BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 181

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 181
1. My people: Come to the light, close your physical eyes for a
few moments and open your spiritual eyes to perceive the splendor
of my presence as I come before you. I come to offer you
enlightenment, wisdom, and love. That enlightenment will eliminate
human ignorance, fanaticism, and evil.
2. I give you my teaching on this day that you dedicate to
physical rest and to spiritual worship. It is the seventh day, a day of
rest after having worked all week and a day to harvest the fruit of
your work. Also, on this day you regain your strength to continue
your journey.
3. Let this day represent the seventh phase of your spiritual
evolution, in which the last seal will be opened and you may rest
after your long journey .
4. Many believe that my light descends only in these places
where I manifest myself, but my spiritual presence is with everyone.
That is why I have named this light the universal ray. At this same
moment that you are receiving spiritual enlightenment through this
teaching, all beings throughout the universe receive that same
enlightenment in different ways. Yes, my people, I am Omnipotent
and Omnipresent, and thus I manifest myself in different spiritual
forms. In the Second Era you perceived me in human form, because
I came seeking your heart. Today I come spiritually, because it is
your spirit that I have come to illuminate.
5. You call me the Savior of mankind, because I have come to
rescue man from the path of evil.
6. Do not denounce the ordeals that you are experiencing, nor
say that they are punishment or vengeance from God, because that is
not true. I say to you that those ordeals are necessary for your
7. The truth is that those ordeals are really justice, restitution, or
lessons of life. Wrath and vengeance are human passions,
characteristic of beings who have not achieved a state of serenity,
harmony, and perfection. The love that I feel for mankind, not
vengeance, governs all of my deeds. It is wrong for you to refer to
my love as punishment or vengeance, because that is not the truth.
8. Be aware that you have voluntarily chosen to ignore me when
I have summoned you with love. Rather than listening to the voice
of your conscience you have chosen to fall into the abyss and follow
the wrong paths. Thus the wrong choices you have made in life
causes your suffering which can serve to awaken you and help you
return to the true, virtuous path.
9. It is necessary for one who is in darkness to suffer, and for
one who is enlightened to experience peace, so that one may freely
choose the spiritual state that he desires.
10. I observe that sometimes you are unable to cope with an
ordeal. Instead of learning what you need to learn from that ordeal,
you weep, despair, or simply await death as an end to your suffering.
At that moment I gently summon you and give you strength. I offer
you comfort and hope, so that you will triumph over your
weaknesses, lack of faith, and ordeals. In that triumph you attain
peace, enlightenment, and spiritual happiness which is true
11. My people, I have come to remove the darkness in which
you live and to offer you spiritual enlightenment. My word will
perform the miracle of melting the ice surrounding your heart,
enabling you to become sensitive to things that are virtuous and
spiritual. My word will open the prison doors which had imprisoned
your spirit. However, it is your responsibility to perform the miracle
of attaining peace and spiritual elevation through your deeds of love.
12. Previously, you traveled through roads where you
experienced great bitterness, and shed much blood and tears along
the way. However, those roads will remain in the past!
13. It is my desire to save you, taking you to a world that is full
of light, beauty, and love. In that world you will strive for spiritual
elevation, virtuous feelings, and spiritual perfection. Do you not
perceive how much I truly love you? If you do not, then truly you
are blind.
14. Some believe that they are able to comprehend me with
their mind. Others, who are more materialistic and less evolved
spiritually, would prefer to see me in human form in order to believe
in me. They fail to realize that each being possesses a superior sense
through which one can comprehend me, feel my presence, and
perceive me. However, that sense can only manifest itself through
faith and spirituality.
15. Those disciples who truly seek spiritual elevation bring
much joy to my Spirit! Although they are unintelligent in things that
pertain to the world, they know how to feel my presence in their
hearts. Also, they know how to interpret and to understand my
inspirations, and are willing to accept my will.
16. If you behave in that manner, you will feel my presence and
enjoy my blessings, because all beings throughout the universe are
my children. Behold, that after having prepared the paths with my
doctrine, I direct my gaze to this small number of disciples whom I
have presently summoned to follow my footsteps.
17. These teachings that I bring you are the spiritual bread that
will nourish you in the Third Era All of my children are seeking this
nourishment in their different religions. Some seek it materially and
others seek it spiritually. I welcome all of my children with love and
offer my grace to everyone.
18.1 told my disciples at the Last Supper: Eat this bread, for it
represents my body. Drink this wine, for it represents my blood, and
after my departure you will remember this lesson.
19. Today I say to you: Take this word of eternal life and guard
its essence. After 1950 when this word is no longer heard, remember
it and nourish yourself with it. In the Second Era my disciples
guided their lives according to my teaching, and spread it with
humility. You should imitate their example.
Take this spiritual bread to those who are hungry, for it is written
that my word will not be lost and that all humanity will get to hear
20. Listen to my word and in its essence you will discover the
bread of grace. Seek the love of the Divine Father, and do not worry
about your material needs for they will be taken care of.
21. During this era I have brought you these teachings, although
I have given you many teachings throughout the eras. Soon I will
ask you to tell me what you have accomplished with what I have
given you. Who will be able to say that he has fulfilled his mission
and is free of all sin?
22. Practicing charity is the most important mission in your
destiny. Practice it with your deeds, words, and even with your
thoughts, because a loving thought will offer comfort to your
23. I want you to learn to forgive. I invite you to carry my cross
of love and follow me. I listen to and I welcome the one who tells
me wholeheartedly: Lord, I want to follow your steps.
24. At the same time, I ask you: Who will betray me during this
Third Era? Analyze yourself, and you will respond to me when the
time comes.
25. The one who does not fulfill my law, who does not
acknowledge me, and who disrespects or stains my work in one
form or another is the one who will betray me during this era. With
his deeds, he will be yelling, "Crucify him", because due to his
deeds humanity will ask itself: Are these the disciples of the Lord?
Are these the ones who listened to his word?
26. Love all human beings, and do not publicize your deeds of
charity. Thus, you will truly become my apostles in this Third Era.
27. Today, I present myself before man, and I say to him: What
do you accuse me of? I have spoken the truth. I guide man to be
virtuous, and I have come to fulfill the promise that I made to return
to you. I have not come to contradict what I said in the Second Era,
for I am the Truth. I am still carrying a heavy cross on my shoulders,
but mankind continues to inflict pain on my body.
28. Remember that in the Second Era the Son of God
approached man and he was unable to comprehend Him. However,
man is able to comprehend me today.
29. I am crucified each time one of my children suffers because
I am in all of my children. Why do you not feel me?
30. Once again I am going to be sacrificed. Who will crucify me
during this era? Who will tell me to continue my journey and not
detain myself?
31. My gaze, although gentle, penetrates deeply into your being.
If I shed a tear, it will fall into your spirit, not to the ground. I will
always be with you. The world still needs me.
32. The time will come when all beings will treat one another as
brethren, once men begin to practice the will of God.
33. Presently, you cannot go where I am going and from where I
have come.
However, the day will come when you will arrive before me and
you will recognize me through this word. At that moment you will
perceive the One who conquered death and gave you eternal life
with his sacrifice. I am the resurrection and the life. I am the
Comforter who seeks every spirit that suffers to give it peace.
34. This enlightenment that I now bring you will help future
generations to achieve peace and goodness.
35. Truly I tell you, that I suffer through each being who suffers
and that,I feel man's hunger and thirst for love. Thus,T am still
suffering, and I am still nailed to the cross. But I say to you:
Disciples, be strong, because the hypocrites, pharisees, and gentiles
will approach you asking you if you know me and love me. You will
experience fear when you hear those questions. If you are Weak, you
will respond as did my apostle in the Second Era: "I never knew that
man from Galilee."
36. Do not forget that your reward is not in this world. Do not
be alarmed if others hurt you because you are with me. Practice love
and forgiveness with others, and be my disciple.
37. Do not make material symbols of the cross, because you
already carry me crucified in your heart.
38. Those who celebrate my divine passion through improper
and pagan festivities will feel me in their conscience. Thus, they will
repent and weep. I will accept their repentance, because it is never
too late for anyone to open his eyes to the truth.
39. Cleanse your sins, and love one another, so that you may
remove the body of Jesus from the cross and let your heart serve as
his shroud.
40. I have fulfilled my promise: The temple was destroyed and I
rebuilt it in three days. The spiritual temple where the Lord dwells
has now been constructed. "
41. I came across a compassionate woman and upon seeing her
cry, I asked:
Why are you crying? And, as in the Second Era, she responded: I
cry because the Divine Master has disappeared. I went to look for
his body and it was not there. Then I said to her: Look at me and
behold that the Divine Master is near you. ;
42. I told her: Go and tell your brethren to unite, otherwise they
will be surprised when the Divine Master arrives. Also tell them that
the one, who is able to feel my presence with his faith, shall receive
eternal life.
43. Beloved disciples, you are perceiving me with your faith,
because you are able to feel me in the essence of this word. Today, I
find that some are like Thomas, who placed his fingers on my
wounds in order to believe. However, today, you will be unable to
touch my body because I lack a material form. Man will be unable
to touch me during this period.
44. Today, I have come in Spirit. The time will come when you
will embrace my doctrine with your heart and spirit. 1, who
triumphed over death,temptation, and the flesh, penetrated into the
dark abyss to give enlightenment to those spirits who previously
dwelt on earth. Those spirits were prisoners tied with chains of
remorse and confusion. I freed those spirits and made them perceive
the light of my glory. Although I dwell in the light, I will descend to
the abyss, where spirits are purified, because I am the resurrection
for all beings.
45. Faithfully believe in these manifestations, and remember
them with respect, so that you may share these teachings with your
46. Truly I tell you that this generation will not pass without this
doctrine becoming known by others.
47. You will be rejected and censored, but I say to you, do not
be afraid of being ridiculed or of physical death. No one will be able
to kill you, for I am with you. Once the struggle comes to an end,
the world will experience the spiritual joy of being able to
communicate spiritually with the Father. Nations will attain peace,
because they will believe in these teachings and begin to practice
the divine teachings of love. Be my faithful disciple, and behold that
I have given you the time and the opportunity to become familiar
with this world. What could you possibly want from this world?
48. You may be weak physically, but you are strong spiritually.
You understand the meaning of human life and are now trying to
understand the meaning of spiritual life. Who among you is unaware
of the spiritual gifts that I have given you? Have faith in me so that
you may penetrate into the spiritual valley and not stumble even
when you are struggling against yourself.
49. I resurrected you because you were dead. I have opened the
doors to the Kingdom of Heaven, and I have adorned your spirit
with the light of my word. Do not lose this grace. Be aware that you
are penetrating into the true life.
50. Love and forgive those who offend you. Remember that it is
me whom they have offended, not you, because I dwell in each one
of my children. If I forgive everyone, why are you unable to do the
same? You are unable to forgive because the material body is selfish
and vain! But what is the destiny of your material body? It is
destined to reunite with the elements from where it was formed,
whereas your spirit, having eternal life, will need to respond to each
deed that it performed through its material body. The Divine Father
awaits each spirit to reunite with it and to embrace it with love.
51. Who, at that moment, will not want to be worthy of that
52. Disciples: I want you to presently feel the joy that was felt
by those who witnessed my ascension to heaven in the Second Era.
My ascension, perceived by my disciples, fulfilled the promise that I
made to them one day prior to my crucifixion. I informed them
about spiritual life and what the death of the material body signified.
However, they were unable to comprehend what I had told them and
thus I informed them that I would come again in spirit to confirm
what I had said. When I was in spirit, among the disciples, one of
them placed his fingers on my fresh wounds, and I told them: "I will
always be with you, and I will return as the Holy Spirit to illuminate
mankind." When they attempted to lean their heads on the chest of
the Divine Master, the silhouette of Jesus disappeared. I had already
given them enough evidence of my truth. I promised to return to
mankind upon a cloud. Those disciples have witnessed the
fulfillment of my word from their spiritual mansion. Those of you
present have witnessed the fulfillment of that promise on earth.
Thus, I have resurrected in this era.
53. I leave you my peace. Guard my teaching and let it be your
spiritual guide so that you will not become lost in the darkness. You
will arise after 1950, guided by my divine inspiration, to share the
good news with others, as did my apostles in the Second Era. You
will perceive my doctrine flourish, pure and free of rituals,
traditions, and vanities. I do not seek material temples constructed
by man. Rather, I seek the heart of my children which is the true
sanctuary where I will dwell.
54. What have you brought me on this day? Why are you
weeping? Have I not offered you my peace, love, and tenderness?
You remain silent in response to these questions. I have given you
many divine gifts, but you have failed to take advantage of them.
That is why there is pain in your heart. What prevents you from
fulfilling your mission? Earth is a place of suffering, and as your
spirit becomes more purified, it will experience greater freedom.
Your past debts will no longer oppress your spirit and you will be
able to elevate yourself spiritually. Do not fear poverty. If the world
takes away your material goods and requests what you have, give
those things away because you will not have lost anything. Instead,
you should be afraid when someone wants to take away your peace
and your faith, because those are priceless gifts that you will need to
share with others. I will offer you, and those whom I have entrusted
to your care, salvation with those gifts.
55. Mary, your gentle and unselfish mother, and Elijah
continually pray for this multitude of people. Mary, the divine
tenderness, and Elijah, the shepherd, continually watch over you as
do your spiritual guardians. I, the Divine Father, feel your suffering,
and my charity is with you. My people, save yourselves and
humanity. I have shown you the path that you need to follow. If you
want to attain peace, set aside your vanity, and practice deeds of
love, charity, and forgiveness with your brethren. Presently, you do
not love one another spiritually. However, the time will come when
you will perceive the presence of God in each individual. Suffering
will disappear on earth when you develop true love for your
56. Be aware that every being is my child. The price for your
rescue was my blood and sacrifice, because I greatly love you. It is
important for you to realize that I have come to take your spirit to
the "promised land". I will continue to give you my teachings until
the year 1950. After that year, once you prepare yourself, other
nations will become familiar with the good news through you and
my other messengers. My word will be analyzed and studied, and
men will eventually comprehend it. The spiritual gifts of mankind
will begin to manifest themselves near the year 2000, offering
testimony of my word.
57. Prepare yourself, and you will soon become familiar with
your spiritual gifts. Each being was endowed with these gifts from
the moment that I created him, therefore, each being can become a
worker in my fields.
58. The fields are prepared and they are awaiting the divine
seed. Do not waste time. Begin to fulfill your mission now. Your
prayers and practice of my law will bring peace to your spirit.
59. Only a brief time has elapsed between now and the time
when you witnessed the Son of God crucified.
60. I come to inform you that the time that has elapsed has been
beneficial for humanity. I have come to offer testimony of my love. I
am with you. Because this is the era of light and the Holy Spirit, I
will manifest myself to every spirit, every heart, and every human
61. Follow and practice my teachings with enthusiasm and joy.
You should not feel that it is a sacrifice to do so because it would
indicate that your spirit is not prepared.
62. If you want to follow the path of Jesus, you will have to
suffer. However, even if you suffer you will experience joy knowing
that you are suffering to help your brethren. Today, your sacrifice
will be of love, not blood, because the times have changed and
humanity has evolved.
63. Your spirit is dragging a heavy chain, with each link
representing a past life. I have offered your spirit the opportunity to
perfect itself through reincarnation. However, you have failed to
take full advantage of that opportunity. But if you guide your life
according to my teachings, and if you follow my law, you will no
longer need to come to earth to suffer.
64. If you let time pass without studying my word, I will
surprise you when you least expect it. Study my word, and prepare
yourself, so that you will fulfill the mission that I have assigned to
you.65. Humanity has different beliefs about God and does not truly
comprehend him. I do not want that to continue. You should realize
that everyone was created by the same God.
66. I will continue to signal the only path that will guide you to
God. It is a narrow and rough path with traces of blood. However, at
the end of that path you will discover delicious fruits and beautiful
smelling flowers.
67. Some yearn for the time when they previously experienced
happiness and peace. But I say to you, do not sigh. I will once again
bring you peace and happiness that will last forever.
68. When I tell you to request things from me, you only ask for
material things. Truly, you ask for so little! You should request those
things that will benefit your spirit! Do not attempt to store material
wealth because on earth there are those who steal. Instead, store
your wealth in the kingdom of the Father, because it will be secure
and will bring peace and happiness to your spirit.
69. The earthly treasures of material wealth, power, and titles
lack true greatness. The only true treasures are the good deeds of the
70. I have not come to reject the knowledge and scientific
progress that has been achieved by mankind. On the contrary, I have
come to illuminate man's abilities so that his deeds will have a noble
and elevated purpose. Only in that manner will man achieve true
71. In the Second Era I demonstrated to the world what one
could accomplish through faith. I resurrected the dead, gave sight to
the blind, healed those with leprosy, and made the paralytic walk.
72. I bless human science which has healed and saved those
who were near death.
73. Today I have come to reveal my wisdom, a wisdom that is
beyond all science. I say to you: The world will get to know the
Holy Comforter who came during this era. Although you are aware
that I am presently manifesting myself through human spokesmen,
the rest of the world is still awaiting my arrival, whereas, I will soon
cease to manifest myself in this manner.
74. During the Second Era I revealed that I would come once
again among mankind and that my spiritual army would descend
with me. However, humanity has not understood nor correctly
interpreted the meaning of my prophecy. That is why each religion
awaits for me to arrive amidst its church and people expect to
perceive me with their physical eyes. Those who await me in that
manner are the same ones who in the past said that Jesus was not the
true Messiah.
75. My people, as long as you have faith, you will perceive your
path illuminated.
76. I have come during this period to build my temple in your
heart. I will rebuild that temple which you had destroyed in three
77. Those witnessing this manifestation have prepared
themselves to receive my teachings. You have always experienced
peace when you listen to my word. Who, that has sought me in a
loving manner, has not been able to communicate with me? If you
have attained that charity from God, why do you not teach your
brethren to do the same thing? If by practicing deeds of love you
have discovered true life and happiness, then continue to practice
those deeds. If you achieve a state of well-being by fulfilling your
responsibilities, then continue to work hard.
78. I want you to become worthy of me. I want to observe peace
in your home, and I want you to practice deeds of charity and
kindness with your brethren. Thus, you will feel close to God and to
your brothers.
79. A humble Master was teaching his pupils. Among the
students were those who had great faith and who were anxious to
arise to fulfill their mission; After the Master had taught them for a
brief time, they asked him: You who are wise and teach us about
pure love and freedom of the spirit, tell us, when will we depart to
teach others what we have learned?
The Master responded in the following manner: Oh little ones,
do you now want to give my teaching to others? Do you truly
understand my teaching? Are you not afraid of the dangers along the
path or of those who doubt what you tell them? Do you feel that you
are now strong?
But the pupils were persistent, and they responded: Master, you
have given us the antidote and we feel strong and want to practice
your teaching. The Master, who was tender and kind, blessed his
disciples, gave them power and allowed them to depart. The pupils
journeyed through different paths sharing the great teaching with
others. Many sought the disciples and after listening to their doctrine
they were converted and became followers of the disciples. The
disciples then told their followers: You will need to present
yourselves before the Master, who taught us, to receive the final
teaching. The Master is going to depart and wants to leave you his
wisdom. Do you want to follow us?
80. They arrived in a caravan before the Master and were
surprised to find that He was the Master of masters, the infinite God,
and the Maker of all creation. They knelt, repented for their sins,
and communicated spiritually with Him. Their hearts were filled
with peace.
81. My disciples, I now say to you: The moment will come
when you will perceive me in all of my splendor. At that time, earth
and its inhabitants will have become purified, and the grace and
virtue of the spirit will have been restored. Suffering will have
disappeared, and there will only be joy. It will be an infinite day, a
day that will never end. Do you not wish to perceive those miracles?
Do you not want your children to communicate with my Spirit, to be
free of sin, and to form a world of peace?
82. I have given you spiritual gifts to practice my teaching.
Always practice deeds of love, charity, and kindness. If you are
determined, you will triumph over the world and over those things
which seem impossible. The world does not yet believe that I have
come during this period, but it will learn to love me and thus will be
83. My people: You will rejoice perceiving that my manifestations
are becoming more spiritual every day. Come to me with
love, rather than with fear.
84. Be strong, because the ordeals are approaching and you will
have to confront them with serenity.
My Peace be with you!