Does love mean all-encompassing forgiveness?

2/21/2024 approx. 2 o'clock

TTT 11 : 94 Know that if a single one of my children were then outside the New Jerusalem, there would be no feast, for God could not then speak of triumph, He could not celebrate victory if His power had not been able to save the last of His children.

The US Senate has considered deploying long-range missiles in Ukraine, now that the Ukrainian army has been severely weakened by a lack of ammunition and the Russian army has made progress. Russia is therefore extremely busy.

During the night, A.M. is woken up by Jesus and he says:


"Now I can't take you either."

He means Germany.

Please forgive me.

"London... Buckingham Palace..."

"Will you marry me?"

Yes. Please, take me. A.M. starts to pray.

"Solar storm!"

Paralyze the technology!

Then she notices Joe Biden. He seems desperate and asks pleadingly:

"Does love mean all-encompassing forgiveness?"

Yes, replies A.M., that's what love means.


At 7:45 in the morning, A.M. wakes up and hears:

"Pelosi .... Alone."

(Democrat member and Trump opponent)

A.M. immediately wants to start praying again and hears:

"Don't need ..... PEACE!"

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