BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 207

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Book of True Life - Volume 7

Teaching 207
1. Blessed are you because you no longer need symbolic figures
to feel my presence. You are now beginning to progress along the
path of spirituality.
2. Although life offers you a vast field of opportunities to
analyze my teachings, your life on earth is not long enough to
comprehend all of them.
3. You now perceive things differently after having listened to
my teachings! The veil which had covered your eyes has been
removed and you can no longer close them. Who, having perceived
the light, would want to remain in the darkness?
4. You are no longer able to suppress the admiration, gratitude,
and love that you feel for me. You demonstrate that love in your
spiritual prayers and in your deeds. You no longer pray as you did in
the past with repetitive and eloquent words that you were unable to
comprehend or feel in your heart. You lacked spirituality, thus you
could not communicate with God.
5. Today, you feel a deep compassion and love for your brother
as you observe his suffering and misery. Those feelings best express
your desire for the well-being of your brother.
6. Long ago you constructed a temple in order to worship
yourself. You admired yourself, recognizing the power and
dominance that you could exert over other beings. You loved
yourself, believing that you were strong and powerful.
7. I have come to eliminate your pride and to make you humble
and aware of the insignificance of your material body. I have said to
you that you possess a spirit. That is where your true value and
strength lies, although you should not become vain for that reason.
The greatness of your spirit is unlike that greatness that your
material body feels. Since your spirit is a part of God, it is superior
to all material things. Man is truly great, because I have endowed
him with a spirit. However, you need to be careful not to darken the
light of your spirit. You also need to help your spirit to evolve along
its path of evolution.
8. In the past, when low passions dominated your life, your
spirit felt that it was oppressed and in chains. You are now learning
to dominate those passions, because there is no place for pride,
vanity, or hatred in the hearts of my disciples. Your spirit is now
beginning to influence your deeds, thoughts, and steps that you take.
You have voluntarily chosen to allow your spirit to guide you so you
can correct your past mistakes.
9. Your spirit will become stronger as it practices deeds of
virtue. If it continues to practice those deeds on earth, it will attain a
high level of spiritual elevation. Thus, when it departs from earth it
will enter into elevated spiritual mansions having eliminated all of
its pride and miseries.
10. The one who arrives into elevated spiritual mansions with
humility and spiritual elevation will not be able to forget those who
remained on earth and who are in need. Thus, he will spiritually
help and protect those who are weak, ill, and lost.
11. Develop your spiritual gifts by practicing deeds of love, and
truly I say to you: If you prepare yourself spiritually you will be able
to detain the disasters, plagues, and illnesses that occur on earth. Do
not become vain for that reason, because those accomplishments
will not take place due to your own physical strength, but rather
through the spirit, who is strong because of its humility.
12. Be one with me, and listen to my word.
13. The world needs salvation. It needs men of goodwill to arise
and to work on behalf of my doctrine.
14. Today, man lacks true understanding of spirituality.
15. Those who have spiritually awaken by having listened to my
word are very few in comparison to those who are unaware of my
manifestation. There are some who intuitively feel the closeness and
the presence of spiritual things.
16. Mankind needs guidance and help. That guidance and help
will be provided by my new disciples who, enduring great ordeals,
will offer spiritual knowledge to their brethren and save those who
are lost.
17. A time of great ordeals and battles is approaching. I have
prepared you so that you will have the strength and courage to
observe all that I have announced. During those ordeals man will
eventually comprehend why nations are in war and why there is
disagreement among the different religions. He will realize that it is
because man has failed to comprehend and to follow the teachings
of Christ. If man were to follow those teachings, the world would be
a place of joy and peace. However, man practices vanity instead of
love, and thus he is unable to think clearly and to practice deeds of
spirituality. Because of man's vanity, the spirit is unable to triumph
over the stubbornness of the flesh and manifest itself.
18. Today, instead of eliminating the misery that exists
everywhere, man selfishly attempts to use it to his benefit. Why
hasn't man sought ideals that help him to elevate his emotions and
pursue goals that are worthy of his spirit? It is because man has not
wanted to perceive beyond his physical needs, that is to say, beyond
his miseries, his earthly pleasures, and his material science. He
dedicates his time on earth to accumulating riches and seeking
pleasures, believing that, once he dies, he will cease to exist.
Because of his ignorance and pride, man has descended to an
inferior level, instead of spiritually elevating himself and perceiving
himself as a child of God. When his conscience speaks to him about
God and about spiritual life, he is overwhelmed by his fear of God's
justice. Thus, he prefers to ignore the voice of his conscience and to
disregard its warnings. He truly does not understand the purpose of
his existence on earth nor is he aware of his spiritual and physical
situation. How can he cease to feel inferior and miserable, if he
continues to live and to think as he does?
19. That is why I have come to give you my teachings. Those
listening to me have developed a different understanding about the
superior life of the spirit. One can begin to live that life while he is
on earth, becoming aware that he possesses my divine grace.
20. God is the law and force that governs everything. His power
and wisdom are manifested throughout nature, which reflects his
perfection. Humanity needs to recognize and to appreciate the
greatness of the Divine Father. It needs to realize that a material
image is not needed to worship the Father, and that his presence is
manifested throughout all of nature. Once humanity truly
comprehends this, it can then follow the true path and will be able to
perceive the power and wisdom of God throughout creation. Those
who are receiving my teaching are becoming spiritualized, because
they are acquiring new wisdom and knowledge. They are no longer
spiritually blind, for they are now able to perceive, to analyze, and
to comprehend my teachings.
21. But truly I tell you: What you have now learned is not
sufficient for you to comprehend other things that I will reveal to
you. You still have a long road to travel. However, I say to you, that
you do not want to remain spiritually blind when you are beginning
to comprehend spirituality. Whoever listens to these divine
teachings will no longer be able to ignore my inspiration nor will he
stop praising the Lord.
22. You are now able to pray from your heart. Previously your
prayers consisted of words that you had memorized and learned
from books. Today, your prayer has no limit, because when you have
faith and elevate yourself in prayer, you feel that you are truly near
those for whom you pray. Thus, you no longer pray using repetitive
and memorized words. Today, your prayers are spiritual and full of
inspiration. You no longer find it necessary to sing songs praising
God, but now choose to offer testimony of God's kindness by the
way you live.
23. Carefully examine yourself, and when you have discovered
your mistakes, correct them. Be encouraged realizing that eventually
you will return to the Father to dwell in the kingdom of heaven.
Make a true effort to battle against your weaknesses. Demonstrate
that your spiritual nature is superior, and that you are able to
triumph over your low passions and evil tendencies.
24. In the past you had erected a temple to worship yourself,
believing that you were eternal, strong, and powerful. You lived to
satisfy only your physical needs. However, once you truly
comprehend the differences between spiritual and material things,
you will no longer do that.
25. Knowing that you possess spiritual strength and greatness
should not make you vain, because spiritual greatness differs greatly
from material greatness.
26. The spirit is a spark of light, a seed of love and life.
27. Behold the wrong path through which you traveled when
you sought material greatness and desired only material things.
28. You are now beginning to comprehend spirituality. Thus,
when it is time for you to depart from earth, your spirit will have
attained enlightenment.
knowledge, and grace.
29. Are you aware of the era in which you now live?
30. Pray, so that you may help the leaders from different nations
to unite and to solve the conflicts that exist between different
countries. Do you believe that each ruler has a different solution for
the struggles that exist? No, my people, they are only deceiving
themselves. The conscience of each ruler proposes the same
solution. However, due to their selfish and material interests they all
disregard the voice of their conscience. All conflicts have a simple
solution. The world would be in a state of peace, if only men would
obey their conscience. Those who govern different nations, instead
of thinking of their own greatness, should consider the well-being of
everyone. However, they fail to do that. Men distrust one another
and are always ready to battle.
31. Once again I say to you: Once the world follows my path
and practices my doctrine, it will solve its problems and live in
32. My universal ray today descends upon your spirit to nourish
you with the bread of eternal life. It is my voice that summons you.
Among this multitude are those who have recently arrived to
witness my teachings, and I invite them to enjoy my word. Some
who arrive are humble, others are unbelievers, idolaters, and
hypocrites. They doubt my presence and inwardly ridicule my
teaching, because they believe that it is impossible for the Creator to
communicate through human spokesmen.
33. If it were not God who is now manifesting himself, I would
not be offering the evidence that I now offer you nor would I be
teaching you the path of virtue. The one who does not believe in my
manifestation doesn't because he has failed to meditate, to open his
heart, and to leave his state of darkness.
34. I say to you: I am the true God, the Father, the Life, and the
Light. I have come to communicate in this manner to help you
eliminate your disobedience, mistakes, and low passions that have
prevented you from comprehending and analyzing the truth.
35. I have not come to denounce you in the presence of others,
for I have invited you to come to my banquet. I will speak to your
spirit and through your conscience, so that it will feel me and will
thus awaken.
36. I am the same Christ whom you condemned in the Second
Era, and I have designated the beginning and the end of each era.
37. During the Second Era you crucified me on a cross. I shed
my blood because of the great love that I have for you. Although you
were well aware of what you did when you crucified the Messiah, I,
nonetheless, said that you were innocent and unaware of what you
had done. I left twelve disciples to guide you and care for you.
Those disciples imitated the Divine Master and spread my doctrine
among humanity.
38. Among this multitude who is witnessing my manifestation
are those who in the Second Era shouted the following: Crucify
him! He is a sorcerer! Thus,they rejected the blessings that I brought
to mankind.
39. Time has passed, and through my will, your spirit has
reincarnated on earth to come listen to the "Divine Word". Although
I now manifest myself in a different form, my teachings are still
filled with love and life.
40. I am here with you! I am touching your heart so that you
may offer me shelter. I have come seeking your spirit, whom I
greatly love, because it has become a slave to sin and its light has
become darkened.
41. Although you have developed intellectually, your love for
your brethren has not evolved. It has failed to evolve because you
are materialistic and are interested in satisfying only your needs.
42. You forget about the eternal life of the spirit and believe that
you are gods on earth. You doubt my existence, and my justice,
because you observe that I do not prevent the shedding of blood
among humanity. You fail to understand that I am a relentless judge,
and that I allow man to amend his sins and to purify himself through
suffering and pain.
43. Open your heart! Elevate your spirit! Allow your spirit to
inform you that the voice you are listening to is the same one that
has always spoken to you of love, charity, and perfection! The Third
Era has surprised you! You should no longer want to perceive me in
human form as you did in the Second Era! Remember that I
previously told you that I would come again upon a cloud. My
Divine Spirit descends from the heavens to communicate with you
through human spokesmen. Thus, my voice is heard on earth even
though this world is filled with sin.
44. You are not the only ones who are listening to my word. I,
the "Divine Word", pour my light throughout the universe. However,
if you were to ask others whether they have heard a voice speaking
to them from the heavens, they would say no. Why does this occur?
It is because humanity is deaf as it journeys through life. It is not
only surrounded by sin and fanaticism, but also people do not listen
to their conscience.
45. I have given you my word since 1866. My teachings offer
salvation to your spirit and point out the path to attain perfect peace
in the universe.
46. I have assigned a delicate mission to your spirit to settle its
debt with the Lord. I am cutting the bad weeds and tying them into
bundles. I will then throw them into the fire, until they become
ashes. At the end my light will shine and my doctrine will be
acknowledged throughout the world.
47. Man will create new doctrines and laws, according to the
will of God. Thus there will be peace, harmony, and brotherhood on
earth. Human hatred will disappear, and human beings will no
longer murder one another. Before all this takes place, I will purify
man. Some will perceive the fulfillment of these prophecies after
they enter into the spiritual mansion, whereas those who remain on
earth will give testimony to the new generations after 1950.
48. My people: I have designated only one path for you to reach
me. It is a path that is fillet! with light, life, and prayer. It is the
spirit's path. You will not get lost by traveling through that path. If
you are now following it, offer testimony of my revelations and of
my doctrine of spirituality to your brethren. Teach them how to
communicate with me through the perfect spiritual prayer.
49. Remember, my people, the example of prayer that I gave in
the "Mount of Olives", when I asked the Father to forgive humanity.
Jesus knelt before the Celestial Father, not in front of an image. I
then elevated my prayer toward the heavens, the same prayer that I
left for humanity.
50. Once again I offer you my charity and embrace you with
love. Disciples, beginning students, and those who journey through
life: On this day of grace the Divine Master's voice descends to
caress you. I do not present myself as a harsh judge, but as a just
Father. I have come to guide you with my teachings so that you will
follow my path, a path from which you had separated.
51. All of you are my soldiers. I observe that some of you have
failed to fulfill your mission, while others have succeeded, and yet
others are in the process of succeeding and are singing a hymn of
victory. You are in the midst of that struggle and do not know the
outcome. Today, you are unfamiliar with the fields where you will
need to sow my seed. Although they are large fields, you possess an
abundance of seed to sow.
52. Whereas some remain strong and obedient in fulfilling their
mission, others become weary and lose interest, both knowing that
the Lord is aware of everything that they do. Be aware that you are
allowing precious time to go by, and that tomorrow you will no
longer be on earth. Your spirit will experience great sadness because
you did not want to listen to my word. It will yearn to listen to me,
as in this period, but instead it will only be able to listen to the harsh
voice of its conscience, experiencing great remorse. That is why I
tell you to listen to my teachings today and do not ignore my
mandates. Take the essence from this teaching, because I will hold
you accountable for fulfilling its mandates.
53. This multitude, now witnessing this manifestation, is unable
to comprehend the greatness of this teaching due to its sins and
54. This teaching gives life to your spirit and will heal all spirits
that are ill and suffering. It is like a drizzle that falls upon dry fields.
55. If you have not yet gathered good fruits, ask your conscience
why you have not. It will inform you that in order to harvest good
fruit it is necessary for you to work hard and to remain alert. Set
good examples for others to follow, practice deeds of virtue, and use
the spiritual gifts that your spirit possesses to help your brethren.
Eliminate your evil passions, and practice good deeds. Only then
will you behave as true children of God and truly represent him on
56. I have given each of you the responsibility to inform others
about the Spiritualist Trinitarian Marian Doctrine. Humanity will
dispute about my doctrine, provoking a revolution of ideas among
people. This doctrine will confuse those who neither understand its
origin nor its purpose.
57. Those who are responsible for sowing my seed have failed
to prepare themselves. Thus, they have not revealed my doctrine to
others, in its pure form, because they realize that they have
combined their evil deeds in my work. Mankind will only be able to
listen to my teachings for a brief period because this manifestation
will soon come to an end. Thus, if you fail to prepare yourself,
tomorrow you will experience sorrow and bitterness. But it will not
be the Divine Father who will judge you, it will be your conscience.
58. You will be able to nourish yourself with these teachings for
only a few more moments. Who will be with me when the year 1950
comes to an end? Who will present me a good harvest?
59. Humanity is in a deep sleep. It is awaiting your arrival so
that you may resurrect it to life. You have not sought those who are
spiritually dead because you lack confidence in me. Why do you
fear men? Are you afraid of men's justice or death? I have already
told you that I will free you from death; remember that I have given
you eternal life.
60. I have not gotten weary from speaking to you during this
era, because I am the "Eternal Word". My word is helping those who
are wicked and insensitive to become purified and to change their
ways. They will become virtuous human beings.
61. During this period of suffering and tragedy, I want you to
imitate me. Trust me completely, and thus your brethren will get to
know the greatness of spirituality. Do not doubt that you can imitate
me. The weight of your cross is not superior to your strength.
62. My people: In exchange for the great ordeals, you have my
teachings. You have been rejected by those close to you because you
believe in this manifestation. Many of you were engaged in sinful
pleasures which caused your spirit to weaken. Who came to separate
you from that path? It was the Divine Father. You now understand
the great love that I have for you. You thank me because you realize
that in exchange for your rejection of sin, I have come to manifest
myself and to give you my teachings.
63. You thought that no one knew your past. However, here I
am, fully aware of what you have done throughout your life so that
you will not doubt in my existence nor in my presence.
64. During this period I have designated you to be my disciples,
as I did with my apostles in the Second Era.
65. My word guides you through the path designated by Jesus.
You have been journeying for a long time but have not yet reached
the end of the path. You are battling and struggling, and I will
reward you once you have concluded your journey. I observe that
some of you are still strong, but that others have become weary. I
will give you opportunities to rest, so that you will meditate and
regain your strength, for this is a precious time that no one should
66. Do not disregard my mandates nor ignore my voice. Listen
to this teaching and analyze its essence. Cleanse your mind and
heart so that you may perceive its greatness. This teaching gives life
to your spirit. I will water the barren fields on earth with this
teaching. Also, this teaching represents the seed that you will take to
humanity. If you have not been able to harvest good fruit after
having sowed this seed, it is because the seed that you sowed was
not pure. Sow seeds that are pure, and thus you will harvest good
67. Remove your fear of mankind from your heart, for this has
always detained you from fulfilling your mission. Free your spirit
from its sins and faults. Practice deeds of love so that your spirit will
become enlightened. Thus, you will feel worthy of taking my law to
your brethren. Tell mankind about my doctrine and let them
carefully analyze it. Once they analyze it they will realize that it has
no beginning nor end.
68. My doctrine is so pure that you have no reason to hide nor to
feel ashamed when you present it to your brethren. But if you ever
feel ashamed, it is because you have added something impure to my
doctrine or because you do not live according to what you teach.
Frequently, you wish to remain unnoticed by others. However, that
is not possible because I am sending you to share the good news
with others through examples of love and kindness.
69. Humanity will discover that it has entered into a new era
and will seek those who are able to tell it about these teachings. If
you are unprepared and asleep when your brethren summon you,
you will awaken with great pain.
70. This manifestation will soon end. Who will be with me once
it finishes? Who will keep my law pure, in the manner that I brought
71. Behold that you need to arise with spiritual strength to fulfill
your noble mission. You will not fear death, for I say to you that
death will not touch you. However, you will need to triumph over
the temptations of your flesh so that you will no longer stumble and
fall. The good disciple needs to triumph over his own weaknesses,
and thus set an example for others to follow.
72. Do you not observe the humility with which I speak? Truly I
tell you that it is the same humility that I manifested in the Second
Era when I limited myself in order to become human. I came to help
man to elevate with my word and with my deeds, so that he could be
similar to God.
73. Be my worker, and never become an obstacle for me to
reach the human heart. Why do you doubt that you can imitate me?
You have failed to understand my teachings. If you are my children,
then you have inherited some of my traits of love and kindness.
74. You have come to earth from the spiritual mansion to seek
the path outlined by the Divine Master. Seeking that path, you have
experienced great ordeals. Now that I am manifesting myself during
this era, you have disregarded everything to come listen to my
teachings. Do you believe that I will not reward the sacrifices that
you have made? Do not ever forget your destiny so that you will
continually progress spiritually.
75. Be aware that you are not going to give me anything;
everything that you earn will be for yourself.
76. Why do I descend to the bottom of the abyss to save those
who are there? It is because I love each one of you.
77. This doctrine outlines a true and quick path to return to your
homeland. It is the doctrine of spirituality. If you understand it and
practice it, your thoughts, words, and deeds will reflect great
enlightenment. You do not need to say that you are a spiritualist
because if you truly are, there will be no need to say it.
78. Carefully meditate on these teachings that I have brought
you. Tomorrow, you will need to share them with your brethren.
My Peace be with you!