BTL - Volume 7 - Teaching 182

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume VII - Teaching 175 - 207  
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Teaching 182
1. Pray for humanity before praying for yourself. Humanity is
similar to an individual whose ship has been wrecked in the middle
of an ocean filled with darkness and turbulence. In its confusion it is
unable to discover the lighthouse that will illuminate its way to
2. Whoever believes in me and follows my laws is safe, whether
he is on earth or in the spiritual valley. Whoever loves his brethren
in spirit and in truth is with me. Everyone possesses the means to
save himself. Each being has a conscience which intuitively guides
him to practice good deeds. I have granted those gifts to everyone.
3. During the moments of an ordeal, prayer will offer you
comfort and strength. To be strong, people need to unite within the
laws of God. If you practice my doctrine spiritually, you will be able
to love and to understand one another although you may be traveling
in different paths.
4. Not everyone who has heard my word believes in it, nor does
everyone proclaiming to love me, truly love me. To be my disciple,
one needs to practice my law and to follow my path.
5. I love everyone the same. Have you not observed that I do not
deny light, warmth, or bread to anyone? My protection will never
abandon an individual, even when he is experiencing great ordeals.
6. Do you want to perceive me in a physical form to believe in
me and to feel me close? Carefully analyze the living things that
exist throughout the universe, and you will be able to perceive my
presence throughout the universe.
7. I have given spiritual enlightenment to all beings,
nevertheless, I observe that while some are nourished others remain
spiritually weak. This occurs because you are unwilling to share
your spiritual wisdom and enlightenment with others.
8. I have placed you at the beginning of your path of evolution
so that you will reach the Father. The love that I offer you in these
teachings is for all my children. Come to me and seek me with your
enlightened spirit and I will be with you. Everyone can feel my
presence and become enlightened.
9. Great spiritual deeds can be accomplished if one practices
humility, is spiritually pure, and speaks words of enlightenment to
others. However, do not speak of your deeds, rather speak of the
divine work and allow me to judge and reward your efforts.
10. Do not forget to pray for world peace, because great
catastrophes are threatening the world. Do not attempt to judge
those things that should only be judged by God. Allow me, in my
wisdom, to judge all things and to cut what is bad by the roots.
11. You should pray and help whoever you can. The time of
judgement is approaching, and I am warning you so that you will be
alert and observe the fulfillment of these prophecies.
12. Once humanity comprehends my word, it will be similar to
a flock of sheep that is being guided by the Good Shepherd, God, to
the fountain of eternal life to quench its thirst forever.
13. The Divine Master is among you, and I want you to become
spiritually prepared.
14. Today, when the world is apparently in a state of peace, I
have come to teach you.
15. Man has surrendered to materialism and only vaguely
remembers the examples left by the Son of God. Today, man is
mostly interested in satisfying his material needs on earth. He lacks
16. Humanity remembers the crucifixion of Jesus on certain
days of the year. It is only on those days that man's heart is touched.
17. Those of you listening to my word are now aware that there
should not be a specific moment or a day that is designated to
remember and to practice the teachings given by the Divine Master.
You now realize that one can perform deeds to help his brethren at
any given moment, inspired by the example of divine love and
charity set by the Divine Master.
18. I want you to share this teaching with your brethren. To
plant the divine seed in the hearts of men, all one needs is the desire
to do it. When you gather your first harvest, it will bring you great
joy and inspire you to continue along that divine path.
19. My teaching, once it is known throughout the world, will
illuminate all those scientists who are confused. When scientists
discover the relationship that exists between God and man and
between science and creation, they will begin to progress. This will
benefit the new generations, because there will be harmony
everywhere. Mankind is continually evolving so it may achieve
spiritual perfection.
20. Science has greatly evolved during this century, and thus
man has referred to this period as the Age of Enlightenment.
However, man fails to realize that the spirit has also entered into a
period of enlightenment. Man ignores that the Holy Spirit is
manifesting itself and illuminating all beings, thus fulfilling past
21. The great discoveries made by mankind are influenced by
elevated spiritual beings. Those beings are continually working and
influencing the human mind, inspiring and revealing things that are
unknown to their brethren on earth.
22. That is why I say to the scholars and to the scientists: Do not
boast about your knowledge and accomplishments, because you
have only served as an instrument for those elevated spirits who
inspire you. Are you not often surprised at your discoveries? Have
you not confessed to yourself that you are incompetent and even
unwilling to attempt to accomplish what you have already achieved?
Thus, there is your answer. Therefore, why do you praise yourself?
Be aware that what you accomplish is influenced and guided by
evolved beings. Allow yourself to be inspired by them, because they
always seek to do things that will benefit mankind.
23. My teaching is infinite and very profound. It contains the
essence to help all religions. In my doctrine all beings are brethren,
because I do not distinguish among people according to their
religious beliefs. Do not isolate yourself to pray, for it would be like
secluding yourself from humanity and avoiding the temptations of
life because of your fear of yielding to them. Jesus taught you to
confront every struggle. He knew that he was the truth and that the
truth, similar to light, cannot be concealed. Thus, through Jesus, I
taught you how to follow the divine path.
24. I was judged and criticized, but no imperfection was
discovered in me. Nature is also perfect. Who will be able to
discover a defect or an imperfection in the things that I have
created? Who is able to duplicate what I have done?
25. When you are unable to comprehend my word, elevate
yourself in prayer so that you will not become confused. How can
you believe that I would give you an idea that lacks truth and
wisdom? Elevate yourself in prayer so that you may receive my
divine inspiration.
26. You will teach my doctrine without adding any of your own
ideas, because you cannot deceive anyone. A lie, sooner or later, will
yield to the truth.
27. You will discover the truth if you are sincere with yourself.
You will discover it within yourself and in your brethren, but only if
you practice love, tenderness, and charity. Do not perceive faith in a
simplistic manner nor assume that a miracle must take place. Keep
in mind that you have to make yourself worthy of such benefits.
28. By praying and strongly believing in my word, you will
develop a strong faith and will perform great deeds.
29. I am illuminating mankind, and I am explaining many
prophecies which had remained a mystery throughout the centuries.
30. Ask for enlightenment, for you shall receive it. I want your
spirit and mine to communicate.
31. The grace contained in my teachings will comfort you once
my manifestation comes to an end. Through that grace you will
become teachers among your brethren, because you will know how
to guide yourself within my law.
32. Nothing will be able to confuse you. The beliefs and
doctrines that others have will not make you lose the divine path
that you are following because my divine teaching will remain with
you forever.
33. Every religion presents two paths to man: one of spiritual
rest and one of eternal punishment. In spite of having struggled to
find the truth, man perceives many things as mysterious, thus he
remains confused.
34. But those of you, who are my disciples and who are
unfamiliar with the sciences, have received my inspiration and my
words of wisdom. Thus, you no longer perceive things as
mysterious. Now you know that after you have traveled this life of
struggles, battles, and purification, all beings will experience
spiritual joy and peace.
35. Those of you who know this will reveal it to others who are
not aware of it.
36. You shall be a prophet who will reveal things to your
brethren. They will verify that you spoke the truth when they
perceive the fulfillment of your prophecies.
37. Peace does not exist among nations. Although there appears
to be peace according to some individuals, war is threatening the
Orient. In truth, war will break out and the world will experience
great suffering in the near future.
38. The elements of nature will become unleashed, destroying
many communities. Scientists will discover a new planet, and a
shower of stars will illuminate the earth. However, this will not be
disastrous for humanity, it will only announce the beginning of a
new era for mankind.
39. I am revealing these prophecies so that you will not be
surprised when they occur.
40. Man needs to be in harmony, even with the elements of
nature, because those elements are also my servants and instruments
of my justice. The world will witness great catastrophes which will
preoccupy scientists who will turn to nature, hoping to find the
reason for those events. It is the scientist who seeks the origin of life
in the human cell. They fail to acknowledge the importance of the
kingdom of the spirit, from where all things originated.
41. I will reveal many things to you while you are still on earth.
However, once you close your physical eyes permanently and open
your spiritual eyes to perceive the spiritual valley, you will realize
that the spirit is able to comprehend things more clearly in the
spiritual valley. It will not lose its free will, intelligence, and ability
to reason because those are gifts that it will always have.
42. Religions acknowledge the power of evil and represent it in
the form of a human being. They have given it different names and
believe that it reigns over a powerful kingdom. Men become afraid,
thinking the evil being can come near them, failing to realize that
evil is found in the low passions and human weaknesses. Both good
and evil exists within the human being. However, evil dominates the
world during this period, creating a force and a power that manifests
itself throughout the world. In the spiritual valley there are
multitudes of imperfect and disturbed spirits who practice evil and
vengeance. They unite their strength with human wickedness to
form the kingdom of evil.
43. In the Second Era, that power rebelled against Jesus and
revealed its kingdom to him. My flesh, being sensitive to everything,
was tempted but my spiritual strength overcame the temptation. I
was the one who had come to triumph over the world, flesh,
temptation, and death. I was the Divine Master who descended
among mankind to offer an example of strength.
44. Jesus resurrected from among the dead, after he had taken
his last breath on the cross. He descended to the abyss, where
disturbed spirits dwell, in order to guide them toward the light.
Then, he returned and presented himself spiritually to his apostles to
demonstrate the superior life of the spirit.
45. I say to you during this period: Do not accept the idea of hell
that humanity has accepted. There is no hell in this world, other than
the life that man has created with his wars and hatred. In the
spiritual valley, there is no fire other than the great remorse that the
spirit feels when its conscience informs it of its sins.
46. My doctrine will speak to the theologian, the philosopher,
and the scientist. They will discover that my teaching contains
infinite revelations.
47. Man will eliminate hell through his own regeneration. Once
his spirit enters into the spiritual valley it will discover that there is
only light, harmony, and grace, because those other things that have
been created by human superstition do not exist in the spiritual
48. Prepare yourself and practice serenity, because you are
going to receive the light that I am sending. Develop a sensitive
heart, and do not tell me that you love me only with your lips. Truly
love me, because I want you to live in harmony with me. In the past,
you have allowed the divine light found in your spirit to lose its
brilliance. Now, allow your spirit to radiate it. I want you to realize
that you possess my eternal gifts, and I want you to offer testimony
of me.
49. I have been infinitely patient. I have awaited for you to
acknowledge me, but you are still telling me not to awaken you
from your sleep. However, it was said that I would come help my
chosen people to arise, and that I would give them weapons to battle
against the darkness. How could you reject the light, if you are
destined to take it to humanity? Soon you will be converted into
soldiers of peace, truth, and love. The ordeals that you are
experiencing serve to purify your heart and will bring you closer to
my path. You are almost ready to begin to fulfill your mission.
Others will arise to fulfill their mission once they dwell spiritually in
other mansions.
50. I do not want any of my disciples to betray me and to
exchange his spiritual gifts for the false riches of the world. If one of
you betrays me, my wounds will once again open. Thus, I will have
to shed my blood to cleanse the stain of my beloved disciple.
51. Blessed are those who have come when I have summoned
them. I will give you great examples of my love, and I will
strengthen you for the period of ordeals that is approaching. You
will be able to cope with your ordeals, and feel peace in your spirit.
52. If you ask me for mandates, seek them in the book that I am
giving you and you will discover a mandate in every word. Also,
you will find an eternal law that speaks to your spirit about what it
will need to overcome. Once you are inspired to begin your spiritual
mission of planting the seed of divine love and teachings in the
human heart, you will observe with great joy and surprise the vast
fields that I have entrusted to you to plant my rich and abundant
divine seed.
53. Many were unable to listen to my teachings during this
period. I want you to share these teachings with those individuals
and to present my teachings in the same pure manner that I have
presented them to you. By living a virtuous life you will find
whatever is necessary to guide, advise, and to comfort your brethren.
During this period man should be able to comprehend me and to
offer me an abundant harvest. I will help man to climb to the top of
the mountain where I await all of my children.
54. Humanity: What have you done with the seed of love that I
gave you in the Second Era? You call yourselves Christians, but fail
to demonstrate it with your deeds. I do not perceive mankind
practicing love, charity, and justice. You are not aware that you love
another god and that you have established your own selfish world
with your ambitions, material possessions, passions, ideals, and
riches. You disregard all other things. Where is your faith? Where is
the true practice of my teachings? You only think of them as just
another theory.
Many of you believe that what I now tell you is an exaggeration,
while others who will become familiar with my teachings in the
future will criticize them. Truly I tell you that although you believe
that you truly love me, Elijah will prove to you that during this
Third Era you are worshiping a false god. During the First Era, I
surprised the people of Israel while they worshiped Baal. With the
power that Elijah received from God, Elijah proved to the people of
Israel, who had fallen into darkness, that they were worshiping a
false god. I say to you that Elijah during this period will once again
do the same thing, causing your idols to tumble from their pedestals.
What are your idols? Your idols are the world, low passions of the
flesh, science, religious fanaticism, vices, and money.
55. Once everyone becomes spiritually enlightened, man will
realize that he should not aspire to make science and the material
world his goals in life since they lack perfection. They only
represent the means that God has placed along your path to
gradually reach the Divine Father, for only He is totally perfect.
56. Elijah is the forerunner, the prophet, and the messenger. I
am the light, who through Elijah, will test mankind once again. Men
believe that they can accomplish anything through science.
However, once the ordeals arrive and there is despair everywhere,
Elijah will say to the scholars and to the scientists: Utilize your
science to restrain the elements of nature that have become
unleashed, and to pacify the violent storms. If you are able to control
nature then I will acknowledge your strength and wisdom. However,
I have come to inform you of a power that is superior to your
science, the power of prayer.
57. My people, when those events begin to occur, that is the
moment when Elijah will summon you. He will then use the new
disciples of the Lord to demonstrate to the world the power of
prayer and spirituality.
58. You will experience ordeals similar to those experienced by
the people of Israel in the past. But today your ordeals will be
spiritual. You will have to experience them because man has failed
to interpret correctly the true meaning of those ordeals that were
used by the Lord to summon his children.
59. It is true that men became aware of their mistakes and
repented fearing God's justice, but they were unable to fully
comprehend the truth. The spirit acquires true wisdom and
enlightenment only by fully comprehending the truth.
60. I say to you that during this era of enlightenment man will
comprehend , and correctly interpret the divine revelations from the
past. This will occur because the spirit of man has journeyed
through a long desert, acquiring much experience. Man possesses
enough spiritual maturity to comprehend spiritual things, to live in
harmony with his conscience, and to understand the true meaning of
his existence.
61. Man is ready to awaken from his spiritual sleep and to carry
out the great deeds that he is destined to fulfill. Those deeds will be
guided by his conscience, inspired by his spirit, and reflected in his
feelings and emotions.
62. Once this multitude of spiritualists has established a strong
and united nation, their life on earth will leave behind a path of
light. They will be considered the eldest among their brethren on
earth, helping their younger brethren to arise.
63. I have come to speak to you with loving words to touch your
heart and harsh character, because tomorrow you will need to share
my teachings with your brethren. If you want to touch their hearts,
you must be gentle and practice deeds of love and charity.
64. Learn to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. That
type of prayer . uses thoughts and feelings, not words, and it will
bring you closer to my divine presence. Be aware that tomorrow you
will need to teach my doctrine , to your brethren, thus it is necessary
for my new disciples to practice my teachings today. If you teach
and preach through deeds and examples, you will inspire humanity
to imitate your deeds. Thus, humanity will stop worshiping gods that
are deaf and lifeless, and will seek the true, living, and eternal God
who dwells only in the spiritual kingdom.
65. Prayer represents the ark of salvation for those who are
shipwrecked and . lost in a turbulent sea. The one who knows how
to pray will acquire strength and faith. He knows that he will
triumph over all ordeals and thus confidently awaits the arrival of
66. I have given you many teachings that warn you of the future
dangers that await you during the time of great bitterness, because
you belong to my army that will bring peace and enlightenment to
the world. My army on earth will always be united with my army of
spiritual beings. Each one of my disciples will be accompanied by a
multitude of spiritual beings who will serve as your guardians and
protectors. The mission each one carries is to unite and to work for
universal peace. Today I say to you that there will be great spiritual
harmony among all of my servants, which will make them
67. Those who are spiritually evolved will receive great
inspirations; whereas, those who are not considered as intellectual
or who are unable to verbally express themselves will develop the
ability to speak with words that reflect truth, wisdom, and life.
68. I have warned you that there will be obstacles along your
path, but I also say to you that the one who prepares himself will be
able to overcome them. Only those, who remain spiritually asleep as
I give my teachings, will stumble. They will fall and will be unable
to continue with their journey, convinced that they are unable to
triumph over the ordeals along their path.
69. Prayer, meditation, serenity, and spiritual elevation should
become an essential part of your daily life. Then, nothing can cause
you to stumble along your journey.
70. Understand why I have repeatedly told you in the past to be
alert and to pray.
71. Today I offer you a bread that will nourish your spirit and
give you eternal life.
72. Before I educate you with my teachings, I want to heal your
heart and spirit. I invite you to elevate yourself to my mansion of
peace and to confess all your sins to me. I will know how to listen to
your confession. I will respect your sorrow and will not judge you
severely. If your suffering is caused by remorse, do not fear, because
I have come precisely to seek those who have found no compassion
or comprehension among their brethren. I have come to save you so
that you will soon come to the Divine Father.
73. I come to help you comprehend my divine teaching so that
you will not feel ignorant when you speak and offer testimony of my
work. If you feel love, you will be able to speak, and if you have
faith, you will be able to perform great deeds in my name.
74. I allow your conscience to tell you when you have honored
your Father or when you have disobeyed him during this lifetime.
75. Today, you are requesting different things from me. What do
you need that I could not grant you with my love? However, if you
are drinking from a bitter chalice and suffering for your faults, do
not protest nor ask why I have not given you a chalice of milk and
honey to drink, since you belong to the chosen people. It is up to
you to attain peace. I gave you free will to choose your path and to
elevate spiritually through your merits. Why are you not imitating
the good disciples and patriarchs of the past? It is because you are
not yet glorifying me with your deeds.
76. Give to others, because you will always have something to
give. Do not imitate those who are rich and greedy. Do not reject the
sick and the needy, judging them as unworthy. Do not reject those
who hunger. If you know how to penetrate into their hearts, you will
discover their sorrow and feel pity for them. I have given you,
through the gift of love, a healing balsam to cure all types of
illnesses. Do you fear being judged by others because you are
imitating me when you practice charity? Why would you fear this
selfish and unjust humanity, who knows nothing about me? Come
and take refuge in my eternal laws; drink from the essence of my
teachings and be filled with the Spirit of Truth.
77. My kingdom of love, enlightenment, and justice represents
the truth. That truth is found in the law that I have given to man.
That truth is the path that I have traced with my love so that you will
achieve greatness, joy, perfection, and immortality.
My Peace be with you!