Spiritualism and Science come together

23. Make your body into a humble servant who never stands between your spirit and mine, who knows how to do the service that is due to me, and who allows your spirit to offer me the worship that is due to him.
24. The properly understood spirituality will give you strength and health.
25. From the beginning of time, the messengers of the law and the teaching of the spirit opposed the scientist. Great struggles have broken out between the two and the time has come for me to tell you something about these arguments.
26. I created this world to serve incarnated souls as a temporary home. But before they would populate them, I provided them with the faculties of the mind, the mind and the will. I knew in advance the fate and development of my creatures. I placed in the earth, its interior, its surface and its atmosphere all the necessary elements for the conservation, maintenance, development and refreshment of the human being. But so that man could discover the mysteries of nature as a source of life, I allowed his intelligence to awaken.
27. Thus the beginnings of science were revealed to man, which you are all capable of, although there have always been people with greater talent, whose mission has been to snatch from nature the secret of its powers and elements for the good and joy of mankind.
28. I also sent great spirits to earth so that they would reveal to you the supernatural life - that which is above this nature, beyond science. Through these revelations, the existence of a universal, strong, creative, omnipotent and omnipresent being was anticipated, which provides man with an afterlife, the eternal life of the soul.
29. But since some brought spiritual missions and others scientific missions with them, some and others, religions and science, have always stood up to one another as enemies in battle.
30. Today I tell you that matter and spirit are not opposing forces; there should be harmony between the two. Light is my spiritual revelation, and light is also the revelation and discovery of science. But if you have heard from me that I often object to the work of the scientists, it is because many of them use the energy, the previously unknown elements and forces of nature for pernicious purposes of destruction, hostility, hatred and revenge, of earthly rule and excessive power struggle.
31. I can tell you that for those who have carried out their mission with love and good intentions ─ those who have respectfully and humbly entered my secret treasuries, I have enjoyed giving them great secrets for the good of my daughter, of humanity to reveal.
32. Science has prompted humanity from the beginning of the world to follow the path of material progress, the way in which man has found the fruits of science at every turn - some sweet and some bitter.
33. Now is the time when you have to understand that all light belongs to my spirit, that everything that is life comes from my divinity because I am the secret treasury, the original source and the origin of all creation.
34. Those struggles of the spiritual against the scientific will vanish from human life to the extent that the spiritual is united with science in a single light that illuminates the path of man to infinity.
35. You begin to prepare that time. Because spiritualism has a global mission to accomplish. He will be the one who reveals the real life to all people.
36. Imagine a humanity who puts their science, their talent in the service of the same, who, without enthusiasm and idolatry, offers a pleasing veneration to God, in which even the pleasures are wholesome, and whose joys for body and soul are healthy ─ then you will have a new, spiritually superior world, morality and science. You will respect the life of your neighbor and not have your own. Because those people will understand that they are not masters of themselves and that I am the sole owner of everything.
37. Those who will live in the world in those times of grace are predetermined. What was a tear valley, a field of destruction and death, will be transformed into a valley of peace.
38. It will be a good time for the unfolding and blooming of the gifts of the Spirit. Then science will not inhibit the soul's upward development, but I will enable it to penetrate even more into my secrets, where I will reveal great secrets to it for the benefit of humanity.
39. As always, my mind will enjoy my children's good works, be they spiritual or scientific, or fruit of their receptivity to beauty.

Book of True Life - Volume VIII
Teaching 233 - Verses 23-39


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