Hearing souls develop faster

From the Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Teaching 234: 40-44
40. I surprised you at this time when I let you hear my word through simple and plane organs of understanding. But it is not the first time that I use simple or ignorant people to amaze the scholars through my power.
41. You who hear Me cannot say that for this reason you are all on the same level. Because the soul that is active in this way develops faster than the lazy one and the one that slackens in the selfishness while enjoying its fruits.
42. Even if it is your soul that I seek and prepare in such a way that it will soon be able to speak directly and spiritually with Me, humanity will also turn its eyes to the living and true God and forget pictures and images. But I tell you that you
have never lacked my law as the light of soul healing. Because it was inspired a
long time ago by Moses. There are two commandments in it that ─ if followed
by people ─ would cause faith in all of my teaching, would fulfill the whole law,
and would be a step towards perfection. They speak to you of love for God with
all your heart and soul, and about loving your neighbor as yourself.
43. My law is not practiced among men; the proof of this is that there is injustice.
See how the rich humiliate the poor, the strong dominate the weak, the one who
enjoys life does not care about the one who suffers. That is why I wanted to create
justice at this time by pardoning the poor, the weak and the suffering, so that their
hearts could be happy and their lips would express words of love and forgiveness
for those who offended them. So I show you the way to get the treasures of the
kingdom of heaven.
44. Soon I will send you to the provinces, villages, cities and peoples to spread
compassion so that mankind can cleanse their eyesores and attain their salvation.
Or do you want this world to remain a place of atonement forever? I want you to
feel the peace of my spirit on this earth - an anticipating peace of the one you
will enjoy in my lap.


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