Virus Remedy

Vision and word received on 03/26/2020.

II Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Tonight (03/26/2020), I felt a heavy burden for God's people while in prayer and was earnestly seeking the Lord.  He then showed me a vision of what it will take to deliver the people from the coronavirus, and this is what I saw.

VISION:  As the vision began, I saw the president call for a NATIONAL DAY OF REPENTANCE.  He was appearing on television and declared that at a set specific time, everybody in America was to imitate him and follow along with him.

Then it changed to a later scene, and the next thing I saw was that all of the television cameras had been set to that specified time, and at that precise moment, the president walked out in front of them.  He looked at the camera and said, "Follow me."

Then while on camera, he proceeded to get down on his knees and then raised his hands and face towards heaven.   He then asked all the people within the sound of his voice to repeat a prayer after him.

The president then said these words, "Dear God in Heaven, with a heavy heart we ask you to forgive us, the American people, for sinning against You and Your Word.  We humble ourselves to You and ask that You relent us of this awful plague.  We repent of all sin, from the taking of life to the worship of strange idols.  Please forgive us!  I ask in your name.  Amen."

The television cameras then panned the entire room, and everyone was on their knees.  Cameras that were placed everywhere in cities around the country saw all the people with the president on their knees, crying out to the Lord God.

Then the vision ended. Note: I was NOT shown who the president was - do not assume it's the current president.

After the vision ended, I was in shock of what I had just seen, and I asked the Lord, "Will this happen?"


They think this pestilence is but a joke, a government conspiracy, nothing to take seriously.  But I say I will bring more Judgment down on this prideful and stiff-necked people.  My people think being locked up in the house is bad, but soon they will have to tape and cover every window to keep out what is coming.

[Note: The Lord has shown me in previous visions that this will be necessary to do when nuclear radiation fallout occurs from the nuclear bombs that will go off in American cities. It was not made known to me that this is what He is referring to here above, but it is just one of the things He has shown me.]

I have said this is JUST THE BEGINNING, and it will GET MUCH WORSE.  The shortages in the stores are nothing right now - SOON THERE WILL BE NO FOOD.

What will you do then, My people?  Remember in the days of Jeremiah, people were SO HUNGRY that they boiled and ate their own children!  THOSE WERE MY PEOPLE WHO REFUSED TO REPENT!!

My son, continue to reach the lost while you can.  I will soon remove the electronics that everyone worships.  I WILL BRING THIS NATION TO ITS KNEES IN REPENTANCE.  Those who REFUSE to humble themselves will perish or will turn to the son of perdition for salvation.

I say again, REPENT, turn from your wicked ways, and I will hear and will heal your land.  Read My Word every day.  Learn of Me and follow My ways.

I love you and want not one child to perish.  I only want you.  I love you all.
Lord Jesus


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