable to listen to another person's opinion before making a decision or beginning to act. If we do not do this, we may fail or our efforts may be in vain. The answers to questions that are asked may not be helpful; many answers may also be ambiguous or contradictory and contribute to a significant delay in decision making. As in this sense also warns against misuse of our own knowledge and likewise against unwillingness to take dutiful responsibility for anything. 
(Example: government orders that everyone should get vaccinated).

A proverb says: Lies have short legs! 
By forcing people to fend for themselves and earn a living, the Guardians have taken control of people's lives and subjugated them to themselves. They are still doing that today and it has now reached the peak, the highest point of oppression, before the direction reverses and the angular upward rainbow bridge changes direction and descends downward. The descent has already begun long ago, only it has not yet become clearly visible on the outside, but it will become visible.  People will rediscover their creative powers and begin to live and develop them. Many have already begun to do so and children will be born who will be endowed with great creative gifts and with them they will advance humanity in its evolution.  

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The Great Shake 

**1) Dream 

from A.M.Hosta 


Last night I had this dream: 

There was another man lying in our marriage bed who was reaching for my hand under the covers and it was my husband's father and I was fighting it off. 

Note: A few days ago I had a vision of my husband's father. I saw him shivering and crying: "They can't take everything from us" (money, house). 

And in the dream I saw the image of a MegaCity. It consisted of brightly painted, huge skyscrapers built end to end in endless rows. In the houses everywhere there was a bustle, all were apparently carefree with their favorite activities busy, but suddenly chaos broke out. All the houses together began to shake considerably, as if they were made of a soft rubber mass, the floor was permeable. I was about to jump down onto a stair-like ledge, but my husband shouted: Are you going to jump down there? And I didn't. Everyone tried to find a foothold somewhere, but the houses began to sink lower and lower without any debris or clouds of dust; after all, they were made of soft, yielding material. Suddenly my husband sank into the ground and was gone - fallen down. I tried to get down to look for him, but couldn't. Finally, I had managed to get outside, where there was a small park, when a black figure grabbed me from behind, but I escaped and saw that a whole horde of black figures was running from the park towards the houses. They also had a leader, but he was not in black, he was in civilian everyday clothes. 


Presumably the dream is about the feared collapse of the financial and economic sectors and the horde of black men is about looters and rapists and murderers. 

Again and again I have the same vision, so also now again: I am shown very high skyscrapers, which then rock back and forth and wobble precariously, but so far they have never broken apart, but they have only rocked back and forth ... I suspect that these are not earthquakes, but could mean the collapse of the system.

We were told not to leave the house when the collapse and looting starts because it will be very, very dangerous on the streets. It could be the beginning of the "Three Day Eclipse".... Even in the house you will no longer be safe. 

It is also said that whoever calls on the name of Jesus Christ will receive help and salvation. 


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