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from A.M.Hosta 2/28/2023 Below Alcyon Pleyaden Extra documentary we watched last night until halfway through and it was creepy.... During the night I woke up at 2:30 am and heard the following thoughts inside me: "This is basically the end of the powers among ourselves already. Tonight the lights will go out - missiles to just outside the front door." See:Moscow: conditions for "peaceful" solution in Ukraine "currently" not given from 27.2.2023. I pray: Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. "May he allow himself again, recognize himself again." Him? Thank you. For a lifetime I have not been able to do this, only with your help. "Garden. Do only what is necessary." Today we were going to take away the green cuttings to recycle, but it snowed during the night and so we postponed it. Then the father still said: "The latest ... I thank you." ALCYON PLEYADES EXTRA 41: ARTIFICIAL FOOD, BIOWEAPON PILOTS CHILDREN ACTORS PRO-CON

Moscow: conditions for "peaceful" solution in Ukraine "currently" not met

27/2/2023 by A.M.Hosta  5:00 pm Moscow, with regard to the Chinese twelve-point plan to settle the conflict in Ukraine, does not consider the conditions for a "peaceful" solution to be met "at present."   "We are looking at the plan of our Chinese friends with great attention," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Monday. He added: "All attempts to develop plans that will help put the conflict on a peaceful track deserve attention." However, he said Russia "does not see the conditions at the moment for the matter to take a peaceful path." To that extent, Peskov added, "The special military operation (in Ukraine) continues." Russia itself does not officially refer to its war of aggression against Ukraine as a war, but instead refers to it as a military "special operation." On the first anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion last Friday, China had presented a position paper calling for a

China calls for ceasefire in Ukraine

By A.M.Hosta - 24.2.2023 President Putin of Russia has announced a few days ago for the 24.2.2023 an event, due to which the world should pay attention. Ukraine Updated Feb. 24, 2023, 6:12 a.m.  Source: TIME ONLINE, fo, kj This is what China's twelve-point plan for peace says   THIS IS CHINA'S TWELVE-POINT PLAN - Respect for the sovereignty of all states: Generally recognized international law as well as the United Nations Charter must be "strictly" observed, he said. - Abandon Cold War Mentality: Security of one country should not be sought at the expense of others. - Cease hostilities: All parties should "remain rational and exercise restraint" and not fuel the conflict. - Resume peace talks: Dialogue and negotiations are the only viable solution to the Ukraine crisis, he said. - Resolve the humanitar

A shake is coming!!! Wake up!!

A.M.Hosta 23.2.2023 Yesterday I read at Telekom only the headlines of the news there: 1. russian tanks in front of Belgium 2. open, visible tank transports in Amsterdam 3. the German media blasphemes self-confidently and proudly about the weak army of Putin Around 2:50 in the night I had a dream:  I was in a room and it was very dark in it. I saw men standing around and how then the PAPST spoke up and he said to the men: "Let's buy the Liedl!" Then it got even darker and it was already deep night. I found myself on a tarred road surrounded by forest on a hill from where I could look down into the plain. The road was damaged in many places and sometimes a bit torn. This was because the residents had sold all their heavy vehicles and taken them away over the road. As I continued on the road I came across a small group of people and my other brother B. in Canada was sitting on the road in the dark along with that group of some people. He was smiling, but traumatized and drea

DDR ... and again a game begins like then

A.M.Hosta 2/8/2023 In the middle of the night I woke up and had this inspiration: "DDR.... And again a game begins with the same elementary school knowledge as then: genocide and torture." I replied, "No! I will not say that like that. You did say that there will be no war in Germany and that Germany will be spared. That is a direct contradiction. "Talk about the big things." But then I used to lie. "Politics is a suicide." The saber-toothed tiger, Scholz, is still looking for allies in Brazil, for example. There he has received a clear rebuff. Brazil is B.R.I.C.S. and the new head of state has clearly rejected Scholz's request to bring him into the climate farce and supply weapons to Ukraine. Trump says, "I could end this war (that he didn't start) in a day. I trust Putin more than any U.S. intelligence agent. Putin says on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the destruction of Stalingrad in his speech there: "We will not move i

Sometimes the hights, somtimes the lows

A.M.Hosta 6.2.2023 Tired and exhausted, I slept on the couch at noon. Since Sunday I have - like my husband since last week - diarrhea, stomach ache, nausea and vomiting. Then I had a dream: I'm looking through the window and watching a woman fidgeting in the street outside, making funny movements. I go outside and speak to her. I invite her to visit me. She agrees immediately. I think that we could go somewhere together and ask: Do you have money, then we can go somewhere. She immediately agrees and wants to come with me. But I say that I want to visit my parents today, she should come back tomorrow. (Note: In the streetcar I observed some young people. One young woman had holey jeans on and splints around her knee. She told me she had fallen, on the stairs, but nothing was broken. She had a lot of bad luck with her knees lately. One of the young men said he felt like 'going boozing' and the woman replied, 'Oh yes, I feel like going boozing.' The young man asked he

Topic: Vaccination - Protect against spike protein transmission

What are the remedies against graphene oxide Graphene oxide is a carbon-based 2D nanomaterial produced by reacting graphite with a strong oxidizing agent. Pfizer's vaccine alone contains 99.3% graphene oxide. If you put pure graphene oxide on the table and have a cell phone buzzing next to it, take a look at what happens there once electromagnetic radiation gets near graphene oxide - and it gets injected into the body. The nanoparticles carry hexagonal structures. Graphene oxide is a strong conductor, even stronger than aluminum, and by using graphene oxide - it does react to electromagnetic radiation - you actually need less 5 G to damage the body. Ergo, the more graphene oxide the less 5 G is needed to harm us. For me it was interesting to read that the formula of graphene oxide is a 2 D nanoparticle, whereas we live in a 3 D world. But what does that mean and I will explain that very briefly. According to Nicola Tesla, our whole 3 D world is based on the numbers 3, 6, 9. The 3 s

Helping to eliminate toxins from the body

Covid GenTherapy, 5G_6G cellular radiation expansion and solution approaches. A.M. Hosta - 2/1/2023 Yesterday we were out and about visiting relatives. Among other things, we also talked about the cov problem. Someone in the immediate family unfortunately got vaccinated and is vaccinated twice. He shows dramatic changes in his behavior and seems to be damaged on the mental level; he no longer talks to his wife about the problems at hand and only sits in front of his cell phone. Before, he was a loving and caring family man. Last night, when we were back home, the Lord directed me to a Telegram page. Here I found rows and rows of profound information about Covid and its effects, as well as extraordinary remedies for expelling graphene structures from the body and cells. A scientist explains in minute detail the damage caused by GenTherapy (it is not a vaccination after all) and the course almost always leads to cell death and cell death. There are many possibilities to do the detoxifica