The Light comes back to Earth

A. M. Hosta

The Third Testament - Chapter I - Waiting for the Second Coming of Christ - Vers 11
11.  And in that teaching that was the promise of a new world, a life of light and justice that could not be erased from the many hearts of those who understood that Divine man to be the truth of the Father, the Divine Love of He whom men did not know, and therefore could not love.
I bought 2 very cute, small goldfish Sarasa for the aquarium.
The father speaks out:
"Little sharks."
(My goldfish are predators and always looking for food, insatiable.)
"You do not realize that they are your downfall ... (attachment - because they are also nice and I love to watch them)
 ... .. nibble, feast, mock ... "
... and judge, argue ...
I got on my knees and asked for forgiveness.
"…. you can do the rest yourself. "
(Correct mistakes, improve me, works of love and mercy.)
Is it taken from us now ... hyperinflation .... Collapse?
"Have your house in order. I come. Otherwise I'll leave you there. The Vatican ... Merkel ... go."
Merkel arranges with Bill Gates and his machinations about coronavirus and pleads for the criminal WHO (like Maas).
Am I to blame for it? Because of my mistakes?
"Don't worry ... just so I could reveal it."
"I see these shepherds here, who bears this yoke with submission…. Trump too; everyone does what he wants without even questioning it once ... the women: incredibly exploited !! "
How incredibly right you are!
"Now the light removes the rest of the darkness of the days of all days, the dark properties of the Romans."
... who crucified you ...
The light comes back to earth - as you promised.


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