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About the new relationship between men and women

15. The purpose of my teaching is the moral and spiritual salvation of mankind. To help you with your upward development, my spirit radiates this light. That is the meaning of my message. 16. Truly, I tell you, human renewal must begin with women so that their fruits, which will be the people of tomorrow, are free from the flaws that have brought you to degeneration. 17. It will then be up to the man to do his part in this work of restoration; because anyone who has spoiled a woman will have to raise her up again. 18. Remember, men, that it was often you who brought down virtuous women in their networks by looking for the sensitive and weak sides in them. But those mirrors that were clear and that are cloudy today should make you reflect again the purity and beauty of your soul. 19. Why do you despise those today whom you used to seduce into a ruined life? Why are you complaining about the degeneration of women? Realize that if you had led them on the p

The Divine Vine – The Light for the Soul

3. I invite you to enjoy peace and salvation from the troubled sea, and remark the path of brotherhood and love because I want you to be an example of virtue and duty. 4. Dangers lurk and threaten your soul. But my light keeps you awake, and your prayer makes you victorious. You see this world filled with evils and selfish acts. The man and the woman injure themselves and sprinkle their way with thistles and thorns. You feel sad when you see the children getting lost on crooked paths. The messengers of light for comfort and peace are needed here. 5. While storms whip mankind, I go through the book of life sheet by sheet in your spirit to make you soldiers of peace. 8. Know the way, recognize that the Holy Spirit, in his wisdom, calls you from the top of the mountain to give you rest, to let you hear the heavenly voice that blesses the arrival of your soul, the weakness of the body and how to overcome the pitfalls of the world. 9. Let your so

The new feather dress

A. M. Hosta   Corona comes to everyone who is afraid and does not walk in love and trust. What does this fear want to tell me? It says: We all have to leave this body here and to go. So why fear Corona? What I should be afraid of is: Not to seek and find HIM, not to find his ways and truths. Lord, please help me to find you and your ways, your law - love - and your truth. Didn't you tell me: 'You will always have what you need' and if you haven't kept your word, I didn't always have everything I needed. I always had more than I needed. So why be afraid? Dear fear, thank you for wanting to warn me, but you know when the day comes to leave the body here and go, it's a great day and until then I will always have everything I have need. Only warn me if I forget to seek the Lord, his ways and truths and if I forget to serve others. What is missing at all? Everything is there. Abundance even. Thank you, dear heavenly father for that. Thank y

POETRY III - The Arrival of the Spiritual Realm of Peace

Spiritualism: The Teaching of the Holy Spirit The Science of the perfection of the soul Poetry to the Divine Teachings in the Book of True Life Download PDF here:  The poems in this volume was taken from the Source: The Book of True Life, the teachings of the Divine Master, which is the basis for: The Third Testament. The poems were created from verses of the teachings in the Book of True Life, the Word of God. It is a universal science that has no limits: It is about Spiritualism – The teaching of the Holy Spirit or the science of the perfection of the soul. Spiritualism is the teaching of the preparation of the human heart for the spiritual encounter and the eternal companionship with God, which in the image equates to a marriage. Spiritualism and the return of Christ in this Third Age is spiritual and it has no form, no image, no object of worship; it is purely spiritual and so is the teaching of the Holy Spirit - purely spiritual. When God says he will come on the clouds,

Iron Yokes

Byron Searl Jeremiah 8:7 Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the Lord.        Transcript: My son, speak these words I give you to a Nation of Reprobates -- YOU HAVE PUT ON WOODEN YOKES, BUT I WILL MAKE THEM IRON.  This people HAVE NOT SOUGHT ME, but instead make folly by being locked inside their homes.  THUS SAITH THE LORD -- BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT REPENTED, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT CHANGED YOUR EVIL WAYS, BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT SOUGHT MY FACE, I WILL CLAMP DOWN ON THE IRON YOKE WITH MY INDIGNATION.  My son, I have given My people free TIME TO SEEK ME -- BUT THEY DO NOT. I have given them free TIME TO TRUST ME -- BUT THEY DO NOT. My People COWER and LIVE IN FEAR.  My People have fallen for the  LIE OF SATAN -- FEAR! Because you did not have FAITH IN ME, but listened to the LIES OF MEN --  YOU PUT ON YOUR YOKE OF FEAR! I will