Love with a pure, selfless love

From the Book of True Life - Volume VIII -Teaching 234: 57-60

57. When you're ready, don't look indifferently at those who suffer, don't despise the poor. Practice compassion, let my light illuminate their lives, let the love that I have put in you get to them and give them warmth,
encouragement and hope.
58. Love spiritually with a louder and selfless love. Love me the way I love you. Love your fellow human beings, because I am in each of them.
59. Be humble among the humble, be servants of everyone, just as I am your servant. I have often received your instructions and have obeyed you to
teach you. Whoever serves does not humble himself, but honors himself. But
do not ask for payment for your service. There is no one on earth who can
appreciate your work. I will give you with righteousness according to your merits.
60. Leave all your affairs to Me and I will judge them with benevolence. If I see
that your intention was to do good, that you have tried to defend the principles
that I have given you for your salvation, that you understand how to listen to me
and obey me, I will accept your works , and in this way you will bring not only
salvation to yourself, but also the spiritual group to which you are bound by
fraternal bonds and which form your family. Your good example will resonate
not only in the world you inhabit, but also on other levels of life, and it will be
like a seed that will multiply over time. And you will reap the fruits together
with Me and feed on them forever.


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