Moscow: conditions for "peaceful" solution in Ukraine "currently" not met

27/2/2023 by A.M.Hosta 

5:00 pm

Moscow, with regard to the Chinese twelve-point plan to settle the conflict in Ukraine, does not consider the conditions for a "peaceful" solution to be met "at present."

 "We are looking at the plan of our Chinese friends with great attention," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Monday. He added: "All attempts to develop plans that will help put the conflict on a peaceful track deserve attention."

However, he said Russia "does not see the conditions at the moment for the matter to take a peaceful path." To that extent, Peskov added, "The special military operation (in Ukraine) continues." Russia itself does not officially refer to its war of aggression against Ukraine as a war, but instead refers to it as a military "special operation."

On the first anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion last Friday, China had presented a position paper calling for a ceasefire and negotiations, among other things. Western diplomats and experts reacted skeptically and disappointed, as the twelve-point document did not indicate any new initiative. Moreover, China is considered a close ally of Russia and has never clearly condemned the invasion of Ukraine.

Peskov called the EU's newly imposed sanctions against Russia "absurd." The sanctions imposed on 121 individuals and entities would not "disturb" those affected, Peskov asserted. (afp/dpa/thp/hau)


Heavenly Mother, Mary, said at Fatima:

Russia is (and was) the hostage for the godless West. Only if the West converts, repents and repents, Russia will be ready for peace, only if the West prays for this peace and finds its way back to the path of virtue and humility.

This did not happen and now the West must drink this cup to the bitter end, because now there is no turning back and the machine is running and cannot be stopped by Russia. This should have happened much earlier, when Mr. Putin still made peace offers despite the many harassments by the West and after the USA also blew up the Nordstream gas pipelines for competitive reasons.

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