The spiritualistic Teaching is the NEW ARK of Covenant

From the Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Teaching 234: 2-9

2. Spiritualist teaching is the new ark in which mankind will find light and comfort in these times.
3. If you see that these meeting rooms are not sufficient to hold the multitude of people, I will call you to the valley meadows, the fields, on a mountain and reveal my spirit there among you.
4. Generally speaking, mankind did not hear my word at this time. Its spiritual laziness is profound and therefore she cannot find peace.
5. You had the Holy Spirit as a teacher. Therefore I make you responsible for peace.
6. This divine instruction requires thoroughly study so that you can
discover the whole truth that it contains. It is the star that illuminates
the way to the salvation of the soul.
7. The Third Age surprised the world in an abyss of hostility, sins and
fanaticism. She was not prepared to feel the coming of the New Age,
the appearance of the new dawn. She will have to endure her chains
for a while until renewal and repentance break them to then rise morally
and spiritually.
8. Don't believe that I am only with you. There are religious communities
all over the world in which people find refuge for their souls, and within each
 person there is a place that I seek to reveal myself in him: the spirit.
9. My love knocks on all doors with a promise of peace. From the man
of power, the man who has become vain in his earthly glory, and the man
who has attained wisdom, to the Pariah or the least known human being –
they all have their Lord's visit.


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