Trinity of Divinity

52. Every mystery has been explained to you at this time, even that of the Trinity of Revelation of My Divinity, which I will repeat in a few words:
53. The Father, God has no form, has no limit, nor beginning and end ─ a teaching that you cannot understand. Says therefore: God is the creator
of all light, the power that sustains the universe, the life that pulsates in all beings.
54. And the son? The son is "The Word", he is the power of God, which was limited in a perfect man: in Jesus. So that the Father's love would dwell in Him.
55. Since the Divine Spirit was in Jesus, He was human and He was God ─
human because of his material nature, God because of his spiritual nature.
As a human being, He had characteristics that are peculiar to the human being:
He felt and suffered as a human being. But the knowledge He had of his own
mission and spiritual strength made Him overcome physical needs and
temptations. Everything that was not in line with his mission was spurned by Him.
So through that just and pure man God could reveal himself as a man.
56. When Jesus finished his mission, He returned to the Divine Spirit,
bearing in him the trace of human life - the trials to which He subjected
himself as a human being. For this reason, since He is the love of the Father,
the Son has something of each of you, and you feel understood because you
know that He lived in your world and walked on the same dust that you walk on.
57. But the Father and the Master are one and the same God.
58. And the Holy Spirit ─ I can tell you ─ is the highest form in which this very
being reveals itself to all people who have in their spirit a spark of the nature
of the Creator Himself.
59. The Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son are one and the same power,
 a single will, not three people, but a single divine being that had to be
revealed to his children in different forms in order to be understood.
60. Realize how much love there is in your God who ─ although completely
omnipotent ─ does not hesitate to limit himself so that you can feel and see him ─
who multiplies to show you that He is not only your creator and judge but at
 the same time your father, your friend, your brother, your master.
61. You say, "How is all this possible?" ─ You are still little creatures where I limit
my explanations to adapt them to the capacity of your mind.

From: The Book of True Life - Volume VIII 
Teaching 232 - Verses 52 - 61


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