Help, Lord - they are screeming again

Master says to me: "You are Peter ... and I want to build my church on this rock."
Oh thanks !
".. Any questions?"
Yes, that: 'Get away' - Did you forgive me? - Can you forgive me?
"May I come back?"
You are always welcome to me.
"Dance with Me"
We dance in the spirit in the wide space.
"Whoever cries out for the savior will fail."
Yes. You have to act with confidence based on your own faith.
Take. He is part of the family.
"Help, sir. They scream again. They are sick."
They don't know the medicine. They did not study the golden word and put their trust in vain on the button ( ), it does not heal, does not make them healthy and strong.
It is so simple and feels so good to be with the Master, to take time for silence and just to be there  in his presence. It's just that easy. All it takes is the spiritual armament to go with confidence. (Short break - then:
"Sit down. 'Get away' I forgave you. You will be the poorest of the poor. "
If we love and give up material wealth. Easter. Time for my master.
"For weeks .."
Imprisoned in distractions. Patience. You have endless patience with me.
"To equip…. Instead ... arms race ... The Abyss !! "
Yes. They are on the brink. In the South China Sea they are playing with the war fire again. It won't help crying out for you. They have to rethink themselfes and act differently. They have to convert swords into plowshares.
"Soon. Not for long. You learn…. Ego."
Yes. Their ego must become modest and humble. They have to forget their small, exaggerated ego and think more about the well-being of their siblings, who need help and of you, father who loves them, who brought them the golden word to heal  them. Why don't they understand that? Your word is help for self-help.
"Suicidal self murderers. Brother Murderers ... Neuro transmitter "
Misfiring of the switching centers on the nerve pathways ... .. they make the wrong decisions because they think and act wrongly.
"Why ??"
(Note: The father asks this with the greatest amazement, as if he simply cannot understand it.)
They take material things too seriously and forget the life of the soul. They forget that they have a loving father who owns the whole of creation and who will take care of them if they ask him to. So they are thrown back on themselves and fail miserably. They are only looking for the temporal, the transient and not the eternal, imperishable, because they do not know it and nobody else can teach it to them than just you alone, or because they do not want to take the time for it.
Master, why are YOU asking me this? Are you testing my level of knowledge?
"Stay. You know the truth! "


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