The seal

A. M. Hosta

The follwoing words I have heard:

"Many will be overwhelmed by the development."
"We are doing everything we can to extend current security to the WE."
With this sentence (we do everything ..) I am suspicious and object….
Expand 5G for the Beast System…. They no longer need governments if they control everything centrally through 5G via a central computer…. The one world government is centrally controlled and administered ... .. Only Satan serves Mammon .... Away from me, Satan, because it is written… .. you should worship God alone and you should serve him alone.
 "Just theoretically!"
I pray: JESUS ​​- we go in faith, not in looking (of sure WE)
"Nearing my kingdom ..."
Approaching your royalty ... Yes ... (is it the Lord who speaks ??)
Satan has no kingdom, only false light. Everything created belongs to the Creator. Satan has nothing that remains.
I see nostrils from which smoke rises.
"When I fly out of society, that's how they do it."
Jesus also flew out of society when Satan executed him - but only because he was given this power from above ... For the salvation of the sons and daughters….
Jesus' kingdom is out of this world where Satan rules. God alone rules the world and all creation and Satan has to serve him.
God alone is the sole creator and lord of all creation and Satan mimics him with 5G.
Praise, honor and glory, power and strength and wisdom to our God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We are all created in him and we are all his property. We should put all our trust in him alone and give him our heart, spirit, soul and our whole life - him alone.
Then 5G will not be able to harm me - through the seal of the living God on my forehead and on my hand - like corona virus could not harm me. The time remaining for Satan is short.
I want to trust in God alone, to put all my hope in Him alone.


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