Live with the push of a button

This is the new wave:
"To love; the golden word - to live and win by it.
The push of a button (on the money system) and not loving and rejecting the golden word automatically means enslave yourself and lose (eternal) life.
There are only two options.
The highest bid is:
"Love one another!"
The master

 The master says:
"It is revealed through the sick leave."
Anyone who suffers from the corona virus reveals themselves. Due to lack of armament, they lack trust in God, because those who trust in God are protected from the virus by the father.
"If you vote, you submit to the financial bid."
OK. So just do not speak up and continue as before, as long as they do not abolish cash and the cash card system.
“There are only two options: love and find. The golden word or rejection of it and the push of a button. ”(Means to lose automatically)
The chip can but only be obtained by a handshake or by body contact, then it sticks to your hand or body. Wash hands for 15 minutes or an extensive bath removes the chip.
We press the button ourselves and if we do not know and implement the golden word of the master and if we do not love, we die at the push of a button on the money system. Then we have already automatically lost our life and can only find it again if we choose to orientate ourselves on studying the Golden Word and start to love.

The Third Testament (PDF)
And The Book of True Life (PDF)

Reading in the Book of Life causes our names to remain written in the Book of Life and it causes the mark of God  on our foreheads (good thinking, ideas) and our right hand (good works, virtue, merits).
Not to live the word in the Golden Book of Life automatically generates the mark of the beast on our forehead (bad thinking, ideas) and on our right hand (works of evil, none virtue, vice, deadly sins) due to lack of spiritual armament and this leads to the loss of the (eternal) life.
Living and loving doesn't mean that we don't have to keep fighting.
We must continue to fight because virtue and vice wrestle with one another or want to defeat one another.
Then we always find the answer of the Master in the Golden Book of Life, which he has now left us as a way to life and love.
Greed and selfishness are no longer an option, but that everyone gets what they need to live and love.
The new funds must be used for humanitarian purposes.
Provide anti-coronary financial resources to prevent bankruptcy ... is humanitarian aid and love!
Provide funds to drain the swamp (child trafficking) ... Is humanitarian aid and love!
The top priority is this:
"Love each other !!!"
The master
Jesus the Christ (As the Power of Love)


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