The interpretation of the WORD is like a TREE

From the Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Teaching 234: 27-38

27. The first to listen to me treated my work like a tree by cutting off the first branches to transplant them to different areas. Some interpreted my instructions well, others missed the way.
28. Small were the groups that came together in the shadow of the poor meeting rooms. But when these became more numerous and the multitude of people grew, I called them to join forces so that everyone would recognize themselves as disciples of one
master and would be instructed in the same way; so that the seed would not be sown
according to the "workers" discretion, but according to the divine will.
29. Before the spiritual ark of the New Covenant, the multitudes praised submission,
obedience, and goodwill; but when the hurricanes burst in with force and the branches
of the tree were whipped, some became weak, while others remained steadfast and
taught the new "workers" to till the "fields". Some who had recognized the magnitude
of this revelation intended to penetrate my secrets further than my will to acquire
knowledge and power that should make them superior to others; but very soon they faced my justice.
30. Others, who could not discover the size of this work in its honesty, in its simplicity,
have adopted rites, symbols and ceremonies from sects and churches because they
thought that they would give my announcements solemnity.
31. I have called you "the strong people" because you have fed on my divine Word,
which is a non-man-made book of wisdom. Every word is a page in it, every page is
important. Find out, don't content yourself with imprinting my messages on your
memory. Then this book will be kept in your hearts.
32. As the time approaches when I no longer speak to you, I correct everything that
 your predecessors did not know how to correct. Because I do not want any newcomers
among the disciples who do not understand my instruction, nor "workers" who do not
know how to sow.
33. The teaching that I teach you is not new. Don't say that with my coming a new
religion has arisen on earth. My announcement in this era shows you the same path as
the one I have marked for you since the beginning of time, and my word explains and
reveals to you the secrets of the law and the teaching that you received earlier.
34. Those you call foreigners have been among you to temporarily increase your ranks
and to become disciples of my divinity. Consider them all real brothers. Do not give bad
examples, do not secretly accept appointments, and do not hastily take on responsibilities
or what is not for you, because then you will see the plants that you should cultivate
become skinny. This will cause great pain to your hearts.
35. Prepare yourself. Because I have already told you that your siblings from different
religious communities will knock on your doors - some to hold you accountable for what
you think they have kept secret; the others to ask you to explain many secrets; still others
who seek refuge and comfort in your heart. Prepare yourself so that you give shelter to
the needy and give a satisfactory answer to those who question you.
36. Let the high-ranking and ordinary people, the learned and the uneducated find their
way to you. But do not allow fraud to spread or be mixed with my work and do not allow desecration.
37. My teaching must transform people by convincing them with their love, gentleness
and justice, and bringing them renewal and peace. The "kings" will humble descend
from their "thrones". The fratricidal wars will give way to forgiveness and unity. Bad
passions will be curbed, and that thirst for blood, comparable to that of beasts who
kill each other to satisfy their instincts, will give way to feelings of humanity.
38. This people here will be the good spirit of the earth, a spirit of peace and blessings.


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