About the new relationship between men and women

15. The purpose of my teaching is the moral and spiritual salvation
of mankind. To help you with your upward development, my spirit
radiates this light. That is the meaning of my message.
16. Truly, I tell you, human renewal must begin with women so that their fruits, which will be the people of tomorrow, are free from the flaws that have brought you to degeneration.
17. It will then be up to the man to do his part in this work of restoration; because anyone who has spoiled a woman will have to raise her up again.
18. Remember, men, that it was often you who brought down virtuous women in their networks by looking for the sensitive and weak sides in them. But those mirrors that were clear and that are cloudy today should make you reflect again the purity and beauty of your soul.
19. Why do you despise those today whom you used to seduce into a ruined
life? Why are you complaining about the degeneration of women? Realize
that if you had led them on the path of my law, which is the law of the heart
and spirit, respect and charity, by loving them with the love that exalted and
not with the passion that degrades , you would have no reason to cry and
complain, and they would not have fallen.
20. The man seeks and expects virtues and beauty from women. But why
do you ask for what you don't deserve? I see that you still think you have great
merits, even though you have few. Use your works, words and thoughts to rebuild
what you have destroyed and give honesty, morality and virtue the value they have.
21. If you do this in this way, men, you will help Jesus in his rescue work, and your
heart will be filled with bliss when you see the homes honored by good wives and
respectable mothers. Your joy will be great when you see virtue return to those
who had lost it.
22. Redemption is for everyone. Why shouldn't the greatest sinner be redeemed?
That is why I tell you men: Work with me to save those whom you have brought
to ruin by instilling new hope in them with the light of my teaching. Let my loving
thoughts reach your mind and heart. Bring my messages to the prisons and hospitals,
even to the places of the mud. Because there they will cry with regret and pain
because they were not strong enough when the world tempted them to ruin them.
23. Every woman was once a child, every woman was once a virgin, so you could reach
her heart with empathy.
24. I will use those men who have not defiled these virtues and entrust them
with this task. Remember that I said to you, "You will be recognized by your works."
25. Allow the soul to speak through the earthly manifestation.
26. But to those who were not prepared to pay attention to the love stimuli
that I placed in that being, I say: Why do you say that you love when it is not love
what you feel? Why do you give reason for others to fall and nothing prevents you
from doing so? Consider: What would your heart feel if you did what you do with
those defoliated flowers with your mother, your sister or your beloved and
therefore respected woman? Have you ever thought of the wounds you hit the
parents of those who raised them with so much love?
27. In a real test, ask your heart in the light of conscience whether you can harvest
what you have not sown.
28. What are you preparing for your future life if you keep hurting your neighbors?
How many will be your victims? What will be your end? Truly, I tell you, you have
made many victims in the hurricane of your passions; some belong to your present
and others belong to your past.
29. I want the heart and mouth, which were a place of treachery and lies, to be a
place of truth and chaste love.
30. Illuminate your neighbors' path through the Word and your role model so that
you can be the savior of the fallen women. Oh, if each of you would at least redeem
one! Do not express yourself badly about that woman, because the hurtful word
that wounds one will hurt everyone who hears it ─ because from this moment on,
those too will become evil judges.
Respect the actions and secrets of others, because it is not for you to judge them.
I prefer men who have fallen in sin and whom I will raise again, rather than
hypocrites, who show purity and yet sin. I prefer a great sinner, who is sincere,
to pretend false virtue. If you want to decorate yourself, it should be the festive
dresses of sincerity.
31. When you find a virtuous woman with high emotions and you feel unworthy
to come to her even though you love her, and then you humiliate and despise her
and, after suffering and realizing your wrongdoing, turn to her To find comfort, you
will knock on the door in vain.
32. If all women who played a role in the life of every man had received the word
and the feeling of love, respect and understanding from him, your world would not
be at the level of the sin on which it is .
33. Do not treat your wife badly, be merciful, she is part of yourself. I said to you:
"Love one another." Start with your own family, because then you will also love and
understand the others.
34. The Master of Love and Peace has shaken you with his words full of warmth,
but also of justice. Because if I always spoke to you with meekness, my work would
not be complete. Sometimes I'm a spring breeze that caresses, and sometimes an
autumn storm that lashes. The reason is that you sometimes feel too big. You feel
loved and admired, but in reality you are vain, selfish and heartless. You do not
know your misery that only I have made clear to you so that you can recognize
your immaturity.
35. Start thinking, working and living, humanity needs new men and women
who show them the way to salvation with the example of their good works.

From the Book of True Life – Vol. VIII
Teaching 235:15-35


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