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Covid GenTherapy, 5G_6G cellular radiation expansion and solution approaches.

A.M. Hosta - 2/1/2023

Yesterday we were out and about visiting relatives. Among other things, we also talked about the cov problem. Someone in the immediate family unfortunately got vaccinated and is vaccinated twice. He shows dramatic changes in his behavior and seems to be damaged on the mental level; he no longer talks to his wife about the problems at hand and only sits in front of his cell phone. Before, he was a loving and caring family man.

Last night, when we were back home, the Lord directed me to a Telegram page. Here I found rows and rows of profound information about Covid and its effects, as well as extraordinary remedies for expelling graphene structures from the body and cells.

A scientist explains in minute detail the damage caused by GenTherapy (it is not a vaccination after all) and the course almost always leads to cell death and cell death.

There are many possibilities to do the detoxification preventively or as a treatment orally and there is a device to approach the detoxification by means of a special foot bath.  

(Developer contact see below)

Why is this so important - the detoxification ?

I heard that Donald Trump in America is massively pushing the expansion of the 5G and 6G network nationwide.

There are plans to do blackouts in major cities (which is currently in the trial phase. In recent days, there have also been power outages in German cities). They use the electricity saved in this way and direct it to the 5G and 6G transmission towers. Initially, this generates radiation of 26 GigaHertz, but the radiation is converted and raised by them to ... TeraHertz. This then generates in all - not only in vaccinated, there of course most, but also in unvaccinated, who are also already contaminated by chemtrails with billions of gypsiferous nanoparticles from the air, by poisoned drinking water and poisoned food and of course by shedding in living with vaccinated, who spread the spike proteins (graphene structures in 2 D) through the air they breathe and through skin-to-skin contact and infect the environment with them.  Since graphene only affects 2 D, it turns the vaccinated into zombies because 99.9% of it is in the vaccine serum. They are reduced from 3 D to 2 D. 3 D operates with the fields 3, 6, 9 and on 2 D the field 6 is missing, which on 3 D normally forwards the impulse 3 and transports it to 9, where the decision or realization lies. Graphene stops the impulse and it bogs down because it is not forwarded. Thus, the damaged are prevented from participating in life because the Graphene paralyzes their will and they are no longer able to make decisions or communicate with others.

The SpikeProtein invades all cells and destroys cells; it acts as a transmitter and a receiver. The medium for this communication is the cell phone when it is near the affected person. As a transmitter, it collects information about the wearer's state of mind and behavior and forwards this information to the central computer. From there, impulses then go out to the receiver, instructing him to certain behaviors or feelings, and since he no longer has any will of his own on 2 D, he faithfully carries out all impulses.

A doctor says that this poison is broken down again by our body and cannot stay in the body for long. That is why booster vaccinations are now prescribed every 3 months. But there are, as shown in the channel below, many ways to get the toxin out of the body and heal yourself. Even out in nature, in the woods, where there is no radio radiation, the spike proteins break down rapidly.


Those who use Telegram can find the channel there at:

Anti-nano device to expel nanoparticles and nanobots by chemtrails and covid vaccination.

Vaccine damage help chemtrails graphene oxide graphene morgellons


This morning I had, among other things, this
I saw both the mother and the 5-year-old girl and around them it was bright day. The mother had the girl by the hand and both, mother and child, were shining as bright as the sun.
We should take problems with different family clans seriously, but not overestimate them. Perhaps it would be helpful to show an educational film about such cultures to children in general and then talk about it with the child.
Vision 2:
I saw a rolled up telephone cable in black and then a white telephone socket on the wall. 

(Maybe wi-fi).
Then I heard these thoughts inside me:
"5 G turn on in May. The technology isn't ready yet."   (We still have some time before they mature their technology).
Then I heard in me these thoughts:
And I asked, What about us?
"Reasonable. Detox program"
Yes. The Lord once told me that the main judgment is on America, but the rest of the world is also affected and afflicted, but not as much as America. The Lord also once told me:
 "that Germany would be spared and that the seed of the Germans will not perish."  

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