Deliver all sins to God's Throne

Book of True Life - Volume 5 - Teaching 133 - Verse 10
10. Humanity awaits My new disciples; but if you who are my workers, the seed and the field tools let down out of fear of the opinion of the world - what should then become of this humanity? Do not you have felt the responsibility for your assignment? Your conscience will never betray you, and it will always tell you if you have done your duty. These Unrest that you experience is a sign that you did not follow My commandments.

Father says:
"I will leave behind in you all the sins you cause with them."

.. if like yesterday, on the Sabbath, I will not save someone who seeks advice from me ...?
Anna Maria looks for the father at the inner door and lies down in front of him with her face on the ground, to approach with reverence humbly.
"Keep watching!"
The forces that pull me away are enormous at the moment. I cringe on all limbs and my mind is unfocused.
"Sing the song!"
It is so dry, dry and flounders in the air like a fish that is air-dried.

Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins,
save us from the fire of hell,
lead all souls to heaven,
especially those ...
"Who have sinned!"
Those who have sinned against you who have hurt your Holy Spirit.
I take their sins on me and deliver them to you in front of your throne (spirit)
with the request for forgiveness.

Anna Maria sees light, joy in them.
.... Half-naked women they threw  on you, the Zionists, when they tortured you - because of her! (Magdalene! She ran after you did you tell me)
"Keep your body clean and stay calm in worship!"
"I also see sluggish desert, sluggish hurricanes around the globe!"
I bear that for you before your Throne of Mercy.
"Laugh. Stay! "
Thanks father!
Anna Maria is becoming more calm.
"Sabbath! Deliver  to God all sins .... "
I deliver all sins to God's throne of mercy of all who seek my advice.
"It's about time that you, sitting in the little meadow, learn to order your garden,
to cultivate the field with the feet of an ambassador, an ambassadress. "

Take what you find here and start distributing to collect your harvest.
"Chosef ... blasphemes ... meat cubes .... Still!! You know it! ... now we wait until 3.11. and then we come! "
I also take all his sins on me and deliver them to your throne of mercy with a request for forgiveness and for your exceeding mercy.

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