The pirate from the pirate island


TTT 24 : 2 Do not take offence when I tell you that I loved you even before you existed. Yes, beloved children!

The German Bundestag has spoken out against further aid to Ukraine and rejected it. The US Senate has been struggling for months for further aid money for Ukraine, but Donald Trump's representatives have blocked these funds.

Yesterday, Chancellor Scholz was summoned to a reality check with President Biden at lightning speed and flew to the USA for 24 hours on a replacement aircraft to meet with Biden, as his plane was currently unavailable.

SCHOLZ MEETS BIDEN: Crisis diplomacy - US trip becomes a reality check for Olaf Scholz | WELT News  

According to WELT, after months of wrangling by US Democrats over additional funds blocked by Donald Trump, a door surprisingly began to open yesterday and there was movement in the Senate. Now that Chancellor Scholz is present, things are suddenly moving.

How corruptible must this chancellor be for something like this to be possible? Olaf Scholz emphasises: "My relationship with the American president is excellent.

Weren't there other friends of Scholz like John Podesta or Jeffrey Eppstein?

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A US journalist, Tucker Carlson, defamed by the US media, was the only one to get permission to do an interview with Vladimir Putin and it lasted 2 hours. President Putin said that he had not spoken to the US President for a long time and described the situation from his point of view. Tucker Carlson's homepage fell into the hands of hackers and was disrupted (like mine!).

Renowned US presenter Tucker Carlson is known for being a thorn in the side of the mainstream media. His exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin could now cause quite a stir. This uncensored broadcast could call into question the entire narrative of Western media and politics. In this video, we analyse why this interview is so significant and how it could potentially challenge the West's dominant narrative.

Watch the full interview between Tucker Carlson and Putin:  

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The link was found at:

This video shocks the world! (Vladimir Putin spills the beans)

Weren't the UN, NATO and the WEF founded specifically for the purpose of stealing Russian natural resources and, above all, Russian silicon? According to the West, Putin is attacking Ukraine and it needs Western supporters to defend itself. But is that true?

Didn't NATO's Middle East expansion and the overthrow of an elected government in Kiev cause the conflict that has been dragging on since 2014? And who blew up the gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea? Speaking of gas pipelines: Nordstream I would be operational, but the proud traffic light MPs choose not to use it to supply Germany with cheap gas.

Christ said to A.M:

"At the end of May this will stop ... then Germany will be better again."

It is not usual in a democratic state what is being done to the AfD, how much it is being defamed. People are spat at, punched in the face, hate slogans are shouted against them - but they will be the ones to put an end to the spook that German taxpayers, especially farmers, are being exploited further and further and pushed into poverty, as are carers, doctors, the middle classes, the infrastructure and pensioners who have paid in all their lives and feel compelled to collect bottles in order to survive in a rich country like Germany with the motto: 'The Germans are too hard-working, that's our problem. Take everything away from them'.

Yesterday, A.M. rewrote the song she composed in 2021:

Der Pirat von der Pirateninsel

She composed this song back then when she received cues for the lyrics from Jesus in the early morning.


A.M. Hosta


This morning during my meditation, the Lord gave me inspiration for this song. He gave me cues and this song came out of that. The words that are from the

Lord have been underlined


They have dug a worm out of their holes, it grows to the moon, 

They fly full distance, full distance to the Lord boundless into space,

(here he shows me the vision of a fire ignited under a rocket)

Ignited is the rocket!

Time-ed is the budget, impoverished the people,

the little ones have not' to eat.

Lord says: Y're cut off - you have overcome the matrix.

(He already said the second to me a long time ago).

Thanks be to God. HalleluYah - Amen!

Incidence has broken through its threshold.

BigPharma is now getting super rich, the hospitals are filled to the brim,

the coffins are piling up and the dollar is croaking: Who will save me?

The lies cry out: ME,

by the hair they are pulled.

The ground burns, the people rise, the sheep now roar like lions,

the deception is blown up - we are at war

and in secret God whispers: WHO WILL TO ME ? Who Will To Me, Who Will To Me???

I bless you, Holy Father. HalleluYah - Amen.

(Again a vision: I see five descending connected 16th note necks and he says: Rejoice!)

According to a while he adds:

"So, that is now: The pirate from the Pirate Island".

And I have to laugh seriously about this, because it reminds me of the adventure movie "Treasure Island", (Die Schatzinsel) a favorite of mine in my youth. The Lord seems to be amused about our earth drama, after he has already wept bitterly about us.

Listen on SoundCloud as a WAF File:  

or on MuseScore with lyrics and sheet music:  

Now that both the German Bundestag and the US Senate have clearly spoken out against further aid to Ukraine, it cannot be that Scholz and Biden will single-handedly make a decision on this on the backs of the population.

A.M. hears Scholz's thoughts in America with Biden: 'I can't do that, she (A.M.) knows everything and tomorrow it will be all over the internet. I need more time. Then she sees him in a vision, how he attacks her and how he thinks: 'I'm going to organise something' and then "Armed robbery!"

Addendum at 5:30 am.

Didn't I say it: Scholz says we, Germany, must stabilise aid to Ukraine and we must do more (because the aid in the USA has failed) and we must pay for it alone from now on ..... There will be an end to this ....

Now I understand what Jesus meant about Europe... if we don't pay, Europe will be flooded and if I don't send out peace in my heart, anger will explode in Germany and then in Europe.

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