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The spiritual return of Christ

209:2 You know that the world while I have brought you my word have brought has ived without feeling or hearing Me. 3. There are only a few who have learned of my coming. The rest of humanity lives in the expectation that when I return ─ as promised ─ I do this bodily, that is, I become human again. 4. Only you know that you are already in the Third Time, when I speak to you through those chosen as the voice bearers of my word. 8. I will leave the seed of spiritualization, which I have always sowed in the world, again in this time. This seed contains the secret for a better life. 11. My word will, like a fiery sword, destroy the fanaticism that has enveloped people for centuries. It will tear the veil of its ignorance and show the bright, luminous path that leads to Me. 14. You come into the shadow of the mighty tree, where ─ as you know ─ is the one who offers you the bread of eternal life, the food that gives you strength to survive the j

Thanksgiving - Prayer and: I will shake my church

Today I was asked for Thanksgiving at breakfast .....   Thanksgiving Prayer Before the meal O God, from whom we have everything, we praise You for Your gifts, You feed us because You love us, O bless also what You give us. Amen     After the meal To You, O God, for food and drink, for all the best praise and thanks, You gave, You will always give, You will praise our whole life. Amen         I will shake my church - S.S.  The Lord says ” My son, listen unto My voice. Soon tribulations are going to start, before that happens, I will shake My Church. I will shake My sleeping Bride with great signs. Remember the Name of the Lord. Gather all your wheat (your good deads) into your barn for Famine is to come( The Lord is counselling to gather immeasurable Word of God into your heart for Famine of hearing of the Word).” See link below for the explanation of ‘ gathering immeasurable Word of God into your heart.’

Jesus complains about our glutony

This morning I was given a date (with concern in His voice) ..... 2/23 – 2/28 ..... Then another date ..... "2/17/1918" ..... At Google I found the following results for this date .......   google search result We have to prepare for times of chaos, hunger, need ..... !!! Our table is always richly set. Jesus accuses. I am responsible, I am providing it - for my husband. Jesus makes it clear: There will be hard times where it will get hard, that you have enough to eat. There will be tough tests for all of us. The chaos will increase over the next 7 years (Tribulation)   and it will get more and more severe. Jesus accuses: the gluttony, the car, the fish (Aquarium)   ... The Lord has given it .... to Him everything will go back again. Yes, I am grateful, grateful for everything that is there in my life, and if He takes it again, then I will be left without all of it .... He is the Lord! Everything belongs to Him. I regret if I have taken what I should not


UH - OH Words from Jesus to Byron Searle Go to: UH-OH 

I weep

I weep Words from Jesus to Byron Searle Go to: I weep

The essene communions

The essene communions Published, 11/19/2019 Small message to all !! Christ told me this earlier this morning: "A TIP: keep ONE ACCOUNT to pay. Professional: There is nothing left. " I take it as a hint and take it to heart. Only one account - just a bank to prepare for what is coming. And when it all collapses then multiple accounts make no sense at all. I pass this recommendation on to all. Next, Christ says today: "Some of us think we do not have to do their prayers, and then they have no share in salvation and grace. We rightly refer to the Father and the Creator of all that exists. " In this sense, I refer to the Essene communions and publish them again, because they are very valuable. They have a deep, purifying effect on the soul and the whole human being, are better than any psychotherapy, and if you pray them more often, you will be led deeper and deeper into the secrets of God, which are not secrets for all who study and pray and

Daily Consecration of the German Nation to the Divine Heart before the election of 2017

And every days Consecration of Germany to the Divine Heart At 1 am on 8/16/2017 Anna Maria was awakened by Jesus and he said: "Government - Merkel. Do you want her?" Anna Maria: No. No way. I'd rather like to have a Sarah Wagenknecht. Please take over this. Give us a humane, Germany-friendly government. Jesus: "I am tormenting you." Lord, it is necessary and very important. Please, spare Europe completely. You told me you could do that. "I will." You said: Take what I give you, then you'll be fine. I thank you, my lord and my king. Is there something I can say to the others? Jesus: "Consecrate Germany to my divine heart. Bring the entire nation in combination with your mission. Eonsecrate. " With Jesus' inspiration, Anna Mary formulates the following consecration prayer in connection with the Divine Mercy Rosary and in connection with her mission to testify to the return of Jesus Christ ...


1 Chronicles 12:8 And of the Gadites there separated themselves unto David into the hold to the wilderness men of might, and men of war fit for battle, that could handle shield and buckler, whose faces were like the faces of lions, and were as swift as the roes upon the mountains;   Words from Jesus to Byron Searle: Transcript: My son, I have raised up a Mighty Men of Valor to walk in the days ahead -- days of trouble and days without light!  For My Mighty Men of Valor will be the Light in a dark world! Many of the days ahead will seem unbearable, but those I have anointed and raised up for the season will walk through them with GREAT FAITH!  My hand will be upon each and every warrior standing in the gap for a fallen world and fallen man! My son, many heartaches await the people of this Nation.  Many will leave the faith and follow after the Lawless One.  He will offer Peace and Security, but will really only give Death! My son, the remainder of this

BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 207

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master -  Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207   Download here: Book of True Life - Volume 7 Teaching 207 1. Be blessed because you no longer need any figurative representation that symbolizes me to feel my presence This is a step you have taken towards spiritualization. 2. Before your eyes is a vast field in which you can study one teaching after another without ever reaching the end. For this life you have as human beings will not be enough to understand everything. 3. How the appearance of what surrounds you has changed since you heard my voice! The veil that covered your eyes has torn, and you can no longer close them. For which of those who see the light wants to be in the darkness again? 4. You can no longer suffocate in your heart the admiration, gratitude and love you feel for Me, and you prove it to Me in your spiritual prayer and in your actions You have already forgotten the memorized prayers full of artificial