Sweeping the stars from the sky


TTT 19 : 52 I have told you that Christ is Divine Love; therefore do not try to separate Me from the Father. Do you believe that He is a Father without love for His children? Where did you get this idea? It is time for you to recognize this.

During the night, A.M. has a vision:

She looks from a great height at a vortex of water as big as the Earth's disk. It is spinning in circles and it is as if it is sucking everything inwards. Apart from the water vortex, nothing else can be seen.

... and thinks: They want to flood Europe, the world ... Atlantis comes to mind. But the father said some time ago: Atlantis is coming back in trade law. But the Spirit can change this, A.M. is inspired by the father.

Then the father says:

"The stars..."

"Moloch has never raged like this before!"

 "... make away ... he doesn't care."

The Juggernaut doesn't care that he has to break it up and that it will be prosecuted.

"He can use it to reorganize his commercial companies and that is Germany, which are supposedly not fit for purpose."

This is madness!

"Didn't you know?"


They want to sweep the stars out of the sky - our children. It's as if they want to wipe us out like the Indians and then push us into reservations ... into 5-minute towns, for example

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