Endure the hike with the juice of the vine

From the Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Teaching 234: 10-17

10. I came at this time to educate a people whose soothing voice should be heard all over the world. I entrusted it with a handful of wheat so that it would become his grower.  Before that, I put it at my table and gave it the juice of the vine to drink, so that it strengthens and can endure the wanderings. With my wise advice, I taught it to recognize the wrong ways to separate itself from them. I showed it the true sanctuary so that it could enter it and feel my presence everywhere. I released it because I didn't want his feet or hands to feel the weight of the chains during this time.
But if I have given it great abilities and assignments, it is not so that it becomes blind and vain and considers itself to be a king, god or judge. I only give its spirit so much that it dresses with humility and dedicates its life to the task of being useful to his fellow human beings and serving humanity.
11. I want that when it comes to my divinity, it only happens to offer me the fruit of his sowing and not to ask forgiveness for his misconduct. You are the spiritualistic people that I prepare. Today you are still making mistakes, although my teachings are given to you because you are part of this sad humanity who is dragging herself over the earth because she did not know how to develop upwards.
12. I have placed a shepherd in front of you, Elias, so that he may lead you to the
hurdle of salvation, the circle of which you should not intend to jump over.
13. My work, which rests in part on you, will weigh on you like a cross of responsibilities, renunciations and sacrifices. But with every step and every fall you will have a
support full of love that will restore you with all of my mercy.
14. So far your walk has been sluggish, unsafe, awkward, and because of your
 imperfection, you have harvested bitterness and shed tears. The reason for this
is that you are still small children. If I send you on the paths that lead to the
provinces in the future, you will walk safely and faithfully on the way.
15. On this day I say to you: In your heart and soul, make the resolution to follow
me with peace, unity and good will. So you should expect what the Eternal has
determined for 1950.
16. Realize that in these moments I will forgive your misconduct so that you
can go your way without this burden. But do not load the heavy burden of sin
on your soul again.
17. See: If I give you my word of forgiveness, it will be the light in darkness.


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