BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 206

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Book of True Life - Volume 7

Teaching 206
1. I continually offer you my charity because I love you. My
love blesses you, forgives you, and purifies you. My love helps you
to spiritually evolve along the path of evolution so that you will feel
closer to me and become worthy of being my children.
2. I have given you my divine law to guide you. It signals the
path that I outlined for you to follow since the beginning of time.
Everything that you do on earth should be based upon my law. That
law contains my divine wisdom and teachings to guide you
throughout life.
3. These teachings are the continuation of the teachings that I
have given to man since the First Era. There is an infinite number of
teachings that I will give to my children. As your spirit evolves, you
will be able to enlighten your understanding of my wise teachings
and my desire to perfect you.
4. I am inspiring you to attain the highest level of spirituality so
that you may love me in a more evolved manner. As you become
more spiritually enlightened you will become sensitive to my
manifestations and be able to correctly interpret them.
5. Once you have studied my word and truly comprehend it, you
will become spiritually stronger and enlightened. You will then
speak to your brethren about my teachings with compassion.
Presently, they are unaware of my arrival during this period. You
will share my new revelations with them, and will offer them this
spiritual wealth, as if it were something sacred that you carried in
your hands.
6. Humanity needs enlightenment to be able to progress
spiritually. Men are spiritually hungry. They need to have faith to
understand the truth and to know the path they are going to follow. I
will teach humanity through those who have prepared themselves.
They will have a delicate mission of teaching their brethren in a
loving manner. You are the ones who will initiate this mission and
will attempt to imitate me by helping those who suffer, whether they
are poor or wealthy. You will not impose your faith on others nor
obligate them to accept your beliefs. Your responsibility is to
maintain harmony with your brethren even if they do not accept my
new teachings.
7. Offer spiritual enlightenment to those who are not aware of
the divine truth and peace to the human heart. Also, comfort those
who have impatiently been awaiting my arrival. Go help your
brethren, and I will watch over your family and your belongings.
8. If you work in that manner you will be constructing an
immortal temple in the spirit of your brethren where they will
worship me spiritually. That is how I want my beloved children to
worship me.
9. Be my disciples of love. Practice deeds that are sincere, and
always speak the truth. Through these teachings I am guiding future
generations who will want to follow and imitate me.
10. When the year 1950 comes to an end, do not seek a specific
place to pray nor to study my word. Your home, the valley, or your
place of work are all appropriate places to study and to pray. Imitate
my twelve disciples who knew how to find a temple wherever they
were, because they carried that temple in their spirit. The sacredness
and greatness of their deeds was in their ability to spiritually elevate
themselves to communicate with me.
11. As long as there is pain and suffering on earth, Mary will
continually pray for all of humanity. She will illuminate the lives of
all of her children.
12. You have asked me to come dwell in your heart, and I do.
13. Along my path you have been able to rest from your
spiritual weariness, whereas you have never been able to rest
elsewhere. You had journeyed through many different roads seeking
spiritual comfort and strength and you finally discovered that my
teachings offered you what you had sought.
14. From childhood through adolescence and up to adulthood
you had sought the true path but had not found it. Along the way,
you became lost and begin to follow the path of darkness, but when
the light of my Spirit appeared before you, you resurrected and were
15. Do not forget the day when you first listened to my word,
the day when you returned to a life of spiritual enlightenment.
16. Although you were spiritually weak when you arrived, you
carefully analyzed my word. Some arrived with humility, others
with arrogance, but nevertheless all were brought by the power of
my presence. You were destined to come. I have awaited for my
children for such a long time! However, some have rejected my
embrace and have returned to the path of darkness. Those who have
remained with me have found joy and peace in my word and will
become my workers.
17. I dwell in all of my children, even in the assassin. I do not
separate from anyone, being especially close to those who believe
that they are highly unworthy of belonging to God.
18. It is the responsibility of those who are present to pray for
those who have fallen, without judging them. Remember that they,
too, will attain spiritual enlightenment.
19. Do not wait for the regeneration of humanity to occur
naturally. You must set examples of love for others to follow. Help
your brethren without taking advantage of them.
20. You will help mankind to stop following the path of
darkness and sin. Your mission is to help humanity by guiding it and
giving it the spiritual enlightenment that it needs. Your brethren will
arrive from various paths of darkness. Even those who were in
prison will arrive to be converted into my disciples. However, if you
fail your mission of helping your brethren become spiritually
enlightened and of guiding them in the path of love, your spirit will
have to return to fulfill it. If you now have the opportunity to fulfill
your mission, why would you want to experience such a painful
restitution later on?
21. Although human science is great, the scientist is spiritually
not enlightened, thus men are dying. That is why I have given you
the gift of healing, so that you may become doctors of humanity,
offering examples of true love and charity.
22. Great epidemics will appear on earth and a large portion of
humanity will perish. Those epidemics will be unknown to human
science, and no one will be able to stop their destruction.
23. The universe will be cleansed of all evil. My justice will
eliminate hatred, selfishness, and harmful vices. Extraordinary
events will occur throughout nature.
24. Nations will be swept away and destroyed, and communities
will vanish. These events will serve as a warning for mankind.
25. The path that I have designated for you to follow is now
prepared. I am your guide and will accompany you throughout your
26. My blessed people of Israel, the Lord welcomes you. I come
meekly and humbly before you to manifest myself in this dwelling
place. But truly, I tell you that it is not in this material dwelling that
I manifest myself, but rather in your heart when you spiritually
elevate yourself to communicate with the Lord.
27. I know that you need my word, so I have come to spiritually
enlighten you. What would happen to you if you did not have it? My
word, pure and full of spiritual enlightenment, offers you guidance
and helps you to elevate spiritually. It is not found in any book
written by man.
28. Although scientists, who have listened to my teachings, will
not confess that this word is the truth, they will recognize in their
hearts that it is truly the Divine Father who speaks.
29. I have come to give that spiritual peace you have been
unable to find in your life. You have journeyed through many
different paths and have sought the truth in various places, similar to
a humming bird that goes from flower to flower in search of honey.
However, you have never experienced the love and wisdom that
these teachings have given you.
30. You have continually sought the true path, traveling many
different paths, and struggling against the darkness. During your
journey, you became weak and weary.
31. But the day came when your path was illuminated by the
light of my Divine Spirit. That unforgettable day, for both your spirit
and conscience, has been inscribed in the spiritual book of God, as
are each deed that you perform on earth and all you learn from the
Divine Master. That day when you became spiritually enlightened is
when your spirit resurrected to a life of grace.
32. Some who have come to witness this manifestation have
been wealthy dignitaries, whereas others have been materially poor.
However, I designate the moment of arrival for each individual.
Each one has to arrive before the Father, who awaits with great love
to welcome you and to resurrect you to a spiritual life.
33r You rejoice listening to my teachings. However, you feel that
your physical body prevents you from totally dedicating yourself to
fulfilling my sacred work. But you resign yourself, knowing that as a
disciple of God you are not allowed to intervene in his higher
judgements and that you need to be submissive and obedient. You
realize that through your material body you will journey through the
path of wisdom and love as well as through the path of darkness and
deceit. Also, as you sit under the shade of God's tree you will choose
fruits that bring prosperity and happiness, rather than those that
bring disharmony. You will enjoy the shade that is provided by that
tree, making sure that it not destroyed by worms, or that vultures do
not nest in that tree.
34. I have allowed you to journey through different paths of life
so you could eventually be able to have good and bad experiences to
help you distinguish between spiritual enlightenment and spiritual
darkness, so that guided by my divine inspiration, you would choose
the true path.
35. The Divine Master says to you: Behind that door which is
closed, and which you refer to as death, is life. I am the Life.
Temptation offers you death, not life. Temptation will blind your
vision and will prevent you from being close to me. However, I have
given you a powerful weapon to free yourself from temptation. That
weapon is prayer. Prayer makes you strong, brings you closer to me,
and allows you to journey with me along your path of spiritual
36. I, the Divine Father, will not deny my love and forgiveness
to anyone, including those who have yielded to temptation and who
have fallen into the abyss. I have not abandoned anyone. There is no
one on earth, nor in the spiritual valley, whom I have deserted. Who,
among you, could be removed from my sheepfold, because you are a
sinner and are unworthy of receiving my charity? I will continue to
dwell in the heart of the hardened sinner who has been unable to
receive the light of my Divine Spirit, because he has failed to listen
to the voice of his conscience. Do you believe that I have separated
from that sinner because of his evil deeds? Truly, I have not. I am
the Father of all beings, and I do not distinguish among my children.
I am love, and as a loving Father, I do not neglect anyone.
37. It is your responsibility to pray for the one who is lost so
that his spirit will become illuminated by the light of my Spirit.
Through your prayers you can help him to awaken spiritually, to rise
above temptation, and to no longer be blinded in darkness.
38. However, the people of spiritual Israel have fallen asleep.
They are waiting for humanity to regenerate on its own. Israel has
failed to carry out the mission that I have assigned it, which is to set
examples of love and charity for others to follow.
39. My people, I ask you: Who did I leave my law with? Have I,
perhaps, left it in the hands of hardened sinners? I left my law with
you. Who, then, is responsible for not fulfilling my mandates? Israel
is responsible!
Furthermore, I ask you, Why have you not arisen to fulfill the
mandates that I have given you? Why do you allow the sinner to
continue to stumble and weaken along his path? Why have you not
spiritually enlightened him with the gift of speech that I have given
you when you speak to him in my name? Do you want your brethren
to remain blind and in a state of spiritual darkness? Do you not
know that through your deeds that darkness can be removed?
40. The Divine Father tells you to awaken from your sleep. Go
and help those who have fallen to arise and to follow the true path. I
will give new mandates to humanity. I will give new orders to every
nation, to every ruler, and to every citizen.
41. You will witness the occurrence of strange events. The
seasons will change. The winters will become harsher and it will
appear as if spring will never arrive. Men measure the length of each
season, but if it is my will to change the length, who can oppose my
will? There will be droughts and lands will become dry. Thus,
prepare yourselves, my people, because a time of great disorder is
approaching and you will need to work harder.
42. This nation is now living in a state of peace. Maintain this
peace! Do not let that peace escape from your heart. This nation was
chosen by me, and it is my will that it not experience disorder and
confusion. However, you must become spiritually prepared, because
through the fulfillment of your mission, this nation, and all of
humanity, will receive spiritual enlightenment.
43. Israel, I am present before you! You are able to listen only to
my voice without being able to perceive me, but you rejoice as you
listen to my words.
44. I quickly come whenever you summon me. I am aware of all
of your afflictions. I have come to give you things that will benefit
both your body and spirit.
45. I do not give you false riches, for you would become lost. I
have come to save you, so that after you depart from earth you will
come to me.
46. Ask me to give you things that will benefit your spirit and I
will give them to you. Do not clothe only your physical body,
leaving your spirit naked.
47. Man does not yet obey the law that I gave to him during the
first two eras. That is why I have come again during this era to save
48. I have manifested myself in this nation since 1866. I have
quenched the thirst of those who were spiritually thirsty for my
divine teachings. I am here to help my beloved children to purify
their sinful hearts.
49. Oh, if only everyone would come to listen to me! But there
are those who, in spite of having listened to me, still prefer to travel
through the paths of darkness, filled with obstacles, rather than
travel through the enlightened path of the Lord. Those who journey
through the wrong path are your brethren. They are ungrateful and
disobedient, who prefer to eat the bitter bread from earth instead of
the bread of eternal life.
50. Blessed are those who remain with me, knowing that I am
the Divine Father who awaits his lost children.
51. Your Father has come to teach you his doctrine of love. It is
a spiritual teaching that does not permit fanaticism, but teaches you
to fulfill the law of God and the law of man in a perfect manner.
52. I have never asked you to torture and to punish your
physical body in order to attain my forgiveness. The only penance
that I will accept is for you to stop practicing deeds that are evil and
harmful to your brethren. When you practice deeds of love and
kindness, you will feel my spiritual peace.
53. I speak to you in this manner because I do not want your
spirit to live in a state of darkness while it dwells on earth.
Remember that its true mansion is not of this world.
54. Do you know what awaits you after you depart from earth?
Where will your spirit go? I only say to you to be alert and to pray.
Learn my teachings and practice them. You are now journeying
through earth, but soon your journey will end and you will be closer
to God.
55. In all three eras I have sought to communicate with
humanity in different ways. During the First Era, I allowed Moses to
guide you to attain freedom and spiritual enlightenment. During the
Second Era, I manifested myself through Jesus, who outlined the
divine path for humanity to attain its salvation. During this era I
arrived spiritually, on a white cloud, to say to you: Come to receive
spiritual enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. I do not want you to
prolong the fulfillment of your mission, because in the future the
ordeals and the suffering will be greater.
56.1 am giving you the Third Testament so that you may study it
and practice its teachings, because the year 1950 is approaching.
57. If you fail to take advantage of my teachings, you will
greatly weep when you hear the Divine Master informing you that
this form of spiritual communication is ending. Is that what you are
waiting for or are you waiting for disease, hunger, mourning, and
sorrow to spread to your homes?
58. After my departure, I want you to remain strong and unified.
Do not reject one another. Love one another, and there will be peace
throughout the universe.
59. Who, among this multitude, will have to journey across the
oceans and the mountains to visit distant lands? Who will have to
leave his family and his children to take my doctrine to different
60. Be alert and meditate, because prior to 1950 only you have
been spiritually nourished with this spiritual bread and water. You
have kept this spiritual enlightenment to yourself, disregarding those
who are spiritually hungry and thirsty. But things will change once
my manifestation comes to an end. You will arise to become
teachers for your younger brethren. Cleanse your stains and
imperfections so that you may serve as an example for the different
religions and sects. Truly prepare yourself. Although there are many
who are now listening to my teachings, some will eventually reject
me, and others will choose to do as they please. Among this
multitude are those who will betray me.
61. Carefully study my word so that tomorrow you will not say
that it was a human who gave you these teachings, but rather God.
Furthermore, who is able to speak in this manner? What human has
the power to transform and to regenerate a multitude of people as I
have done?
62. Soon you will no longer listen to this voice, but you will
remember that I was with you from 1866 to 1950. There are many
who witnessed my manifestation, but chose to reject my teachings.
Those of you who were with me will also be with the Divine Father
throughout eternity.
My Peace be with you!