The new feather dress

A. M. Hosta
Corona comes to everyone who is afraid and does not walk in love and trust.
What does this fear want to tell me? It says: We all have to leave this body here and to go. So why fear Corona?
What I should be afraid of is: Not to seek and find HIM, not to find his ways and truths.
Lord, please help me to find you and your ways, your law - love - and your truth.
Didn't you tell me: 'You will always have what you need' and if you haven't kept your word, I didn't always have everything I needed. I always had more than I needed.
So why be afraid?
Dear fear, thank you for wanting to warn me, but you know when the day comes to leave the body here and go, it's a great day and until then I will always have everything I have need. Only warn me if I forget to seek the Lord, his ways and truths and if I forget to serve others.
What is missing at all? Everything is there. Abundance even. Thank you, dear heavenly father for that. Thank you.
We don't take anything with us anyway when we put the body down and leave. So why fear that something might be missing when there is abundance in everything and where there are enough ways and means. I also thank you for that, beloved father, who gives you everything we need.  Always.
Then the Lord says:
"They recognize you now in your new plumage."
I can search for you, explore your ways, recognize your truth, hear your voice in me and speak to you - so why should I be afraid of Corona or anything. When you're with me Always. All over.
I can praise you, thank you, worship you and know that you will always help me, always and everywhere.
Yes, I cover myself with feathers, these are: good opinions that lead to good deeds and more virtue. Then the waves of the Corona Sea roll against my beach and back into the sea without harming me, because the magnetic vibration of love calms the sea and lets the waves slide gently and they mean no danger because these forces obey me.
If I internalize this, it will strengthen me and the vibration will spread and strengthen others.
Only a feather of the golden bird is more precious than the whole bird itself.


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