Lively Stones

My son, tell My Remnant that they are My Lively Stones, yea, the stones of which I will use to bring My Body back to being pure and clean. 
I will raise up a Mighty Body, one which depends TOTALLY ON ME and walks in the faith of those who have passed on. You, My Remnant, will lead the Great Revival and minister in the power of the Holy Ghost!

My Precious Remnant of dedicated servants to the Most High, giving up the cares of this world to suffer at the hands of men, I have given you all strength through the Spirit and My Word to carry the battle to the highways and byways, bringing the lost to Me during times of persecution.
My son, as the world moves towards War, My Remnant must NOT be swayed by every wind of doctrine, and stay focused on Me, NOT the things of the world! 
Many trying times lie ahead, and My Body who have believed they will be gone, will be confused when they see that they have been asleep!!!
My son, the First Church was under Great Persecution, so will the Last Church be. I have said this in My Word - the first will be the last and the last will be the first. I  AM coming soon - they thought that in the First Church, and they will think that in the Last Church. But I say unto you, I am coming for a Church which is pure and free of all sin - the Church today is neither!
My son, tell My People to have hope, for out of tribulation will come a pure, chaste Bride!
I AM coming soon for Lively Stones - NOT dead rocks!!
I AM coming soon for strong, faithful Warriors - NOT weak, milk-fed babies!! 
I AM coming soon - much sooner than those who sit in cold buildings think!! 
I love you! 
Messiah Jesus

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