The prophets are sent out

The Lord says… The Prophets are sent out & The Churches judged…
The End is near!
This I hold against you… You do not accept this Word
October 17, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For a Brother in Christ, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
Thus says The Lord God… My son, you lack understanding of My purpose for Timothy and why I have sent him to you. I have sent him out, among the peoples and churches, bearing My Word and My message. He carries My warning, and you do not harken. Yea, even I have sent him to a man who would also serve Me as Timothy serves Me.
You both are lights among men, two lights that shall shine for Me… One outside shining in, and the other shining from within… Both shedding light upon the darkness in men, and bringing that which The Lord desires of all, who come together in My name, to come out and meet The Lord, and be then separate…
Do not intermingle the traditions of men with the truth of My Word… I, The Lord your God, have commanded all, everywhere, to repent and come to Me in The Messiah’s name, and build Me a church, a church of men, not by men… A church, all in all, in Messiah… One God… One Son… One Church… One Name… The only name given, by which you must be saved!
My son, you have drawn close to Me, and from the Kingdom you are not far, yet this I hold against you… You do not accept this word given you. I have sent to you a prophet, who is not yet mature. He only knows that which is given him and revealed to you. To doubt the messenger is to doubt He who has sent him to you.
Has God stopped speaking, and is His Word only to be found in His Book, you call the Bible?… Not so, My son. You also have heard My voice and believed. This age is at its end… Shall I be silent? Who shall announce My coming? Who prepares the way of The Holy One of Israel?… God, the angels, and the sons of men chosen. Timothy prepares the way and his like!
So then, you churches of disobedience, the time has come for your judgment, in preparation for your Husband… His bride must become clean and separate, from the world and men… Her adulteries must cease. Thus says The Messiah, whom you call Christ… Indeed, I wish for My people to come together and worship Me… Where two or three come together in My name, I am there.
To the churches of these deceitful times, you all shall fall. I dwell not in temples made with hands… I dwell in men, and you shall dwell in Me. In these churches of men, built by human hands, have you separated yourself from one another, and in so doing, separated yourself from Me.
Where did My apostles go? And where did they abide and give worship?… They went out from house to house, field to field, street to street, sea to sea, and now, land to land… Wheresoever you call on My name, I am there also.
My son, why do you fight against The Lord? Look past My servant, if you will, and read all he has written, and then will you have understanding of whose words they are and why I have written them. Tempt Me no more, and come into My fullness.
The prophets are sent, the churches judged… The end is near… The harvest separated, the Bride cleansed… All walls torn down… Only The Lord remains, and in Him shall all find sanctuary… Amen. 


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