Love God - and your friends also !!

TTT - Chapter 17 - Vers 62
62. "Seek Me, speak to Me, and do not let it bother you that your thoughts are slow to express your petitions. I will know how to understand them. Speak to Me with the confidence with which one speaks to a Father. Tell Me about your concerns as you would tell them to your best friend. Ask Me what you do not know or comprehend, and I will speak to you as a teacher; but pray, so that at that
blessed instant in which your spirit elevates itself to Me, you might receive the light, the strength, the blessing, and the peace which your Father grants you". (Teching 36, 15)

Anna Maria's husband wants to organize a meeting with friends and tells her she can come too. She is at first pleased and then she gets remorse, if that is not too much amusement.
During the morning prayer, Father Spirit intervenes and says:
"Meet friends ! He loves you ! Otherwise you will stay alone! ,Get away.'"
If I never know what to do?
So, visit friends, one has to do that? But do not hold back to me afterwards!
"What do you mean, what that has as consequences. He would not take you or accompany you anywhere! "
So! Visiting friends is a must! But afterwards do not reproach to myself!
Excuse me. I wanted to hear your opinion. Thank you for telling me. And that you defend him, if I never know what to do.
Do not trust a human, but only God alone - have you said so many times. I've done that wrong in the past because of education, that's why I'm alone. I also like to meet others - if there were not always those feelings of guilt coming up in me.
"Tears. He shed tears for you. Marry!"
My fault. I'm sorry. You wanted me for you alone.
"Praise. Well done!"
How I would do it normally! As before! Because he is worth it.
sometimes I'm not allowed to go with, sometimes I have to go with him.
"There are more circles!"
The same as with Clare back then. 'Get away' because I did not know what to do anymore, in desperation to lose you again, hoping that YOU will solve it.
Thank you for solving it over time. It was hard for me, but with your help I overcame that.
There's a program going on in me - a programmed zombie.
Now my husband could break my arm to make me docile !!
If you had not done that, then I would have lost you forever.
That's right, is not it?
"... .."
 Father Spirit has changed the subject here.
Do not skip this now!
"Fits! Hammer! 'I hate you' "(said Anna Maria in her distress at that time)
"We need you. Marry - only who wants. "
Anna Maria's husband is from the kingdom of the elves, who do not believe in God, but in the powers of nature, for they are beings of nature, the creators of nature.
In this regard, there is still a robot in me.
Yes, I also feel that it (has become) better now.

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