April 19, 2020
A. M. Hosta
During my prayer session this evening, all kinds of things went through my head again. Then the Spirit said:
"So, I'm coming now so you can have your peace. Murderer!"
OK. I'm excited about it! I.e. tomorrow there will be no more cash?
The accounts from them?
"The Ark of Development"

The boom you talked about?
"The oath - Corona invides all"
(Corona invites everyone to take the oath)
"That you always ... one sees the woman as a super woman and the other always thinks that she invades the holiday seasons."
My husband and I are meant.
Waking dream:
Someone says: There is a man running around outside who strikes everyone on the arm. I show my colleagues a book they look in and say good book (DMSO) I say: 'A patient gave it to me' (he survived with DMSO Corona)
I should go to work, see the man hurrying across the hall and call to my colleagues' the man with the strike is here 'and they say, then you have to stay here, then you cannot go to work' Then I was with a truck (Force) in the locker room, it was so big that it filled the whole room and I had no idea how I could get out of there with the truck.

The spirit says:
"You have to put all your trust in him."
 (Is the man with the strike the judge, god?)
I visualize the man. He says:
"Much better right (personal prayer) ... insulted .... the new .... come .... But now I've inaugurated you."
Thank you, O Lord, thank you, Lord.
"It affects those who were already intended for it. Confession!"
Those affected should make their confessions to him (from spirit to spirit) and regret them, and others too, so that it does not affect them. They should simply confess their mistakes to God and promise improvement.


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