The Divine Vine – The Light for the Soul

3. I invite you to enjoy peace and salvation from the
troubled sea, and remark the path of brotherhood and love
because I want you to be an example of virtue and duty.
4. Dangers lurk and threaten your soul. But my light keeps
you awake, and your prayer makes you victorious.
You see this world filled with evils and selfish acts. The man
and the woman injure themselves and sprinkle their way with
thistles and thorns. You feel sad when you see the children
getting lost on crooked paths. The messengers of light for
comfort and peace are needed here.
5. While storms whip mankind, I go through the book of life
sheet by sheet in your spirit to make you soldiers of peace.
8. Know the way, recognize that the Holy Spirit, in his wisdom,
calls you from the top of the mountain to give you rest, to let
you hear the heavenly voice that blesses the arrival of your soul,
the weakness of the body and how to overcome the pitfalls of the world.
9. Let your soul drink the wine that I offer her, let her continue to
feed on my love. The sick will regain health and the blind will see
my light. Because these hearts will open like a flower, the scent
of which will reach the father.
10. May the mercy of my Divine Spirit enliven your body 
and soul, beloved disciples.
12. Approach Me, listen to Me and keep each of my sentences,
fathom them, because through their meaning you will be able to
forget your pains, tribulations and worries. For a short time forget
the past and live the present moment.
I am the way, the truth and the life.

Video: Passion flower when opening  

From the Book of True Life – Vol. VIII  
Teaching 235:3,4,5; 8,9,10,12


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