POETRY III - The Arrival of the Spiritual Realm of Peace

The Teaching of the Holy Spirit
The Science of the perfection of the soul
to the Divine Teachings
in the Book of True Life

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The poems in this volume was taken from the Source: The Book of True Life, the teachings of the Divine Master, which is the basis for: The Third Testament. The poems were created from verses of the teachings in the Book of True Life, the Word of God. It is a universal science that has no limits: It is about Spiritualism –
The teaching of the Holy Spirit or the science of the perfection of the soul. Spiritualism is the teaching of the preparation of the human heart for the spiritual encounter and the eternal companionship with God, which in the image equates to a marriage. Spiritualism and the return of Christ in this Third Age is spiritual and it has no form, no image, no object of worship; it is purely spiritual and so is the teaching of the Holy Spirit - purely spiritual. When God says he will come on the clouds, it means that he will come spiritually – Invisible to the material eyes and inaudible to the material ears of man. He can only be heard in the silence and in the core, in the innermost being, in the heart of man, where he knocks, until man opens to him and is then heard and felt forever. Heaven is not a place out there, it is the soul's perfection of the heart. The heaven (the love), but also the hell (the evil) are within the human being, in his heart, in his spirit, in his nature, in his character. Man must himself seek for perfection on the way of the divine law, which is love and mercy, prayer and meritorious works. The teachings have been given by God to men for the Third Age in Mexico from 1884 to 1950, as the teachings that guide them in this direction. This new Word of God purifies and cleans the spirit and the soul, nourishes the feeling heart of man and accompanies him on the path of ascension to the mountain of perfection, which is the seat of God, so that the humans can be there, wherever God is and God wants to live in their hearts, to be forever and ever their everlasting master.
Spiritualism renounces any external forms of worship, such as public buildings, pictures, figures. The viewer's attention is focused solely on the Spirit. The human spirit is an atom of the Spirit of God, which He has created in man and on which his universal law of love is written, which shows the soul the way of ascension to God.

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