A shake is coming!!! Wake up!!


Yesterday I read at Telekom only the headlines of the news there:
1. russian tanks in front of Belgium
2. open, visible tank transports in Amsterdam
3. the German media blasphemes self-confidently and proudly about the weak army of Putin

Around 2:50 in the night I had a dream: 

I was in a room and it was very dark in it. I saw men standing around and how then the PAPST spoke up and he said to the men:
"Let's buy the Liedl!"
Then it got even darker and it was already deep night. I found myself on a tarred road surrounded by forest on a hill from where I could look down into the plain. The road was damaged in many places and sometimes a bit torn. This was because the residents had sold all their heavy vehicles and taken them away over the road.
As I continued on the road I came across a small group of people and my other brother B. in Canada was sitting on the road in the dark along with that group of some people. He was smiling, but traumatized and dreaming of the times when everything had been good. He did not speak to me. I continued walking.
Then I saw a man, completely destitute. He had a woolen blanket around his shoulders and otherwise had only underpants on. He was about to pee and I passed by. He was a wise teacher and had many followers, all of whom used to listen to him spellbound. Later I saw him again with a ladder and I asked him: "Can I use your ladder?
Of course! He answered and I went up the ladder to a higher level where it was the same as below.
I went further and perceived a family and the mother of the family, who was also completely impoverished and destitute, held her children together and urged all of them to continue to perfect themselves so that they would not fall into ruin and decay.
I was walking along and there was the wise teacher sitting on the side of the road surrounded by a crowd of people and I saw him giving a speech with his woolen blanket around his shoulders in his underpants and with a microphone in his hand.
Then this song died away and I woke up.
I got up and wrote down the dream. When I lay back down, I heard these thoughts in my mind:
"She will soon have to give up her house...apartment.
There are millions of towns and villages."
(It doesn't mean just USA or Canada, but the whole earth).
"Putin has own economy...free us."
I sing... or it sings in me:
"I want what peace tell me."

When I woke up in the morning, I once again perceived how a mighty force was
rocks skyscrapers back and forth like toys, that they rock back and forth.

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