Will you stand again ??

A. M. Hosta

Quote from “Get Ready” by Byron Searle
The false prophets will say - Everything will get better, things will get back to normal, don't worry about your money, and we are not going to war.  They will say blessings are coming, or they will say I AM coming to take you home.
It seems to me relatively unlikely that the father should have said that. When I meditated on it came:

 "Sharks. Meadows  - listen to ME! "
Yes, father. I listen to you and what I heard I heard. You said "blessing - all vibration - Eurasia."
And I heard that and the American didn't like it.
"Reveal the truth."
"They hate you because you are still there."
Yes, that's how it felt - I couldn't feel any more joy because it was darkened - they want to separate you and me.
"Soviet Union!"

The Americans always want to cut off the Soviet Union from us. They created a separation between us, a long time ago, in all countries, from north to south, a whole strip between the EU and the Soviet Union, which they guard like a minefield so that we and the Soviet Union do not come together, out of envy on our otherwise very fruitful trade relationships. To do this, they force us to buy their fracking oil and prevent the pipeline from the Soviet Union to us.
"Femoral neck fracture"
Yes, I am afraid that I will also pull this for the sake of this separation, so that it disappears.
I already have at my right index finger.
I fell asleep tired of it. Then I had this
I am among a large community and a woman shows me her work, how she goes to everyone, goes to each single one and looks after everyone, i.e. takes care of their meals and picks up the leftovers after table, then beds and cares for them, like in an old people's home. But it was different.
Then it is a large group, all doing the same thing, looking after each one individually. They know each other and know everything about each other and talk to each other.
Since I am not used to working in this way, I have difficulties and find no recognition. You don't hear and I don't feel comfortable there and therefore I prefer to work in secret.
Finally, we are all together with a woman, in a rondel like an amphibious theater, with stairs down, elegant, planted and with many jewelry items and they say that she is very beautiful, young and intelligent and you have to put a lot of effort into it to please her and be very careful with all her possessions and then they do the test with me.
There are all white flowering branches like lilac that hang down and I should take care of them. Unsettled, I tear off one of the branches. Suddenly the woman is there, amazed and horrified by this misfortune of mine. I say sorry.
They are of the opinion that this is the least now and it creates quite a mess. Then suddenly a man emerges from among them, like a servant who says to me: "Prophesy!, prophesy ... and to the others: This Prophet (I) is: The Holy Spirit" and bowed deferentially to me .
My husband is the same. In the spiritual world all beings are male and female in one single being, so perfect and when they incarnate in this world, they separate - one part is a man and the other part is a woman. That is why we speak of our better half when we speak of our other half lost in the incarnation. Heavenly Father has already hinted at me in this regard.
I ask him: Father, what does this dream mean?
He says:
"Will you - where united? - stand again? Child! Lockdown !! "
and then a crying spell shakes him. He cries heartbreakingly for me.

The master says:
"Covid was already with you ... went silent. You are involved with everyone else."
"But now I tell you this ... you are not allowed ... to demonstrate ... ... The Holy Spirit is within. "
(It is inside ... in the heart. Everyone who can get a pure heart gets the Holy Spirit poured into their hearts. Nobody is more than another before God. Only the tasks are different and the services that God assigns to everyone according to his wisdom.)
But I didn't make the dream myself.
And why did you cry for me?
"Hurts !"
It hurts me too. We should love you ... until it hurts.
"Love is a magnetic vibration. 1000 come back or otherwise 1000 turn away from me."


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