The great Liberation

I was in a facility and I was critically asked if what I do is good?

I was cold and selfish and acted as if the fate of the kindergarden children was none of my concern and I was indifferent or rather helpless to the task.

Then I was soaked with love energy and I could see clearly what to do now.

My job was to pick up children, and I saw that in the car in which they were to be transported, small seats were set up with woolen blankets to wrap each one in for their comfort. They needed full attention and mindfulness.

It was not words, it was heart energy, it was mental maturity and strength that they needed to sit up and awaken from their trauma to become strong characters. But finally it was the words to give them direction and orientation and to show them the way. It was the unconditional love and self-forgetfulness that they needed.

Behind the scenes of Coronavirus and the commandment to stay at home, things are now happening in secret that will shock the world when they are revealed.
Hundreds of thousands of kidnapped children, like animals in cages, were imprisoned in underground bunkers and used by the so-called deep state, the secret world government (Pope and Jesuits as head of the children's dealer ring, Queen of England, other royal houses, politicians, famous stars etc.) to torture, rape, sacrifice in black masses and drink their blood and eat them because these 'beasts' feed on this form of energy. It is the darkness that has spread more and more on earth, so that the hearts are cold and the selfishness has reached an enormous extent.
An example video of Bohemian Grove, a secret ritual place for billionaires (like Helmut Schmidt, Obama and many more) in California:
Let women go to Bohemian Grove

Soldiers are now secretly tasked with finding these bunkers and liberating the children. You can't imagine what they will see there. They have to vomit in rows. They have requested for a hundred thousand body bags.
The children who are still alive will be brought to safe places in white ships with a red cross on them and have to be raised again. The dead children are with Jesus and are kings in the kingdom of heaven. He saved them all.
Kevin Annett was one of the first to track down this tragedy years ago. He was a Canadian clergyman who noticed that the Indian villages were dead. His research has shown that the children have been kidnapped and imprisoned and abused and tortured and killed. He is the head of the global ICCJv (International Court of Crime) and there are hundreds of thousands of sealed judgments (including both the Popes, the Queen, the Clintons, etc.) that are opening now in these days and will lead to a wave of arrests.
It is Q anon, Donald Trump, the military, our prayers and the grace of Jesus Christ that will lead to this liberation.
They say the matter may be finished by June. When the deep state is removed, the darkness will also dissolve and then people can breathe again and it will become lighter on earth again.
The deep state, under the control of the media, has continually scattered negative content to keep people panicked and afraid, because that is the energy that the fallen ones feed on to keep themselves alive. After their arrest, this darkness will have disappeared if they have disappeared under lock and key.

Has the storm arrived
Storm update - Comfort and mercy for the children - I you only knew 


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