The first of seven social abysses - the oath

I've already hinted at it. The escape comes.
I heard today:
"Corona will spread everywhere ...
"This is the first of the seven social abysses." (Serving Satan's oath will force many to flee, to beg to stay faithful to God)
I thought: We won't even master the (first of the seven).
Father: "Apparently you manage to find your home while fleeing."

Again my request to listen to the video about

 "Q Anon, Trump and Satan's Last Great Deception"
 from beginning to end. Your (eternal) life is very threatened.

The video about the oath:
(Who do you want to serve - do you want to serve Satan (oath) or serve God (flight, begging)
Q Anon, Donald Trump and the upcoming final great deception by Satan of the elect ones  (german only)


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